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Live In The Dream With The Law Of Attraction

Can you really “live in the dream”? This is a little bit different than the classic “living in the dream” quote. The way I see it, is that people always say sarcastically I’m living the dream, but what I am talking about is making all your dreams come true. Do you believe it is possible to live in the dream?

You probably think it is all a loads of codswallop to be honest I am guessing, but guess what, it isn’t. Because there are some natural things out there called manifestation and the laws of attraction that help you find the secret to life. I bet you are even more mystified now aren’t you?

Well what if I said it was possible to close your eyes and dream of what you wanted in life and it would come true. Would you believe that was possible? Yeah I thought so probably not you’re saying to yourself. So I think I am going to have to twist your arm a little on this one aren’t I?

There is such a thing called lucid dreaming and you can take control of your dreams and consequently your destiny in life.

Now what if I said to you that life was a little like the matrix, apart from you controlled your own destiny in life through your thinking and dream patterns and you control the outcome of everything that happens in your life. Would you think that was weird?

It is easily explained in a way. Have you ever had deja vu? Where you feel as if you have been somewhere before? Well this is likely that you have lived in the dream and that is what you are feeling and seeing at this point in time. You see every thought you have is your thought – no one else is in your head, so you control your own emotions. Which means you have the power to get upset or not by people, you have the power to work hard or not, you have the power to be in a good or bad mad, you have the power to do well in life or not. But that power does below to you and you control it.

Live in the dream
Live in the dream – Photo by Karyme França from Pexels

I have manifested loads of things in my life through spending just 30 minutes a day lucid dreaming and visioning what I want in life. Surprisingly enough when you do this enough and concentrate on what you want, it generally tends to come into your life. It might not be the exact thing you were looking for, but it does come.

You can literally use these techniques to obtain anything you want in life, money, jobs, love and you better believe it because it is so real. Let me give you an example to get you started. My ex wife just turned around and said she didn’t want me anymore, no reason, no arguing or anything. Just wanted me to get on my way.

Now I like being in a relationship, I love being with someone and having a soulmate in life. So after some months and we had separated I decided to think about what I wanted in life. I sat in my conservatory one night and wrote down exactly what I wanted in my next partner.

It was completely the opposite to what I had previously and went a little like this, must be over 5.5, slim, into fitness, caring, kind, funny, nice legs, attractive, can do the splits, must love children, will adore me and must be my wonder women.

Now I did have to do something to get this and that was by living in the dream and visioning her coming my life, well I also joined a dating site as well so my chances of meeting someone was higher than expected anyway. Then I met a couple of women who just lied on their profile, not cool to be honest, so I blew them off.

One day I sent a message to this one lady who took my eye. We got talking and we met up and jeez she just blew me away. I never really thought that true love was a thing until I saw her. Afterwards we just got on so well and had such a life that 18mths down the line we are now married. Now your probably thinking yeah but how did you turn that dream into reality right?

Well the thing was I told my wife about me doing this and that I thought the law of attraction and living in the dream as all something that I practiced. I don’t tell everyone because some people just think you are bonkers. She then told me that had also been practicing manifestation as well and when I told her about the Wonder Women thing, she took out her car keys and she had a Wonder Women key ring she carried around to give her courage, how crazy is that and she was 5.5, she was attractive, she loves my kids, she is beautiful and she can even do the splits. So I got everything I wanted.

So how can you live in the dream too and manifest your wants and desires? Check out my tips below for info

My Top Tips On Living In The Dream

  1. Spend 30 mins a day dreaming – Whether you believe in god, the law of attraction, or the universe. It does not matter. When you consistently sit down and concentrate on what you want in life, it gives you purpose and direction and you will naturally head towards these things in your life. So it is imperative that if you want more in life that you spend 30 minutes a day just living in your dream and seeing and feeling what you want in life and telling the universe what you want.
  2. Write your goals down on paper – It is always best to write down exactly what you want in life on paper. Then before bed time or your time to manifest through lucid dreaming as you will be better able to see the vision in your mind. If you have trouble sleeping at night or have bad dreams. This is also a great way to refocus your mind on something positive to fall a sleep to by reading it a few times prior to putting your head on the pillow.
  3. Believe that this is real – Despite what people say or poo poo the idea of this working. Believe in it yourself, when you close your eyes with 100% consistency believe that you are going to receive these things and you will. Have you ever been thinking of someone and that minute they have called you? Yes we all have and there are probably many more instances I am sure you can think of that you thought about something and it has happened too.
  4. Always take your first decision – Have you ever had to do something and you have thought about it too much and therefore either put yourself off doing something or something has gone wrong as a result of it. I bet you have without even realizing it. Things like you go out in the car and question which way you should go because you might hit traffic, if you start getting worried you are going to hit traffic, you generally do. Whereas if you just jump straight in the car and go without questioning yourself, you will probably get there without bumping into traffic. These are the things in our lives that show sometimes our thoughts also drive the direction it takes and the bumps along the way.
  5. Take problems as challenges – So many of us get irate when things happen to us. Someone says something bad, a bill arrives, there’s a problem with the car, the boiler breaks down. Well when you take these things and just live in the dream, you will find that the solution pops into your mind and resolves the problem in it’s own right. Try it next time you something goes wrong, take a moment or two and come back to it later with a clear mind and you will find that you think about things logically and the problem won’t bother you as much as it did in the first place.
  6. Enjoy dreaming – It really is great for the mind and the spirit when you sit down and close your eyes with a passion for what you want in life. You can dream about anything, the big house you want, the great job your going to have, the perfect beach holiday, the best kids. It is so much more fun than just closing your eyes and thinking of all the problems you have. So take time out of the day and if you can try and get into meditation also which will help you to make your dreams more vivid and lifelike.

Frequently asked questions about living in the dream

  1. What does live in the dream in? – Check out everything I have said above and then realize that wishes and dreams do come true. When you concentrate on what you want and can see exactly what you want in your dreams, your mind will naturally navigate to wanting and needing these things in your life and your path will change to achieve them. So it is a combination of manifesting, the universe delivering and you working towards them in the first place that will bring you what you want.
  2. Who coined the phrase living the dream? – James Truslow Adams
  3. How do you live your dream life? – You do everything you can to find your meaning in life and live with purpose and live a fulfilled life. This means getting off your bum, putting a plan together on what you want, dreaming and manifesting about it and then heading towards it. You can dream and the universe will show you the path, but you still have to walk it.
  4. What can I say instead of living the dream? – Living a fulfilled life is a great way of explaining the same thing, as it means you are content with your life and happy that you have achieved everything you have wanted to.

So there you have it they are my thoughts of living in the dream and making your wishes come true. It may sound mysterious but when you live life with a plan, work hard, be kind, give love and just do your damn hardest with a goal to achieve you will get there. It all starts with dreaming and visualizing it in the first place.

I put together my transformation program to help you get there too. I filmed it when I was at my lowest but picking myself up to the live the life of my dreams too. So if you need some encouragement on how to be happier in life day to day please do come and join me at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

In the meantime I wish you all the very best in your future Scott

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