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Video 8 Making Your Job More Enjoyable

This is the eighth video of the training course “Making Your Job More Enjoyable” if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you ca n by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

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0 (0s): Hi, and welcome back. This is video number eight, How To Make Your Job More Enjoyable that you’re thinking that was good. So let’s just do all of a recovery of your stay. And yesterday we talked about smiling and being nice to everyone. So come on guys to know a smile goes along the line. When you see someone walking down the street, just smile at them, being nice to people. 1 (26s): Just be happy. Just 0 (29s): Thank you so much fun. It can be out that you can be happy. Everyone can be happy. It’s a cascades in the fact. And if we all smell, if we all try to get on and we all be nice to have it, then, you know, maybe we could all start talking a bit more fun than my last job. So today’s lesson and anyway is how to make your job better. Just set up. And I don’t mind if I do this work in my body about a way, because it is in the evening. So take the pain away. I’m just kind of quick. Sorry. Okay. So we know that we talk about an example. So I remember once when I was younger, I had a job, a malpractice and factory. 0 (1m 11s): Honestly, it could have been the worst place ever, right? Yeah. You would like files in pieces of that was something that the Sinai, Janet and sheets, and you took a sheet that you put it in the machine, you stuck your foot’s on the floor, that the machine closed, big thing, calmed down, caught the shape that I take your photo off. The thing finger don’t open. You get the PCE, you bang it or you’d take it with you. I’m not going to budget, but I can get in front of the piece of data science here. And then the next day I said, it’s due to say, but could you tell a different shape and so on? And so I want to tell and yeah, so I had to walk like five miles in the morning to start to shift at seven. So then work 12 hours and finish at seven to walk five hours home. 0 (1m 55s): Yeah. Now when I attended document, everyone was a little bit depressed and stuff, you know, obviously, you know, doing that every day for the rest of your life, probably not the best thing on earth ball decided to do was to have fun with it, you know, full press, oh my God, what you do with that? So what we did was we were just seeing how far we could do that. And we just got a faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, and FaceTime, but we have to laugh or do you know what I mean? Because you’d see that person pile in Okinawa, Nate start panicking and you know, it was just the cascading effect that it was funny. But the other thing is as well. Cause you know, I never thought that the qualifications for that, I started off in the life, a life skill at a very early age circumstances. 0 (2m 39s): So I’ll tell you how about some of the times, but I’ve always have to find an alternative ways to do one on in life. And one of those things is you do no. Do you like to have a boss or, and do you come home? And so I hate my bus and I think my job is rubbish. A constant do me out then probably. Yeah. Like if you weren’t one of those people that don’t forget that your body is a person too, a slight you, or they’re under stress or they’ve got different issues, common in different things to deal with here. So sometimes, you know, they might not be in the nicest person on there, but generally they probably have good reason to you. 0 (3m 19s): Yeah. Because they’d got a lot people to manage that got a lot of stresses. Go ahead. Target’s the group to produce results. Then if people are you producing them for them to know that, make it a little bit, right. Obviously a bit anxious as a bit narky, a bit nasty or whatever the ball well island to do is island or find out when my boss’ is paying for you. And so what was bothering them? What was given to them the biggest today makes and stop you from sleeping at night. What was that one? They told me, excuse me. Rather than like everyone else just, you know, it’s like a math and all of that sorts of stuff, like go and do those jobs. So, so I’m going to solve the problem is solved because of it, it was interested. 0 (4m 3s): It was more than what I was doing. Be you get a gratitude, it’s a putz on the back, which we’ve already talked about. Yeah. And I put going to wear, cause you don’t feel like your rewarded for it or somebody isn’t gonna reward you for it. And then the last year or two and a very good job or help them out, you know? So you can do a normal nine to five, but if it’s not something special outside of what you do and those pots on the buck stop code and guaranteed, like we said to our kids with a sun shiny star, or if you’re going to work and you’re not getting new shiny star every day, then you’re not going to feel very happy. Yeah. Like in sales you have a good, a good mom should say you were on top of the wheel and you don’t have the bottom of you and the bottom of the, well, do you know what I mean? So you’re just have to find the things that are interesting to add to your boss, lock around C things that meet David things that we can get a pulse on the back for the things that often people weren’t do. 0 (4m 52s): Cause believe me, be in a box myself. Yeah. 90% of the people that work for you, you will only do what they need to do and still expect the parts in the book. Okay. But if your a special person, which we can attend, you went to a special person by a billion now. But by doing all of the things that we set in these videos, then you’re going to turn out absolute. Be awesome. Yeah. And rarely if you don’t like your job that much come in and change it. If it really publish it that much. So two things you do in life the most. Wait a sec. Yeah. So you need to go to a night’s sleep. I know you need to go to job. Yeah. So, so not every job has going to be a brilliant every single day, but if you don’t like it, change it. 0 (5m 33s): And if you’re young definitely change because you’ve got more bowls, you got more vigor. There you go. More confidence. You know, as you get older, you lose their confidence. You don’t wanna be somewhere and be a 65 years old or 60 years old and say, I don’t like why I’m doing anymore. I want to change it. Just keep changing it or just make it something that is exciting to find something within your job that you can stock up those parts in the background. If you get the parts in the park with, then we will start smile and everyone else and go, Hey, how come he’s always smile? And how can we use the one that gets to the pay rises Alchemy’s is the one that gets along in the morning and believe me, it goes where gas and make friends with your boss, stay out of the culture of you all a lot. 0 (6m 15s): Slide that off in the office and all that good stuff. Concentrate on your future. Concentrate on doing a rarely, rarely, rarely, rarely, rarely good job. But when you have pride in what you do, you can walk away every day and said, I did a great job. They’re today. I may flip some burgers, but they would best big cause on the planet, one they would best bag is best taste and bag is customers loved. You know, we have to find prior in what you do. I find pride in every film that you deliver it, you know, sometimes I think my job, but then it is all the times where I think, man, I did a great job and I did a really good job of that. Proud of myself. Even if it didn’t got a part of the park and a big and often strong enough to give myself a pat on the back. Yeah. So that’s how you can make your job more enjoyable if you can’t do it. 0 (6m 57s): If I did not change it as quick as possible. Yeah. Okay. So that’s a video is how to get anyone to do anything for you. Yeah. So, okay. Well we’ll talk about that tomorrow. Have a nice evening and everyone I see you later, bye-bye now.

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