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How To Be Happier And Enjoy Life

“How to be happier” is the theme for today, as most of us live life without any meaning or purpose, so how can we make sure that we live every day and just enjoy life.

It was that easy I guess everyone would live fulfilled life but for those of you who just want to be happy again in life, then keep reading for some inspiration.

I was unhappy in life for quite some time, I didn’t really realize it but people would say to me quite often that I wasn’t my usual self and they yearned for the day that I would come back to them.

But like everyone else life is what you make it and I just festered in relationships with people who didn’t really care anymore. You then get stuck in life and lose your “why” and then you get caught in a vicious circle moving forward.

The biggest lesson I learnt however was that you have to live for yourself in life. When you adopt this approach then learning how to be happier makes a lot more sense.

Mainly because if you are happy in life then everything around you looks like you have put rose tinted glasses on. How do you turn everything around in life so you become happier though? That is the question. So keep reading my tips below to find out more.

My Top Tips On How To Be Happier In Life

  1. Life – Being happier in life is mostly mindset. When we are in a dark place we think dark things, when we are in a good place we think good things. The problem is staying consistent so that it all becomes good. This is where you have to adopt a positive mindset and see every aspect of life as just a challenge that you need to get over. Use something like the law of attraction to help visualize what you want your life to look like and put a plan together on how you can be happy again and everything will start to fit into place. If you choose to be happy you can be, most of us know sometimes we are just in a bad mood, but a laugh or a joke with friends, normally pulls us out of this. So always try and put a smile on your face no matter what is going on inside.
  2. At work – If you want to be happier at work there is a number of things you can do. Stop hanging around with the people at work that think their life is awful and they hate their job. If you are not going to want to change your job, then make the most of it by asking your manager what problems they have, what keeps them up at night, what gives them stress. Then work out how to fix them and go back to your manager with the plan and implement it. I have done this in everyone of my jobs and it meant I got all the pay rises, I stayed busy and focused and the day went quicker. I used these skills to then get a better job and you keep moving until you find the one you love. Remember life is what you make it so take responsibility for this one as you are at work longer than you do anything else in life, so you need to enjoy it.
  3. Everyday – To be happy everyday you need a purpose and a goal to achieve something so that you can look back on the day and go geez look what I did. Whether you find this in your job or at home it doesn’t matter. Achieving things in life will put a smile on your face and the give yourself a massive pat on the back for doing it. We have to have a self of achievement to feel fulfilled so do it now on this one.
  4. In the morning – If you want to be happier in the morning then you need to jump out of bed with a smile. Easier said than done right? So do the following things, the night before read out your to do list and what you want to achieve the next day, set your alarm earlier and give yourself time to wake up, if you have a partner spend 10 minutes talking to each other, tell them you love them and have a cuddle, get out of bed and look in the mirror and go darn it I look great today (whether you are bothered about another grey hair or not), have breakfast and think about your to do list, give your kids a hug and tell them you love them, jump in the car and put your favorite music on, smile at everyone you meet and ask them how they are, get to work, knuckle down and get on with it and achieve what you wanted to for the day.
  5. Day by day – If you are having a really bad day and only feel like you can deal with things daily then that is cool too. Just set yourself some goals on making yourself feel better and record how you feel. Review it at the end of the day and work out, what made you happy, what made you sad and do more of what makes you happy and less of what didn’t. everything happens for a reason so just be kind to yourself along the way.
  6. Being more productive – This is just motivating yourself to get things done. We can all put things off but when you do it creates more anxiety inside. So adopt a do it now attitude and no matter how bad something is, get it out the way first and stay production throughout the day with little rewards as you tick of your tasks for the day.
  7. Happier teenager – I thought I would put this in here as the teenage years are just awful right. You can find yourself with no friends, where there is bullying, people are rude, scared of social apps and people saying nasty things. Life is different as a teenager nowadays, In order to learn how to be happier however you have to understand that life is not like that. Distance yourself from people who add no value to your life or have bad standards, seek out clubs and people that understand you and get you. Get up smiling and plan what you want for the future too. As a parent cut your kids some slack too they are just learning so learn to be kind to them just make sure that you don’t put up with rudeness as that is not acceptable either.
  8. Be less stressed – We put ourselves under huge amounts of stress don’t we. Always rushing around trying to get things done, everyone needs us, always available to everyone. Yep life is pretty tough so you need to slow it down a little. Stop responding to people straight away, live life for yourself a little and spend at least an hour down with clarity of mind and engaging in your own thoughts. What can’t be done today will get done tomorrow. Your own sanity needs to be taken off first and foremost, so just take this time out to look after you.
  9. Being calmer and happier – Now I know this one is hard one for most people and does massively affect your happiness overall. My approach is that I have patience, patience to listen and also patience to react. I know that what is going on someone else’s head is completely different to mine, so what I think might be common sense is seen from a completely different perspective by the person I am talking to. So we all need to learn empathy and communication, when we listen to others and see their point of view there is always a common ground. My wife and used to have a few arguments but by adopting this approach, we now just laugh because we know the other one is just having a bad day and things will return to normal later. So don’t take things personally and you will be generally calmer towards things you approach in life.
  10. Learning to be happier – Everyone can learn to be a happier person, we just have to be grateful for things in life. The gift of life itself and if we are still walking and breathing then we have every opportunity to change things completely in our lives. You just have to find out what makes you happy and do more of it. Sitting there letting life pass you by will not make you happy but you have to put some effort into it too.
  11. Don’t listen to other peoples opinions – People can be unkind and if you take this unkindness personally it will destroy your happiness. Learn that everyone see’s things in a different view and that you beg to differ with them but that does not mean they are wrong, but it also means that may not be right either. When someone does say something that is right however, then just learn to correct and recognize this behavior yourself and actively solve it.
  12. Being a happier parent – Boy this is all of the above and more. If anyone told you how hard it would be bringing kids up you probably wouldn’t have them. But you need to know that they love you and when you support them, take time to listen to them, reward them when they are good, guide them, big them up, show them love then you will all learn how to be happier together. It takes patience but all the above tips will get you there to being a better, calmer and more understanding parent overall.
  13. Worry less – Yes life is full of worry and you might want to also learn how to stop overthinking too. The process is simple, what is going to happen will happen, unless you see it coming in the first place and you can do something about it, make wise decisions, don’t live with regret stay happy, stay focused in life, have goals and rewards and get out there and just be the awesome you that you can be.
  14. When you find it – Hold onto it and never let it go, be grateful you have found it, embrace it and treat it with kindness. love and respect and it will never go away.
How to be happier
How to be happier – Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash

So they are my top tips on how to be happier in life. I know how hard it can be to try and find happiness which is why I put together my transformation program to help you and others, when I was in a dark place pull everything back together again. You can join me here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

In the meantime have a wicked day, get out there and smile and make sure your living the dream. Best wishes Scott

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