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How To Be Nice And Get Rewarded In Life For It

WOW “how to be nice” what a topic because you would think in general people would like to be nice to each other but that quite often just isn’t the case at all. I was lucky because my mum taught me how to be a nice person from a young age with good manners which I have also carried on through life as well. So before I discuss my tips below on how you can become a nice person, I have a few things to tell you first.

Being a nice person is not a weakness in fact it is a major strength in life, the most important thing to remember however is that you should not and do not let let anyone walk over you just because you are nice.

Now all the tips below I give are applicable on how to be nice to your family, to other people, to your girlfriend and boyfriend, friends and even to people that you don’t like either. The importance is that being nice is concentrated around communication, empathy and the understanding of others. So let me jump in below with these tips

My Top Tips On How To Be Nice

  1. Patience – learning how to be patient is paramount if you want to be a nice person. Mainly because everything we do in life requires us to have the time to do it in the first place. In this fast placed world most of us have lost our patience. So find your patient side and when some thing requires your time, give it your utmost time and detail. This is especially true when dealing with children or co-workers who are just learning as they need time to pick things up properly.
  2. Manners – you will need impeccable manners in order to be nice to people. You should open doors for others, let the elderly and the pregnant ladies sit down on public transport, you need to be kind and other help to others when you see them struggling. Ask your parents if they need help with anything around the house. Clean up after yourself.
  3. Courteous – A nice person will always be courteous to others and deal with them with integrity and respect and will be polite at all times.
  4. Listening – Learn how to be a good listener. Listening is a really important attribute in life and if you can listen to others, then you will learn a lot about life itself along the way. This is a great way of building trust with people because quite often when someone needs help they will go the person they know who listens the best.
  5. Be yourself – Learn how to be awesome by being yourself. You don’t need to impress anyone in life and being nice involves just being yourself but offering kindness and love unconditionally and requiring nothing in return.
  6. Always be nice – this is big one when you are learning how to become a nicer person, because some people will get your back up the moment you meet them. This comes back to the patience bit again and not rising to the bait. So no matter what you think of that person there is no excuses for you not to be nice to them. You might put two fingers up behind their back afterwards, but always be the better and nicer person along the way.
  7. Like attracts like in the laws of attraction – Therefore if you are nice to others, then you will be welcomed by people who are also nice to you too.
  8. Look after yourself first and foremost – Live for yourself in life, when you look after yourself and do what makes you happy, then kindness and being nice comes along with it naturally. Generally people who do not have a fulfilled life tend to be unhappy and take it out on others. Life is what you make it however so get out there and look after yourself on the top of your agenda.
  9. Change as a person – When you become nice you understand the value in changing your own values to suit. Being unkind to anyone is not nice and therefore if you have any traits of unkindness then get rid of them as soon as you can. You will become a better person inside and out if you adopt this approach.
  10. Don’t rise to others unkindness – The best thing you can do is be polite and nice to someone who is either full of rage or unkindness and it will calm them down and they will run away with their tail between their legs. The problem most of us have is that we rise when someone shouts as retaliation seems quite appropriate. Well don’t do it, take a deep breath and become the bigger and better person as a results, stay calm and be nice.
  11. Fall in love with being a nice person – Have you ever met anyone that you have just thought. Darn it they are lovely, they are amazing and I would love to spend more time with that person? Yes I’m sure you have and that is why is great to be a nice person because people will want to be with you, they will want your company and they will add value to your life.
How to be nice
How to be nice – Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash
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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Be Nice

  1. How do I stop being so mean? Sometimes we are mean because we are not happy with our own lives or it could be that you are in a particularly bad mood. In my experience we all go through phases like this and we can become irratable at times for no reason as well. .The thing you need you to do hear is just recognise when you are doing it. If you want to be an empathic person then part of this is also understanding why you do and say things too. Everyone interprets things in different ways and if you are being mean to someone then you could just push them over the edge. Sometimes you won’t be able to help these feelings because your intrusive thoughts will take over and make you want to mean. You just really do have to turn this around yourself and notice when you do it and actively do something about it and be nice instead.
  2. How can I train myself to be nice? Think about how you would like to be treated. Would you want people to be kind and nice to you? Would you want help from people to give you a hand in life? The way I view this one is based on Karma and what you give out you get back. So if you are being unkind to people then you can expect it back. I don-t particularly like being treated badly so it stops me in my tracks and I know that kindness matters. Notice when you are acting unkind and correct it and soon you will force a new habit and being nice will just come naturally after that.
  3. Why is it hard to be nice? Because sometimes you’re just in a bad mood or people have not treated you well and you don’t know how to be kind and nice to others. It is great when you surround yourself however with people who will help and support you through life and that you can also do the same for. Commaradary is really important in life and you will benefit if you can overcome any issues with the tips above.
  4. What makes a nice person? Someone who has great manners and takes other people’s feelings into place when talking and helping out. An empathic person that can put themselves in someone else’s shoes and be empathic with their feelings. A general good all round egg who loves to see other people do well in life and will reward them with kindness.
  5. How do you know if you are rude? Normally we all know when we have done stuff like this and said things we shouldn’t have said. You might also notice the reaction on the other persons face even if they do not say anything to you. Rudeness can be done in lots of different ways, including sarcasm at times if the receiver cannot take it.
  6. How do you tell if you’re toxic? Mainly because you will find that not many people really want to be around you and that is the first sign. There are lots of people however that will love you for you are anyway so you should only change if you want to and because it would add value to your life and others. Sometimes it is not our fault and we have not been trained to be socially inapt with others but it something that you can quickly learn.
  7. How can I be nicer to a friend? Offer a listening ear and support, an empathic approach to supporting them with their needs and sometimes not acting on them. Just being there for them. Tell the them they are great, they are worthy and do everything you can to build their confidence in themselves. Do nice things and ask them how they are and if they need anything.
  8. How do you get people to like you? Just always be yourself and never try to be someone else. You don’t need people to like you, you want people to like you for who you are and what value you add to the World. Changing for others will only come back at you later on in life when you try and find yourself again in the future. Just communicate well with others, have great manners, be kind and always offer an empathic and valuable approach to relationships, but without being trodden on. There are loads of people out there that will love you for who you are, you just have to move on quickly from the one’s that don’t as you will mostly likely never convince them to like you. You also don’t need them to like you, you need friends who will big you up and support just for being your true and natural self.

So they are my top tips on how to be nice and enjoy life and it is something that I have always followed. When you are nice to people, it is amazing what people will be doing to help you along the way in life as a result of your kindness. Generally most people are lovely, just sometimes they are tainted by the way they have been treated, educated or brought up in life which can stop them from being kind and a nice person.

When bad things happen to people it is easy to that everything happens for a reason, but it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth and most people see when event in life as turning out bad will taint all similar events too. I have been married for the 3rd time recently and although I have lost a lot, I have learned lots of lessons in life too as a result of this. But one thing it didn’t do is taint my feelings on being nice and falling in love again witht the most amazing person I could ever meet.

Being nice to others has got me jobs, helped me build businesses and all sorts of things so if there is a lesson to be learned today that is learn how to be a nice person as quickly as you can. If you need the help and motivation to get there then join my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk where I will send you daily videos to help you be nice, be more positive, become happier in life, enjoy everyday and it will allow to live the dream you always wanted to.

In the meantime I wish you all the very best for the future in life Scott

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