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What Is The Meaning Of Life – Explained

What a question What is the meaning of life?

Well to me the meaning of life means how much value you add to others people’s and your own life.

When you are adding value you will also find your purpose in life too.

In basic terms and evolution animals and humans were meant to reproduce and then survive.

But what if you don’t just want to survive in life, what if you want to thrive and and live in the dream.

Then follow our top tips below on finding your meaning in life.

My Top Tips On Finding The Meaning In Your Life

  1. First and foremost everyone will have and want a different meaning in life. If we were all the same and wanting the same things then life would be pretty boring.
  2. We all have our individual talents in life but quite often most people do not know where to start in order to find theirs. My wife is a prime example and works part time in a shop. She doesn’t think she has any particular skills because she concentrated on bringing our daughter up in life. However, she is the most caring, kind, funny and absolutely amazing person I have ever met. Her skill is bringing laughter and happiness to our household, I bring in the money and deal with the stress. My stress release comes from her not being stressed and looking after me. To me it is the most important job on the planet and she does a fantastic job of it. What is her meaning in life? To spread and give love and kindness to everyone and it works. So when you think about your meaning – think about every little thing you do everyday for yourself and others. My wife really is a great mother too and she constantly thinks about how she can enhance the life of our step daughter too, I think the cell tracking apps might be a bit too much but at least it stops her worrying about where she is and if she is safe all the time.
  3. What pleasure do you get out of life on a daily basis? What makes you tick, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning with a massive smile on your face? It might be that you don’t and that is the problem, because when you are lost in life it is really hard to find something that will make you smile. If you haven’t got anything in your life then go out there and find something that does make you tick, if you have then do more off it. Life is about being happy and happiness comes from rewards and achievements, if you none of these things it is likely your meaning in life will just slip away from you.
  4. What value do you add to other people’s lives? Seeing other people succeed, whether it is your kids, your partner, your family is paramount in living a successful and meaningful life. Why? Because if you are jealous of others and their achievements this will eat you up inside. If however you add value to others by being supportive, helping them and providing that bridge for them to succeed then you will feel great through their experiences as well.
  5. What are you grateful for? You see this being preached quite a lot and being grateful is extremely important but it can be hard when you are not happy with your life. When you look at everything in your life from a different viewpoint however and that every conversation that you have and every action that you take is a learning curve, then your life changes. For instance, we all say things we shouldn’t, we all do things that we can regret, but what if these things were meant to happen in the first place? If you accept this and are prepared to apologize and move forward in life, then things become simpler because you are understanding that life is a journey and sometimes you have to swim further to get back to the beach. Being grateful can apply to bad things however, I have been married 3 times now and have 4 kids to different women, do I see it as my failure no, I see it as the build up and education to meeting the women of my dreams and my children adoring me. Because without these experiences in life I wouldn’t be the person I am today despite all the pain I have been through. We are currently all working through the coronavirus around the World and I am sure it has changed people’s expectations dramatically. A lot of people have lost friends and family, lost businesses, jobs and have nothing. Never in the history of time have we seen such an event but if we don’t move forward with a positive viewpoint it will consume us. So we have to be grateful for the positives, the keyworkers out there everyday serving us food, nurses and doctors looking after our sick, volunteers helping the elderly and communities sticking together. So always have gratitude because things will, do and can get better.
  6. What does your ideal life look like? Everyone has dreams of what a meaning life will look like, but what does it mean to you? If we dream and take action then we can achieve those dreams, if we actively seek things in our life, then the law of attraction or whatever beliefs system you have in place will make sure you get them eventually. We all have to try hard in life to get what we want, unfortunately it isn’t just delivered, so if you are going to dream big, go out there and get it too.
  7. How do you like to be treated in life? This is an important question to ask yourself for the simple reason that sometimes people can expect things in life without actually giving it themselves. So if you want people to be kind and support you, offer others kindness and support. If you want to be loved then love others too, if you want a hug make sure you hug too, if you want someone to be honest, be honest to them too. Life really is a reflection of how you act yourself and what you give off and also the environment you mix in too.
  8. How hard are you trying to live the life of your dreams? Everything in life does take effort unfortunately. For some who come into money or win the lottery maybe that is different but are they truly happy? In my experience happiness comes when you feel fulfilled in life. When you feel fulfilled you are living a life that consists off, adding value to yours and other peoples lives, give kindness and love unconditionally, be rewarded for what you have achieved, feel valued at the end of each and every day, have a purpose and work hard. When you start to do these things then the meaning of life will make a lot more sense to you. You can start today no matter how trapped in life you feel. We all can make choices to change you just have to really want to do it, stop making excuses and get on with it no matter how bad it seems.
  9. Don’t let others influence your meaning of life in a negative way. People can often be jealous of other peoples achievements in life. They can throw spanner after spanner in order to push you away from achieving your dreams. You have to stay confidence and have a positive mindset and keep charging forward. Do not doubt yourself because of others, prove them wrong and make it a goal to make sure you can look back and stick two fingers up at them and say I told you so.
  10. You can be anything you want to be in the right environments. Before Roger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile no one else could do it. As soon as he achieved it everyone set their belief zone to think they could do it. believe in yourself and it will happen, you just have to have the right attitude, mindset and environment to make you thrive. If you haven’t got any of these things then go and find them.
  11. Don’t make excuses in finding the meaning of life? Never look back on life with regrets, set goals for yourself, drive yourself forward, find others that believe you can do it, never give up, stop making excuses, give kindness and love, smile and find happiness in the small things in life, socialize with others and most importantly always be yourself.
  12. Human Philosophy – The philosophical approach can be something completely different when one is investigating it. If you want to know more about philosophy and it’s approach to the purpose in life then read this interesting article here
What is the meaning of life
What is the meaning of life – Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

What is the meaning of life – frequently asked questions.

