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Is The Law Of Attraction Real – You Better Believe It

Okay so is the “law of attraction real”, well a load of people will say it is bull mahoney and others will swear to it’s authenticity and how it has worked for them too. Now I have been studying the law of attraction and manifestation for a long long time and I can tell you it definitely does work.

Like with all things however you have to take it with a pinch of salt and if there are any lessons to be learned in life, it is that you do have to put work into everything in order to make LOA work for you too.

If you are the scientific type then you can learn more about the studies into the law of attraction here.

There are many things that the law of attraction will teach you, such as like attracts like, ask and it is given (Abraham and Ester Hicks). But when you look into the detail of things it cannot harm anyone in giving it a go and having a belief system that might just work for you too. You have to be open minded about life, but also have some drive and commitment to get there. So believe and I will discuss some tips from my life on why I think the law of attraction is real and how you can adopt it into your life below.

My Thoughts On Why The Law Of Attraction Is Real And How You Can Use It In Your Life Too

  1. Like attracts like – This is very true in some instances and not in some cases either. When you actively have a passion in life and follow a path that makes you happy, you will bring people into your life with the same feelings and passion too. This is just natural as you choose to find out more about a subject and get to know others that are interested in that too. But you can also twist this to say that when you are in a positive mood you attract other people in a positive mood too. Likewise if you are negative, you will attract negativity into your life as well. We all know that when things get us down, we keep getting down until we learn to be able to turn it around with something positive. Now it may not be that easy at times, but when you take a positive approach to things you don’t handle problems anywhere near as badly as when you are in a bad mood. Stop spending time with people who get on your nerves, spend and give more time to those people that appreciate it and will give back to you.
  2. Ask and it is given – People take this to extremes in the fact that they think they can just manifest a ferrari or riches or a mansion into their lives. Now the principle behind all of this is that you have to at least set off on a path to obtain these things in the first place. Common sense says that if you set yourself a goal and a target ,you stand a much better chance of getting it than if you do nothing. So the sensible thing to do here is to manifest and envision what you want in life, what it looks like, what it feels like and then proceed to putting some steps to changing your life in place as a result thinking about your wants and desires.
  3. Thoughts become things our own thoughts in anyway or direction we want too. If we choose to be peed off we will be, if we choose how to be happy again we will, if we choose to be rude we will be. The most common sense thing here is that if you are in a bad mood, take your crap out on others, have no manners, then do not be expect to be treated yourself in any other way. If you choose to be caring, kind considerate, loving, then nobody can accuse you of these things unless they are a dickhead anyway and you can walk away from the situation with your head held high. So when you look at a situation in your mind, don’t question yourself over it, this is going to be bad, their going to be upset, what if this, what if that. Just go into any situation with an open mind about what is going to happen without prejudging the situation. If anything go into all situations with a positive outlook and outcome in mind and if it goes wrong, then just adjust, learn and do something to make it better. But we control our own thoughts in every way and learning to teach your mind to look at positive outcomes is much better than having a negative concept of everything that could happen.
  4. Eliminate all doubt – This is really hard for most people because of the fight or flight mechanism that tries to protect us when we are not sure of the outcome of something. This takes time to adjust your mindset to not question yourself about things. Over time when you train yourself to think positively and you are living for yourself in life, will you be able to turn this one around. But for every bad thought you have, question it with a good thought instead. After you start seeing the results of your thoughts, self doubt will disappear. (check out these quotes about self love we did here too)
  5. Reasoning in lifeeverything happens for a reason. Have you ever heard that saying. I’m sure you have and it is true. You really cannot change the past but what you can do in life is not make the same mistakes again, revisit things you had done in the past and apologize for what has happened. We all make mistakes in life and do stupid things but when you accept responsibility for your life then you are much more open to making things better. So sometimes you have to stop being pig headed and see the other persons point of view.
  6. Life is meant to be fun – This is where I think the law of attraction is real. Because when you close your eyes and live in the dream, you are creating your own ideal life in front of you. It is just because most of us do not take time out of our day to actually sit and have clarity of thought. But if you spend just 30 minutes everyday ticking of your goals and your wish list and working towards it, then you will feel as if you have achieved something and you are getting somewhere. life is what you make of it unfortunately and you do have to be consistent and put in the effort.
  7. Plan for the future – Some of these things are boring, but things like security in life, pensions, assets, investments. You should plan for because when you retire you will appreciate these things in life. Whilst it may seem like a few quid out of your pocket now, it is worth taking the time to think and dream about what your future will look like. After all we spend all that time working we should at least be able to enjoy it too.
  8. Gratitude – This is a really hard one, because people will always say just think yourself grateful. At the moment we are going through a Global Pandemic with the coronavirus and everyone is on lock down at home. Never have we ever been through anything like this in our lifetime. So many people have lost their lives, money, jobs, businesses it is untrue. But realizing that the law of attraction is real will help you through this difficult time. Because no matter what happens in life, if we are breathing and living we can do something about changing things in our lives. It might not happen straight away, but the quicker you get on with doing something, the quicker things will change too. So be grateful for the small things that you have and don’t get upset by the things you don’t have either.
  9. How to start believing in the law of attraction
    1. Map your life out and what you want it to look like.
    2. Spend time daily manifesting and thinking about what it looks like, until you clearly see in your mind, what it looks like, feels like.
    3. Work out how you can get there. Write every possible way of getting it down on paper.
    4. Combine the 2 things above and see it and then work towards it
    5. Forget about failure – some things will just not work, but when you follow the path and you can see it, in moments of clarity the Universe will give you the answer.
    6. See yourself receiving what you have wishes for
    7. Only wish for good things
    8. Give gratitude when you receive it
    9. Rinse and repeat.
Is the law of attraction real
Is the law of attraction real – Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Now I am not expecting you all of a sudden to think yeah the law of attraction is real, so let me finish off with some examples of life that I have used the secret to help get me by and be more successful.

  • When I was young I got every job I applied for. I researched the company, looked at interview questions, manifested that I got the job, cleared any self doubt and went in with a positive attitude. When you adopt this approach it works. If you go to an interview unprepared, nervous and don’t look like you want the job you won’t get it. This is the common sense part of the law of attraction.
  • I manifested my ideal house. Sitting there for 30 minutes a day envisioning the house I would want to live in for the rest of my life and it appeared right before me. Now you could say that this is coincidence and that because I was thinking about it and looking for houses that it was bound to happen too. But there is nothing wrong with believing that the universe helped you along the way.
  • I wished that my wife would leave me as I was so unhappy. Yep maybe I should have walked away myself but you always have the principle of making things right in mind. Anyway the next thing, she did leave me so the law of attraction is real in negative situations too. That is why you should always be careful what you wish for.
  • I manifested my new wife into my life. Again you could call this coincidence as I joined a dating site too. But I wrote down what my ideal wife would look like and her attributes and that she would be like wonder woman. The beautiful lady that came into my life and I am now proudly married too had a key ring with wonder women on when I met her.

They are just a few examples of why I think the law of attraction is real and why you should think about adopting it as a principle part of your life too. When it comes down to it the basics are, set yourself a goal, have a plan to get there, always remain happy no matter how bad shit gets, stay motivated and consistent, come out fighting in life, don’t let others put you down, be kind, give love, think before you speak, work hard, play hard, forgive easily, don’t prejudge situations or people and just have a damn great time.

If you need help with any of this along your path then do join my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk where I will help you find your path too. All my best wishes in life Scott

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