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Can You Really Find Happiness In Life?

A really interesting topic I thought I would write about today for the simple reason that so many people really seem to struggle with finding happiness in their lives.

Are you happy in your life? Do you feel like jumping out of bed in the morning and saying DAMN I am looking forward to today? Do you sing from the roof tops and dance in the rain?

Probably not is the answer because life is stressful right? One minute your up then your down. You want to be happy but every time you think you have found it is seems to disappear down the drainpipe like the rain on a showery day.

So can you change this in your life? Of course you can let me explain more below.

You see with age comes knowledge and I myself have been in some crappy situations in life and some that I have just thought you know what this just cannot be what life had in store for me.

Then I lost everything out of the blue a decision my ex wife made to leave me. No questions no answers just threw me to the wolves. The feeling I felt at the time of knowing that I could not be with my beautiful daughter again was the most horrible feeling I have ever felt.

From that day forward I changed my life forever. I vowed that I would never put someone else’s happiness before mine ever again. Because without knowing it I had done everything for everyone else and become unhappy as a result of my actions. I did a video on this you might find useful here.

I started reading lots of really useful books on personal and self development and one thing really stood out to me. What if happiness really was a choice. What if you decided whether you were happy or not. What if you took control of your life back from the selfish souls that try and drag you into their dungeon of unhappiness. What would happen then?

So that is what I did I stopped listening to other people. I decided their opinions although valued where just opinions. That how I took those opinions and how I acted on them was down to myself. The way I viewed life was now through my own eyes and not anyone elses.

Then I realized that life really is what you make it. You choose to let people upset you, you choose to be unhappy in your job, you choose not take life by the balls and do something about it. A really hard message I know because all of a sudden you change your aspect on life to one that makes you in control of it.

There isn’t anyone else to blame for things, there is just you and the decisions you make and whether they are good or bad one’s you can face them because you made them.

Not being guided by what other people think is a liberating experience because people will always critisize you and have an opinion on whether you are good enough to achieve what you want in life.

Well forget them, the only person you should listen to is yourself and when you make yourself responsible for your actions then you become responsible for your life itself. The only person you have to question about your achievements and your life is you.

By taking this attitude over the past year I have made all my dreams come true. Some people call this the law of attraction and many other things. I call it the common sense method of life.

Simply because when you approach life by being kind to others and sharing love and happiness, life has a habit of rewarding you with similar people. When you are spread misery and unhappiness life rewards you with the same result.

So here are my top tips on finding happiness so that you can also use them in your life too.

  • Learn to communicate. For every conversation you have someone you will learn that they see a completely different side of it than you. No one is right or wrong in an argument you just both have different view points.
  • be kind to people. kindness costs nothing and when you spread it yourself it will come back to you.
  • Learn to smile even when you feel like crap. Smiling really does help to lift your mood. Just look at others when you pass them on the street and say hi.
  • Do the best you can at everything regardless of whether you want to or not
  • The World needs great people who are courageous and willing to help others make sure that you become one of them. Helping others really is a great feeling and I did a video of becoming a better you here.
  • If something really does pee you off do something about it. If you just complain all the time the situaition will just continue to do your head in.
  • Realize that you can have anything you want in life as long as y ou are willing to put in the effort to get there.

Life really is and can be what you make it guys. Make your own reality , make your own happiness. Do everything you can to look at your situation and make it better. Quite often you have nothing to lose by trying and having a go you just have to get rid of those limiting beliefs that stop you from getting there.

It really takes about 6 weeks to change bad habits so just start your day with a smile and if you need help on your journey to change your life then join my transformation program today where I will help you alng the way. You can find out more here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

So the best of luck on your journey and I hope to see you on the program soon. Best wishes Scott

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