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Live Your Best Life – Do It Now

Do you want to live your best life?

In this post I am going to tell you how to live your best life now.

To take life by the balls and get out there an make a difference to the World.

You see we all have amazing qualities in life we just have to find our meaning in life and then get out there and work hard to live life to the full.

You see life really is for the taking and you can have anything you want in life.

If you want it badly enough that is.

All it takes is the ability to find a purpose in life.

Then believe in yourself more and then go out there and get it.

Now I am not talking about living vicariously either.

But taking your own life to the maximum and pushing yourself to follow your dreams and start living in the dream.

I speak to loads of people that have no direction in life, no encouragement, no rewards, no dreams and they pretty much hate their life and that is no way to live.

We all deserve to live a life of our dreams, to fulfill all our aspirations and to believe that we deserve a great life. In order to get all this though. There are some rules to life that you need to follow and if you don’t you will just find yourself getting there and then losing everything again along the way.

Live your best life
Live your best life – Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

Have you ever felt like this? Just when you thought everything was going well and then boom disaster strikes and you are back to square one again, deflated and you find it hard to let go of the past as a result. Keeping calm and thinking everything happens for a reason just doesn’t make you feel better and you hit rock bottom and think is this all life has to offer? When all you really want is to live your best life.

In this article we are going to go through 3 things on how you can live your best life now by talking about scenario’s you might have to deal with on a daily basis, common questions on the best way to live life and my advice on getting you to live life to the fullest starting today.

