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Things To Be Grateful And Thankful For Using The Law Of Attraction

It doesn’t matter what we are going in through in life there are always “things that you can be grateful and thank for”. At the moment we are living through a Global Pandemic and so many people are losing their lives, jobs, businesses, friends, freedom and so much. So now is a really good time to reflect on the things that you can be grateful and be thankful for in your life.

I always think that everything happens for a reason in life, we might not know why or have the answers. But generally there is a reason behind every event that we have in our lives. That is one of the good things about the law of attraction is that it centres you on attracting what you want in life and not what you don’t want in life. That is why many of us can suffer by giving too much concentration to the bad things in our lives and not the good.

When we concentrate specifically and ask the Universe for what we want we tend to get it. It might seem a little bit cryptic to you if you haven’t heard of LOA yet but check it out sometime, it is a really interesting subject and I do believe LOA is real.

My life has always been up and down and all over the shop with two failed marriages under the belt before I met my one true love that had made my life the most amazing place to be. It is under this new guise that I am most grateful for the things in my life. But I quite often look at the lessons learned through my life also and I am happy that I can live with no regrets of the past. As they have all made me the person who I am today.

So moving on swiftly anyway there are loads of posts on here about me, but how can we get you thinking about things that you can be grateful and thankful for today. It is easy to say be grateful for what you have but we will try and stay away from this and encourage you to think differently.

My Tops Tips On Being Thankful and Grateful In Life

  1. Life – If we are alive then being grateful for our lives is a massive thing. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is point in life as it can get quite bad at times. But if we are alive then we have every opportunity to change things in our lives. Life is what you make of it but you have to master how to get there in the first place by having a meaning and purpose in life.
  2. Everyday things – When you look around you and you take life in, instead of rushing around it is amazing what sort of everyday things we can be grateful for, coffee, food, cars, the air we breathe, the views. Just put your phone down one day and have a look around you at what is going on in life and see what you could not do without in your life. This is a good way to create a gratitude list as you will find things in your life that you really appreciate but just take for granted.
  3. Little things – There are lots of what you could call little things that you could be grateful for but I guess they are really big things to be honest. They are such things as manners and saying please and thank you. It may not seem much to you, but you will almost definitely put a smile on someone’s face if you have great manners and in return they will make you feel good too.
  4. Material things – I don’t like to say be grateful or thankful for material things, because generally they shouldn’t matter in life to be honest. But part of being successful in life is having rewards and recognition for what you do. So if that allows you to buy things that give value to your life then you should be both grateful and thankful. If you are buying materialistic things to try and make you happier however, this is not the right approach. Happiness is a choice and you can be happy anytime you want and gratitude is a start to that process.
  5. Positive things – When you have a positive mindset it is easier to be grateful. Mainly because you adopt an approach to life where every problem becomes a challenge to overcome. Not a massive road block that stops you. So if there is anything in your life that has stopped you in your tracks and you have found a way around it be grateful and thankful that the solution presented itself and you were able to get through it all.
  6. Yourself – You should be grateful for yourself too. Learning to live for yourself is paramount in living a happy life and when you do you will grow to love yourself too. You are you, no matter what package you came in, accept it, love yourself for who and what you are. If you give love and kindness freely then everything else in life will fall into place.
  7. Your body – Lots of people want to lose weight or aren’t happy with their bodies. There is only one thing to do with this one. Either be grateful and thankful for what you have or do something about it. No one else can give you the motivation apart from yourself on this so just believe in yourself and be comfortable and happy with the way you look.
  8. After a breakup – My last wife just left me out of the blue. When I look back on it even though I was devastated at the time, I would not have been able to move on and find the absolute perfect women to marry again. So again some things do happen for a reason and later, you can back on life and think mmmm that was for the better.
  9. At Work – I know sometimes that people say well you are lucky to have a job, but that doesn’t really cut the mustard does it unfortunately. So if you do have a job, work hard, don’t complain, earn your cheque and be grateful and thankful that for now you are able to look after yourself. If the job is crap, simples go and get one that you have a passion for instead.
  10. Daily – Every night when you go to bed or we do this at the dinner table. We go around and ask each other what we are grateful for today. It is a really great way, especially with kids to see exactly what you are thankful for throughout the day. At bed time just say “I am grateful for XXXX” before you go to sleep to remind yourself to be thankful.
  11. Your partner – I can’t say this enough, relationships take work and yes you can fall out and things can be crappy. But you cannot live a life of unhappiness, so if this is the case do everything you can to change it. Let your partner know that you are grateful for the things they do, thank them and show appreciation, tell each you love each other and rekindle that relationship and keep the fire going too.
  12. Friends – If you have a lot of friends, be open and honest with them. Tell them you are grateful for them too and that you are thankful for the time they spend with you. Everyone likes a compliment and to know that they are valued in your life will give untold positives into yours and their life.
  13. Parents – It is not until you become a parent yourself that you really realize how much crap you put them through. As your parents get older it is hard to realize just how much they did for you. So tell them they have done a great job and they have made you what you are. If you haven’t got that type of relationship with your parent try and build it, most parents change as they get older and if they have any regrets bringing you up they will likely want to get things off their chest too.
  14. Law of attraction – We discussed this earlier to and if you don’t practice LOA now is a good time to look into it. Everyone needs something to believe in and that is a great start to thinking positively and wishing things into your life.
  15. DepressedDepression is a horrible thing and you might not be able to find yourself being grateful for very much. So this really is great time to look at things you can be thankful for as you might surprise yourself. If you do get up of the coach today, or face life, or get out the house, be grateful you could muster up the courage to do it and just keep doing more of what makes you happy and one day you will get there eventually.
Things to be grateful and thankful for
Things to be grateful and thankful for – Photo by Giftpundits.com from Pexels

So there you have it they are my thoughts on things you can be grateful and thankful for in life. I know how hard life is I have been there myself but when you adopt a positive approach and keep moving forward life does change and so does your perception.

I recorded a video series of everything I did on daily basis for 60 days to turn my crappy life around at the time using gratefulness, working hard, staying positive and it will help you too. So go and get signed up at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk and I will help you every step of the way to changing your life too.

Wishing you all the very best in the future Scott

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