  • What is the real meaning of life? This is individual to everyone in life. To find happiness is what most people are seeking and in order to do that you will want to find your purpose, achieve your goals, be rewarded for your efforts, love others, be kind, offer help and support to others, become part of something, be compassionate, listen to others, grow from others, achieve what you set out to do, spend every day thinking about what value you have gained, be positive and just get out there and enjoy life and find your own happiness.
  • What is the meaning and purpose in life? They are both intertwined and as above, when you find a passion in life something that drives you every day and puts a smile on your face, no matter how small that is, then you do more of it. When you do more of the things you love, you will find happiness in yourself, when you find happiness in yourself, others will find it within you too. Your purpose does not have to be materialistic as money will not make you happy. What makes you happy is being proud of who you are want what you stand for in life and the value you add to other peoples lives.
  • What is the meaning of life, the simple answer? Be happy and content with what you have and if you want more go out there and get it without making any excuses.
  • What is my purpose? Everyone does have a purpose in life you just might not have found one along the way. The problem is most of us don’t value the simple things in life and being a great parent, brother / sister, carer can sometimes lead to a purpose. If you are doing a great job in life and you feel like you are content with what you have then you have probably already found your purpose. If you want to look philosophically and think I want to be a millionaire one day and have a lamborghini then you find to find out how your purpose can get you one. The key to this is working out your key skills and values and applying this to something in life that will also bring one the rewards you need or the money to get them.
  • Why there is no meaning to life? Sometimes we can think that we have no purpose and there is no meaning. The human philosophy in you will agree that that is also possibly true. If you do not have a purpose or a meaning in life at the moment that does not mean that you will not find it in the future. It is just human nature to assume that life is passing us by if we do not have goals and dreams and do everything that one can to achieve them. Set yourself some goals straight away and work out what you want in life and then you will find your meaning along the way.
  • Does life have a purpose – Within human philosophy this will make sense. When you ask yourself the question of do you have a purpose in life. What is the answer you come up with? It may be that you just haven’t found your purpose yet. I know people that have spent all their lives looking for a purpose and never found it. Others are amazing at things and extremely talented and know what their purpose is straight away. Others think that we have a preexisting life and we are meant to follow a path that is already made for us. I think my purpose is a number of things, to spread love and words to people that want to listen, to live a fulfilled and happy life, to be caring and understanding and where that path will take me who knows. Do I feel content, yes absolutely and so should you. The idea of life is to enjoy it and that means that life is what you make of it and you have to do something in life to feel rewarded and recognized for your achievements. So find something that you like doing and see where that path takes you first and foremost.
  • What makes a meaningful life? A meaningful human existence means to me that you can look back on life with a philosophical mindset and think darn it I had a great life. I spent years unhappy in my life and couldn’t make sense of anything until I read more about how the universe can treat you and that like attracts like. Therefore if we have a positive philosophy in life then we will attract positive things in life too. If we have a negative philosophy then we will have a negative outcome. It is by controlling these thoughts and having a pathway and looking at life as a challenge and letting the universe take its course. Most of the feelings we have in life are dependent on our own thoughts. If we set goals, we can achieve, we can recognize our worth. When we find our worth we find our value and then you won’t need to look philosophically at things. You will look back on achievements and what the universe has brought to you.
  • What is the real meaning of Karma? To sum this up it means what goes around comes around and if you are rude to others expect them to be rude back to you also. We should all make the world a better place, allow yourself to make a difference in life, have a sense of purpose as a human being, make sense of things and learn to think before you speak. You see the purpose of life is living but only you can control it, only looking at philosophy and human value can you find your purpose. By being kind to others, having empathy and helping others will you find your true pathway to human existence. You will learn so much from interacting and helping other people that everything will start to make sense to you. Others will guide you and help you too, but no one wants to help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves. That is why it doesn’t matter what it is, you have to find a passion or enjoyment for something and set yourself the goals to go and achieve them before you even stand a chance of finding the true meaning of life.

So there you have it my impressions on what is the meaning of life and I know sometimes it can be hard to find your why and still hate life because we all go through times like this. I can guarantee you that there is no magic pill out there that will give you what you need in life. The only thing I have found to work is if you look after the body the mind will take care of itself and stop questioning you.

If you need a little help and focus in your life then do check out my program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk where I am with you everyday in videos showing you how I stay on top of life and how I make it the best possible life I can and hopefully it will help you too.

In the meantime I wish you all the success in your future Scott

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