My Advice On Living Your Best Life

  1. You – Only you can do this, no one can help you live the best life, happiness comes from within. Even if you find people that uplift your life, your happiness and your drive and commitment has to come from inside. You have to adopt a you can do it attitude and force yourself to chase and follow your dreams in life. You have to find your meaning and your purpose in life and carve a future for yourself. You might not have any idea on what this is, but if you dig deep enough. You will find that doing things that make you happy is a great place to start. Happiness will not always be a motivator but think about how you would feel if you woke up everyday looking forward to it.
  2. Better yourself – Look at your life with lessons learned in mind. What have you done that has had a massive impact on yours, other people’s or your works life. What have you done that has made you feel like you have accomplished great things. I don’t mean climbing kilamanjaro either, it could be something simple like doing the gardening, decorating. Anything that has put a smile on your face. Looking inside yourself will help you to become a better person by realizing what makes you tick, what makes you smile.
  3. What does your best life look like – What is it that would make your life complete. If you close your eyes and manifest your dreams, what do you see? Can you clearly see what life would look like? If not then practice this everyday, what would make you happy, what would make you complete? What would get you out of bed with a smile on your face. Seeing and smelling what you want in life will start the process for attracting these things into your life.
  4. Make a plan to start your best life – Once you can see it and you know what you want and it has to be what you want and not what you do not want. This is a very important part of the process as the Universe has a habit of attracting negative things into your life too. So this is about staying positive with your thoughts and not thinking negatively. Even if you have no clue how you are going to do this then just write down what you want. Then look at what they are – you want a new car – do you get a new job with more money – do you borrow money – do you trade something in – do you do additional work to get it. When you start the process of thinking about how to get it, you will find that the answer comes right into your mind in a moment of clarity.
  5. Stop all doubts – Your dreams and your best life might seem like you will never get there. It might seem so big that you scare yourself thinking I can’t do this. Well you can and you can do anything and most of it starts with not overthinking things in the first place. This takes time to train your mind but any excuses that come up or negative associations you just have to keep telling yourself that you can do it, you can do it. Don’t let those silly thoughts put you off, just keep moving forward and chase your dreams.
  6. Don’t be jealous of others – Jealousy is a horrible emotion and you shouldn’t ever let it into your thoughts. Whenever you feel jealous about something you need to stay calm and think things through properly before reacting to the situation. You need to learn how to be nice in these situations instead. As an example you are jealous of your partner looking at other people or spending time with them, well if you love them and are thankful and grateful for them, show them love and give them a reason not to stray and then they won’t. All they will have on their mind is you. If you are jealous of someone because of what they have, don’t be, ask them how they managed to get it and learn from them. Lots of people are happy to help others but jealousy gets in the way and all you have to do is work hard with this emotion and use it to your advantage. So see your partner as being fit enough that others would like to chat them up, use others to find out how you can do better and live a great life yourself.
  7. Stay Consistent – You will struggle with knockbacks and failures and the overthinking process. So it is really important that you learn how to stay consistent with your positive thoughts. Keep striving forward, see every knockback and failure as a step closer to getting what you want. Don’t take things personally, all of us fail it is a natural process. All of us get rejected and when you can see this as a positive in life and just a challenge to overcome. Your best life will start to appear before you know it. Become invincible and keep getting back up after every knockdown. This was a big thing most salesman have to overcome, do you think they sell everything that they want to? Nope they get more rejections than anything, does it stop them trying no, because it is their job and you have to treat life in exactly the same way too.
  8. Be kind to yourselfEmpathy is important and you will have to be kind to yourself through this process as well. Well do not beat yourself up about things. If you want to live the best life then there are going to be hurdles and you will make mistakes. You cannot look back on everything and beat yourself up, all you have to do is learn from your mistakes and don’t make the same mistake twice. But just be kind to yourself and yes you could have done better and next time you will because you would have learnt your lesson.
  9. Live your lifeLife really is what you make of it everyday. When you realize that you control your thoughts in life then you put yourself in a very powerful position. You stop blaming others on your moods, situations that happen. You take control of your own destiny and make other people’s opinions obsolete. So you choose to be happy, you choose to be kind, choose to work hard, you choose to change jobs, you choose to change houses. In fact everything in your life is your choice the hard thing is making those choices, standing by them and working hard to chase your dreams and make them happen.
  10. Don’t let others put you down – The amount of time I see people quit things because other people have ridiculed them and ultimately put them off living their best life. This is not fair, no one should control your thoughts and feelings like this. Everyone in your life should add value to it, they should encourage you, nurture you, big you up and help you get there. There is enough room on this planet for everyone to succeed. So if you find people in your life make you feel like crap then do not listen to them and preferably get rid of them as quickly as possible and surround yourself with awesome people instead.
  11. Don’t let the past obscure your future – If you have had a bad experience in the past do not let this get in the way of living your life moving forward. Everything that happens is for a reason and the likely hood of it happening again is probably not going to happen. You have to think about the laws of the universe being real here and that like attracts like. As an example your ex was a shit, do not let this put you off other people, just make sure you don’t put up with aspects like that in someone else. Most people go for a specific type of person which is why they keep attracting shits into their life. Look for someone that will you make you happy and value you and will do anything for you. Yes you may have a few disagreements but in a great relationship you should both have each others backs.
  12. Habits – Everything you do is a habit and it takes 2mths to form good habits once you are in a routine. So all the above you have to do for a minimum of 2mths before you will routinely start to get up smiling and follow your dreams. So don’t give up early keep staying positive.
  13. Get out there and do it – Go and chase your dreams, you owe it to yourself to get the motivation to do this. You can do anything you want to in life, I’ll say it again, you can do it. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from living your best life apart from you and your thoughts. Believe you can do this and you will.

Before I go into more tips on everyday things you might have to deal with and some more questions. My life was shit and went up and down all over the place loads of times. Until I found that being kind, having empathy for others, having a path to follow and just working hard and believing I deserved great things did my life change.

As a result I put together my transformation program to help you too. I filmed it when I was putting my own life back together and the steps I took to live a life of my dreams. You can find it here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk come and join me and change your life too.

