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Video 33 Live Life With Love And Respect For Everything Around You

Hi there and welcome to video no 33 “Live Life With Love And Respect For Everything Around You”. This is part of the overall transformation journey you can find here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

The World is an amazing place and so are people and nature once you open your eyes and see the beauty all around you. This video discusses why you should just take a deep breath open your eyes and enjoy it.

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Hi, and welcome back again. I’m moving around the conservatory again so you don’t get bored yet. But you can tell that I’m doing these videos ’cause I’m in the same clothes. Okay. So, I. Try and do a few videos at the same time because we’re all busy. Yeah, we all have lives. So yeah, I’ll try and mix and match it and just move around a little bit so you don’t get too bored of the surroundings and stuff. Okay. But yesterday we talked about you being great. Okay? You finding something that makes you feel good, surrounding yourself with people that make you feel good.

And then every day it forms a habit. That, you feel confident in yourself. You’re getting respect from people, you’re getting, you know, love from people on what you’re doing as well. And you know, people just look up to you and say, wow, they’re amazing. You know, my brother, which I, I, I, I dunno whether I’ve introduced you to him yet, or will introduce you to him at some point. you know, at a late age he started bodybuilding. He’s doing really, really well. But he made a conscious decision to do it. you know, people think he’s amazing. He’s done ever so well, you know, all his clients, all his testimonials.

He’s found his niche. He used to work in it like me, that’s stressed, that unhappy, you know? But now he’s doing something that he loves because he found his passion, he found his tribe, and that’s what we need to do. My other mate gave everything up as a really good car salesman for Mercedes, become a personal trainer. He learned everything he needed to do. He’s doing really, really well. His clients love him. you know, life can be what we make it, guys. You just need that initial kick up the bum to start it, do it, believe in yourself, and then get people to respect you for it.

And think like you’re doing a great job. And then it all comes together in a big love bundle and you become happy again. Yeah. But today’s video was 33. Live, Life, With, Love, And, Respect, For, Everything, Around. You. Yeah. ’cause I think sometimes we wake up in the morning and you know, we don’t look around and see the beauty around us. At the end of the day, what we see is just our blinkered vision on going to work or going to the shops.

We don’t take the time to breathe in the fresh air to to look at things, to look at, you know, how amazing the planet is that we live on. And I know this is all a bit deep and stuff like that, you know? And you know, some of you guys might live in the city. I live in the country, so it’s a little bit different. But you know, if you live in a city, go to the country at the weekend because it’s all about clarity and mind about, you know, taking the time out to become one with nature, with life. you know, to look at the surroundings, to enjoy the seasons, to enjoy everything about life.

you know, to think clearly. you know, I’m gonna go through a lovely walk today, you know, I’m gonna go and sit by the beach and listen to the waves. you know, just, we live on an amazing planet and there’s so many things to do. There’s so many things out there. There’s so many funny people, happy people, you know, people that need help. you know, and we should embrace life. We really should embrace life. We should be happy that we’re alive and enjoying it. And we’ve got the choices that we can make and the choices that we can take, you know, to become happy, to live a happy lifestyle.

So just think about it, connect yourself with nature. Go and do things that make you one with stuff. It’s just beautiful when you can sit back and just enjoy the surroundings around you. Everything can become beautiful. And when it’s beautiful and you are smiling, life changes. Life becomes good. Yeah. Okay. Very soft, gentle voice from me today. All right? Yeah. But that’s how it makes me feel is I love nature.

I love being outdoors. I love all those things. Never did once used to be a big fat potato head and sit on the set and just watch the telly. you know, not all the time. I did do a lot of things. But you know, tiredness at work, all that good stuff. We need to get off the sofa, go and lose some weight, feel good. Get out there in fresh air. Do things, enjoy yourselves. Yeah. So that’s enough for today’s video. The next video is gonna be about change is okay if you understand it and embrace it.

Okay? So I’ll see in the next video. Go out there, smile, help people be good. Enjoy yourselves, connect yourselves with nature, and I’ll see you soon. All right, take care.

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