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Video 1 Why Your Own Happiness Should Come First

This is the first video in the 60 day transformation journey so I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave any comments below the video

Hi there, and welcome to the first video. I’m really glad that you come and joined in. So let me set the scene a little bit. So, as you know, I’m Scott. So, Change Your life Forever is all about kind of, bringing experiences that I’ve had in my life to be successful, to be motivated, you know, to be a kind person, to be genuine and fun-loving and stuff, and, and try and pass that on to you so that you can use it in your lives as well.

Now, it’s a series of videos that’ll be sent by email every single day. Now, I might not touch on everything in each video, but you will find that as we go through the 60 videos, you will find that I do touch on every subject in a little bit more detail, so don’t worry if I don’t cover it straight away, I will cover it later. It’s just, it takes around about six weeks to change your mind and the way that you think about things.

Now, I used to suffer from really bad anxiety, really bad stress, you know, er, depression, all sorts, always had really high-powered jobs, you know, never had an education when I was younger, I, I always had to work my way up in different ways and be different and do things differently than everyone else you know, and within these 60 videos is, is for me to pass on how I’ve done it, so that you can hopefully adapt some of those principles in your life.

You’ll like some of them, you probably won’t like others, but that’s okay, because the whole perception and idea about it is, you know, how you can keep smiling. How to stay happy. You know, life is stressful, life is hard. You know, we live in a different era nowadays where there’s so much going on, you know, a lot of people don’t enjoy their jobs, a lot of people aren’t happy in life and it’s how you can actually make yourself happy by connecting your thoughts to your feelings, to what the universe brings to you as well, and we’ll talk about the universe later on as well, okay?

So the first video was all about you being the most important person on the planet, but making sure that your happiness comes first over others. I’ve spent a long, long time over the past 25 years putting other people before myself. Mainly because, you know, I’m generally a caring person and I do that. But I’ve moved around all over the country and you know, it’s difficult to have a set, set of friends that you can just nip for a beer with or whatever, and working away and coming back at the weekends, you generally tend to want to stay at home.

So, really what happened was, you know, I ended up bringing up my kids and they’re absolutely beautiful kids, I couldn’t ask for any better kids on the planet, I absolutely adore them to death. You know, and, and, and embedding manners within them and embedding all the right things to help them grow and be great people. So, I didn’t mind sacri-sacrificing those things, but there was other things that I should’ve done that I didn’t do. And some of those things do make you happy, you know, we can’t walk through life without being rewarded for the things that we do, without feeling gratitude for the things that we do. Without having something to work for, to aim for, to be happy for.

So if you’re unhappy in your job or you’re not happy in your home life, and you’re getting no reward, you’re getting no gratitude, you’re, you’re not going to enjoy life. It’s just the way it is, because your thoughts and your emotions take over and you keep telling yourself that. You know, you’re not happy. You want this, you want that, but you can’t have it and you can’t do this and you can’t do that, and really you should always look after your own happiness first, because if you’re not functioning properly, the people around you won’t function properly either, because we’re like magnets really, you know. Positives attract and positives, you know, negatives push each other away, so when you’re in a positive mood, everyone wants to be with you. When you’re a negative mood, no one wants to be with you. No one wants to listen to people moaning all the time. They’ve got their own problems. They’ve got their own stuff going on in their heads. They want you to be positive, but it’s really hard to do that when you’re not happy, isn’t it?

So all the videos that I’ve put together are all about, you know, how to get those steps moving forward and what I’ve done to make sure that I’m still happy, you know, I’ve had a lot going on over the past six months and it’s not just only in the past six months, it’s probably the past 10 years really.

I even come off my mountain bike at the weekend and broke my arm and dislocated my wrist, you know, but I’m still smiling, and there’s a reason for that, because the opposite of smiling is down. And when you get on that downward spiral, and your mind keeps telling you that you’re down, you’re going to go down. You’re going to keep digging and digging and digging and digging and keep going down.

So the only way to deal with it, is try and see the positives in everything. Try and put yourself forward, do things that make you happy. You know, stick some music on, dance around, you know. Look at your life and see what would make you feel really happy. If you want to nip down the pub for a beer, go and have one. If you want some quiet time, go and have it.

You know, do whatever that makes you happy, but put it first and foremost, before anything else, because you are the most important person. You are the person that you need to look after. You need to be happy with yourself. You need to be comfortable with what you’re doing in life, where you’re going and that you’re going to get rewarded, and you’re going to get what you want at the end of the day.

And as we build the picture through all the videos, I’m going to show you that you can have what you want. You can do whatever you want in life. You just need to connect yourself emotionally, physically with the universe and have a plan of how to get there.

And once you connect all those dots, then you can have whatever you want in life. Life does become easier. Life does become less stressful. You will be able to smile and you will be able to wake up in the morning and be happy. You will enjoy the day ahead of you. But it’s all about looking after your happiness first. Giving your kids a big hug. Giving your family a big hug. You know, when you’re happy, you want to do all those things. You want to love people, you want to care about people, you want to help them.

But when you’re feeling like you’re not getting what you want out of life and you’re not happy, it’s really difficult to do all those things, so that’s why it’s so important to put your happiness first and foremost. When you’re happy, everyone else around you is happy. And we’ll talk more in the videos for different bedroom, night time routines, law of attraction, know how to laugh in the face of adversity, all sorts of stuff that we put these videos together for you, that I’m hoping you’ll listen to.

They’re only like five minutes every day. They will help you. They will help you move forward. They will help you be happy, and I’m hoping that, you know, if you’re stuck in a dark place today, then we can get you out of there. We may need a big shovel to help you get there, but listen to all the videos and as we move forward, we’ll go through absolutely everything that’s on your mind. We’ll sort it out and we’ll have some fun doing it.

So that’s the end of this video, which is all about making sure that we put our happiness first and foremost before anyone else. The next video is going to be about the power of the mind and what we tell ourselves is what happens, yeah? It’s a really, really powerful video. So make sure from today you put yourself, on your happiness before anybody else, yeah? You love, you care, you’re genuine with everybody, but you and your happiness comes first and foremost before anything else.

So I’ll see you tomorrow in the next video, The Power of the Mind. You take care, and I’ll see you soon. All right, bye bye now. If you are still asking the question “I don’t know what to do with my life” check out this article here for inspiration

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