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Find Someone Who Makes You Happy Today

To “find someone who makes you happy” is the topic for today.

All of us in life want to be happy and finding someone that can make your life complete should be one of the top things on your agenda to do. If you want to be with someone who makes you happy then follow our tips below.

You see love is an amazing feeling and when someone makes you happy you can share your dreams and life with someone that will fill your heart with glee will bring an amount of happiness in your life that you will never be able to replace.

Combine that with finding happiness wherever you go will ensure you will live a complete and fulfilled life.

Before I give you my top tips on finding someone you can be happy with, let me tell you my story. You see I am now on my 3rd wife and before you jump to conclusions none of the relationships ending was any of my fault. Sometimes you just settle for okay rather than for what is absolutely magnificent.

My 3rd wife is the most precious, beautiful and amazing person that I have ever met. I am not just saying that because she is my wife either because if she wasn’t she would still be my best friend and someone that I truly admire in everyway. She spreads happiness, kindness and love to everyone and asks for nothing in return. I truly inspiring women and that is where I get my tips for you from today.

Find someone who makes you happy
Find someone who makes you happy – Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Find Someone Who Makes You Happy Top Tips

  1. Never settle for second best – You will will absolutely know when you meet someone that they are right for you in everyway. They will fill your soul with so much joy you will overlook everything that normally would or could annoy you. If you find yourself getting annoyed with them for any reason in the early stages, then move on.
  2. Don’t be scared to let them down – Often or not we might meet someone that we think is amazing but there are things that we don’t feel comfortable with. Then we get caught in a trap over letting them down and stay with them because we cannot cope in giving them bad news. Don’t do it the sooner you let them down the better, as an y doubts in your mind means this is not the relationship for you.
  3. Get online and meet people – Don’t get me wrong there are some weirdo’s online and plenty of people that will not quite tell you the truth about themselves either. There are however plenty of people out there that are genuinely looking to find someone to make them happy however and are the muts nuts. I met my wife online and it was love at first sight so give it a whirl and follow my tips below.
  4. Look for people with common values – The law of attraction can play a big role in finding someone to make you happy read more about that here. It is all about attracting what you want and you should use it to your advantage. When looking for someone though don’t necessarily look for someone with similar interests. Having different interests is great for conversation and sometimes you do need to do things separately so that you have some space. If you don’t find someone with the same common values however you could be let down in the future by some of their viewpoints. Whilst it is great to understand other people’s values if they do not think the same as you in this area it can be a great barrier.
  5. Make sure they make you laugh – Laughter is one of the greatest things you can do in life so make sure that your new partner is one who puts a smile on your face every time you see them.
  6. Imagine what they will look like – This will probably sound strange but when I was online dating the last time. I wrote down all the attributes of the person I was looking for. Everything I wanted in and how they could make me happy again. When you envisage this it makes it so much easier when you find the right person to go WOW you are it.
  7. Give everything you can to the relationship – Relationships are give and take and when you are trying to find someone to make you happy, you need to make sure they make you happy too. When relationships become one sided and the other person doesn’t give back it makes things really difficult as the other person will soon get fed up with it.
  8. Find someone who knows what they want – This is paramount as someone else who thinks like you rather than someone who doesn’t know what to do with their life. Will just mean that they do not get the WOW factor when they see you.
  9. Learn to communicate with each other – This is really important as you will both pee each off at times and this is just to be expected. What matters however is how you make it up to each other afterwards. If you can talk about situations and see things from their point of view then it will open your eyes to the fact that everyone sees and hears situations differently than you do. So you might not even meant to upset them but they might have taken offence to something. If you let them tell you why it upset them and understand you will both live a much happier life.
  10. Don’t be scared to give your heart – Every thought and feeling we have, we create within our own minds. So if you are worried about giving your heart and getting let down, then let go of these feelings. When you give your heart freely on the expectation that if you get let down you can move on and make things better with someone else, you have a freedom to be yourself.
  11. Always be yourself – Your partner in crime should love you for every inch of who you truly are. You shouldn’t have to lie about things to impress them. They should be naturally impressed with you anyway. They should also want you to grow into the person you truly are as when you are yourself you will have the biggest wings possible.
  12. Don’t tell lies – Lies will always come back on you because if you tell to many prokies you won’t be able to remember them all and you will get caught out.
  13. Keep trying – When my last wife left me I thought my life was officially over and I would never meet anyone that would give me what I need. I plucked up the courage however and pushed all the bitterness behind me and thank god I did. There is someone out there for you just keep looking.
  14. When someone makes you happy – Make sure you do everything you can to keep hold of them, because it is easy to get used to people and forget about how much value they bring to your life. So be grateful for them and show them some appreciation too.

Frequently asked questions about finding someone that makes you happy

  1. How do you know if someone makes you happy? – When you go through life you will know when someone makes you happy simply because you will want to spend time with them. They will make your life complete and you know you will smile when you think about them. We all have that someone that we cannot do without and you will know they make you happy by the size of the smile they put on your face.
  2. Can someone else make you happy? – The answer to this is yes, certain people in your life will make you happy. The important thing however is not to rely on them to make you happy, that is down to you. Your own happiness is important and you shouldn’t rely on others to only make you happy, they should just be a great addition to your own overall happiness anyway.
  3. How do I make you happy? – This is a great question and you should ask it, not only of your partner, your kids and your boss to yourself as well. When you understand that providing happiness, kindness and love is the most important thing that makes most people tick you will be able to provide that happiness for them and yourself.
  4. How do I know if I am in love? – You will know because your eyes will light up like they never have before. You will have this undeniable feeling that you cannot be away from this person and you will want to spend every minute you can with them. Things that would normally annoy you, just won’t with the person you love because they will provide everything you need to be happy in life. It is the greatest feeling ever and your partner should make you tingle all over at the site of them and when you are in love you never get bored of that person either.
  5. How can I be happy when I have no friends? – That is a hard one because friends do come and go through life and whilst it might seem lonely at the moment your happiness is paramount. So do things where you have the opportunity to meet more people, like a class at the gym, a local club, groups on the internet. Once you find your clan of like minded people you will be happy that you went out your way to find them. We all go through stages in life when we have no friends. So keep smiling and believe that this will change and you will soon be sharing stories with your bestest in no time at all.

Finding someone you can be happy with really is such an important component in life and you shouldn’t stop trying. If you want to be with someone that makes you happy, I put together my transformation program as I was pushing my life forward you can follow here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk You can follow along as well because finding happiness in life is a combination of things that you need to do. The video series will definitely help you get to where you want to be.

So good luck in finding your ideal partner that makes you happy and I wish you all the very best in your future Scott.

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