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Video 32 Why The World Needs Great People And How You Can Contribute

Heah there and welcome to Video 32 “Why The World Needs Great People And How You Can Contribute. It is part of my transformation program that you can find at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

This video is about how you can contribute to making the World a great place. I know sometimes we feel small in the World sometimes but we can all contribute our own special qualities to the World and help light things up even if it is just in our own homes or work. Because if you are spreading happiness around you then the people you are with will spread happiness too.

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Hi and welcome back again. This is video number 32, Why The World Needs Great People And How You Can Contribute to making it great as well. Yeah. But yesterday we talked about going out and helping someone. So I. Hope you did. I hope you found someone. I hope That you walk around, you know, looking for opportunities to help people wear your cup because it really does make you feel good inside. When somebody says thank you or you know, you help them And. it means a lot to them, you know?

So small gestures, small kindness, always help people out. Yes. And make that a really, really good habit moving forward. But today is all about you. Yeah. Okay. And it’s all about what you have to Contribute to the world. you know, every day all of us think that we’re special in some way. you know, we think that we got special gifts or special talents or whatever, but quite often or not, we don’t know what they are.

And also, you know, if you are not encouraged to do great things, if you don’t surround yourself by people that believe in you that can support you and help you move forward, then it’s difficult to understand your own self-worth. Yeah. Now I remember when I was a kid, you know, my mom always used to say to me, what would you like to do, son? And I’d like, I said, you know, I’d like to change the world, mom. I’d like everyone to be happy and I’d like everyone to have fun.

It’s taken me 46 years, but here I am in front of a camera talking to you guys. you know, I’ll probably take a lot of stick for doing this or a lot of people will probably disagree with what I have to say, but this is my way of being myself. I’m feeling good about things in life. Yeah. And since I’ve started doing these videos, lots of good things have happened to me because I’ve been concentrating on making sure that I spread happiness, fun, laughter, or whatever I can throughout the whole of my life.

That’s what’s important to me, you know? And the beauty is like my new girlfriend, the one that I’m completely head over heels with, has been helping me as well. She’s been watching the videos, you know, and contributing to that. And you know, before there was no one to encourage me. So I probably didn’t do it. That’s probably why it’s taken me so long to do it. But again, you know, a lot of people are brought up in situations where they’re told they’re useless, that they’re not capable of doing things, but they’re not good enough.

And I’ll tell you a story about my dad. My dad had trials for Liverpool when he was younger and, and really good footballer got through to nearly getting on the team. And do you know what they said to him at the time was, sorry, Bertie, you’re too short. Too short. What does that mean? Do you know what I mean? If you can score a goal, if you can edit the ball, you’re not too short for anything. We put my dad off playing football for life and my granddad was a big red player.

Do you know what I mean? So obviously, I mean, big red supporter, so obviously he was a big gutted, but you should never listen to other people. I tell you, That, you are not worthy. That you’re not this, you’re not that. And you can’t do it. That’s through their eyes. And their eyes don’t mean anything. You find a skill. You find what you are happy with, you work on it consistently, you practice it and you will become great. And the only person that has to think you are great is you.

And that is it. And you know what? When you find your tribe, when you find the type of people that also think you are great and you surround yourself with them, then instead of being told you are useless, you are being told you are great. You are being told, you are valued. You’re being told by people that they wanna spend time with you, that they want to be your friend. Because those are the people That you should connect with. Don’t connect with people. I’d say, you can’t do this. You can’t do that. Get lost. Don’t marry. and if you can’t tell them to do one, don’t listen to them.

Always believe in yourself. Guys, we’ve talked about that before. Always. you know, look at doing everything you can as well as you can. And people will start telling you how great you are, how good you are, and how blessed you are to have those skills. They will tell you. And when they do, you’ll have big be and smile on your face. ’cause you’ll go, Hey man, actually, yeah, hey, I’m cool. Hey, I’m great. I am good at this. And once you form that habit in your mind and you convince yourself for that, your brain will keep hold it off forever.

And you will feel great. You will feel happy. Yeah. So go out there, find something passionate about That. you want to do That you want to become good at. Yeah, go and find the people that are into that as well. That, you can help support. They can help support you, and you help each other together. That’s what happiness is about. We’re meant to be a tribe. Remember the last video. We’re meant to be around each other, helping each other. you know? Go and find it guys. Go and find it. You are amazing.

Think you are amazing. I’m here to support you in being amazing. Just force yourself to do it. Okay? So that’s enough on that video today. Next video is live life with love and respect for everything around you. Alright? So I’ll see you in the next video. Take care again. Bye-bye.

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