Living Your Best Life Everyday Scenarios

  • Everyday – Yes it is hard to get up smiling and sometimes we have bad days and weeks. But this is all in your control if you recognize this behavior and take the time out to understand yourself, you can change your behavior. Do not let people put you in a mood, do not worry about bills to pay, do not worry about anything. Because the more you tell your mind something negative the more it will believe it and before you know it your thoughts are riddled with worry and negativity all the time. Wake up and say to yourself, this is going to be a great day, smile, say hi to people, stay away from people who say bad things all the time, be polite, be kind and know that you have done everything yourself to have a great day in the first place.
  • Without regrets – Living without regrets means taking ownership and thinking before you speak. Making wise decisions and taking your time to answer people with the right thing to say. We all react to conversations but these can often do harm and we say things that we regret later. There is no rush to make decisions, to answer people back, so always take your time when something is important. If you made a mistake in the past then apologize and move on and don’t make the same mistake again in the future.
  • After a breakup – If someone is not in your life then they weren’t meant to be there no matter how bad you feel. You should only have people in your life that truly add value. The feelings of rejection are the one’s that are you making you feel shitty and the silly thoughts we have of what we could have done wrong. The best thing to do here is get back on that horse and go find someone new and someone better that will value you for who are and love you unconditionally. Never have someone in your life that doesn’t make you feel amazing, they don’t deserve a place in your heart. Find someone else as quickly as possible and move on.
  • On a budget – This is something everyone thinks you need is money to live the best life you can. Money is certainly a driving force but it won’t make you happier. The happiest people I have met around the World are the one’s who have the least. Because they only have their own entertainment, their own love and they make the most of it. Materialistic things will give you some short amount of happiness, but live a life by making others happy, spend time with friends and family having a laugh, walking, talking, playing games. It does not have to cost money to find value in something. The internet is a great place for learning anything either, so if you have big dreams then use it to learn a new skill and change your life that way instead.

Frequently asked questions about the best way to live life

  1. What does Live Your Best Life mean? It means taking control of your life and your thoughts and doing everything that you can to live a life that you want. Life really is in your control you just need to motivate yourself, get rewarded and recognized for your efforts and keep striving for more in life. The harder you work at this the more you will get. We can all curl up in a ball and think life is shit but that is no way to live either and it is harder to do this than it is to get the balls to live life as it should be.
  2. Who said live your best life? The very beautiful and talented Oprah Winfrey
  3. How do I know if I’m living my best life? Because you will feel content and proud of what you have achieved. You will have found your meaning in life whatever that is and be happy that you are doing everything you can to work hard, play hard and achieve your goals. If you are happy in life and have the things that you want and need then you are living the best life you can.
  4. Who has the best life? This is a difficult question and people may quote lots of different stars and famous people but the truth is. The best life is only interpreted by how you personally feel about life itself. It is not materialism that brings this, fame, fortune as it is a deeper feeling of contentment in life. You can find a fisherman in India that knows nothing about anything materialistic, but he feeds his family, he has a job, there are plenty of fish, he spends time giving love and playing with his children. He is content and happy in life and has everything he needs. So look at this from the most basic perspective and then ask yourself what you think of your own life.
  5. What does live for today mean? It means taking life by the balls and enjoying every minute of it, from the breath you take, the beauty around you, all the lovely people out there, the love you feel. People use this as a connotation to say this could be your last day on earth so make sure you enjoy it. It is not hard to smile, we can find happiness even in the darkest of times, we just need to ask for help, have a positive attitude to changing our life and the opportunity will come if you don’t give up.
  6. What is the secret of a good life? You can check out the secret of the secret to find out more or you can realize that life is what you make of it and that is the real secret. What you put in you get out. If you are kind and give love to people, you will be rewarded for it, what goes around comes around so treat everyone in the same way you would like to be treated yourself. Help others, support others, big them up, be empathic and just put a smile on your face and know that you are doing your best in life.

So there you have it, they are my thoughts on living your best life. Please do not waste your life and throw it away, do everything you can to make your life enjoyable and the others around you. Spread love and give kindness, look for opportunities in life because you owe it to yourself.

If you need help along the way to live a life for your dreams then do come and join me on my program and in the meantime I wish you all the best of success in life. Best wishes your friend Scott

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