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Ways To Live A Happy Life – Starting Today

Awh I was in a good mood this morning because I realised how happy I am in life and I thought what a good idea to share my best ways to live a happy life with you

Now my life has not always been a happy one and I have had a difficult time in life for lots of different reasons but I have now chosen happiness as the number one way forward in my life and hopefully it will help you live a happier life too. 

You see finding happiness is a lifestyle and if you follow my 60 day transformation program you will be able to understand all the different pieces that lead to ultimate happiness.

So Lets jump in 

My top tips on the ways to live a happy life

  1. Fall in love with yourself again, make every effort to find out what makes you tick and puts a smile on your face.
  2. If you have a partner rekindle your flame with them if you need to and do the below for a perfect relationship at home
    1. Remember how you were when you first met
    2. Send each other little love texts through the day to say you are thinking about each other
    3. Buy each other small gifts that are personal but mean a lot
    4. Go out and have fun – take photographs together so you can remind yourselves of the smiles you give each other
    5. Kiss and cuddle as often as you can – it relieves stress and will bond you together
    6. Go to be early and spend time finding out more about the intimate parts of each other
    7. Plan things together, your future, where you are heading where you want to be
    8. Communicate with each other about everything and talk rather than argue – agree to disagree
    9. Love each other unconditionally
  3. By using all the above in your relationship you will either bring each together more or you will find out that the person you are with is not the right one for you. Sometimes in order to change your life and bring happiness you need another soul to share these things with
  4. Play with your kids and spend time listening and encouraging them to do well in life. Kids give so much back when you spend time with them
  5. Talk and smile at strangers – you never know who you will meet and what value they can bring into your life
  6. Spread kindness and love everywhere you go – happiness after all starts with finding small pieces of life that you will want more and more off
  7. Forgive others but never forget – you have to let go of feelings that others push upon you. 
  8. Make small wishes everyday, they do come true if you use the law of attraction effectively in order to receive them
  9. Make a plan for your future, when you live day by day you lose out on all the excitement of planning amazing things for your life. You can have anything you want in life if you are willing to put the effort in to get them
  10. If you hate your job, then change it because you are at work everyday and it needs to be something you at least like not hate
  11. Spend money on yourself and make yourself look good. Appearance really does allow you to walk out the door with your head held high looking glam and gorgeus
  12. Don’t spend money that you don’t have otherwise you will always be on the back foot trying to pay it off. This isn’t a way to live a happy life at all
  13. Stop rushing around everywhere, does it really matter if you are late, does it really matter if all the jobs don’t get done. Don’t stress the mustard just enjoy everything you do
  14. Put music on and surround yourself with it so even the most boring of things keep you occupied and wiggling that booty
  15. Happiness is a choice and one that if you can look around you and feel the air, breathe its essence and see the beauty you will feel alive. Put a smile on your face too and boom you are halfway there already.
Ways to live a happy life

Now I know all the above sounds perfectly easy when you are stressed, anxious, tired and just fed up off life in general. But the choices are down to you, you either make a conscious decision to change your life for the better or you go down the rubbish shoot being unhappy for the rest of your life. 

If you really are at a cross roads in life then check out my transformation program as I am there with you everyday helping you find a happy lifestyle and one that is full of fun and frolics too. We will have fun and you will find a reason to smile as well. 

So good luck in your venture and I hope you find the happiness that we all so deserve

Best wishes Leigh

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