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Video 30 Enjoy Life You Were Meant To Be Happy

Your now on video 30 of the transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

This video is about “Enjoy Life You Were Meant To Be Happy”. Happiness is something we all strive for in life and all we really need to do is change our habits a little and force a smile on our faces no matter what the weather.

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Right. I’m back. I haven’t moved this time because I’m just having a beer now because it’s like quarter past nine at night. I’ve worked out today, I’ve burnt 3000 calories. So. I need to add a few extra calories. And the beer is quite good at doing it. But anyway, we just talked about opportunities yet. Take opportunities, guys, have an exciting time. you know, meet people, have a plan. Work out what you want in life, you know, go for it every day. Meet new people, different places, different viewpoints.

Have a laugh and see what opportunities they can give you. Yeah. Okay. And that brings us onto today’s video, which is about life, about being happy and about it being funnier. Okay. So, you know, I’ll base it on on my life. Yeah. ’cause it’s, it’s been like that rollercoaster. Yeah. So, you know, going back to my first marriage, okay girl, Matt, first proper girlfriend together for, whew.

16 years. I reckon. Two beautiful kids. Yeah. But was it a great relationship? No. No. Did I put up with it? Yeah. Was I silly putting up with it? Yeah. Second relationship. Was I silly putting up with that one? Yeah. because, you know, I wasn’t having fun guys. It was all too serious. Everything was too serious.

you know, it was going to work every day. Coming home, you’re knackered. you know, you’re trying to save up and pay for things and look after kids and do all sorts of stuff. Put up with all the stress. you know, your life’s not going anywhere or it’s not going as quick as it could be. Mine has been a pretty good life. you know, I’ve always had good jobs keep getting higher and higher up the scale, doing different things like making money with web design and all sorts of other stuff. And that So I can’t complain about those things. But actually what I neglected to do was enjoy myself, was have fun, you know, I did when I was younger up until about the age of 30.

But when you have kids, everything becomes so serious. Yeah. And then, you know, you have fun with the kids, but then you might be arguing with your partners or you’re arguing at work and work is stressful. You’re not happy. You get yourself into a rutt, you know? And then before you know it, your relationships fall apart. You grow apart. you know? Pardon me? Oh, I just add loads of chili with my tea. I think I, I put a bit too much on, oh, excuse me for that. Right. But it is meant to just be fun. We’re meant to be happy, you know, we’re meant to do all things that make us happy.

And it’s only recently, even for me, when I’ve gone through my own Transformation, I’ve put that over and above everything else because I’ve realized, and I’ve told you in the very first video, your happiness is really, really important. If you are not happy, then no one else around you’ll be happy. you know? But if you are happy, everything else will be happy. you know, it’s like, you’ll probably see some of my pictures and stuff. you know, I surround myself with pictures that I want, like happy and smile to remind myself when I get up in the morning that those are important things to me.

When my daughter comes, I always say to her, this is a happy house. Smiles, laughter. We’re gonna have a happy time. And that’s what we do. But you have to make it. You have to force it. You have to want to be like That. you have to want to be happy. you know, it’s not like it’s, it’s an option. Once you become happy and you train yourself to be happy, you know, I used to lie in a set ’cause it was knackered from work, you know, it was grumpy. That’s not a life. That isn’t a life guys.

It wasn’t a life for me. And it’s not gonna be a life for you. But now lose all the weight. You’re training, you’re feeling good, you’re feeling strong. Do you know what I mean? You, you’ve got loads of energy. You want to be happy, you want to do great things. you know this lovely lady I’ve met, she’s happy as well. you know, it time I speak to her, we’re laughing our heads off. We’re having a great time’s. Absolutely amazing. But that’s what life should be like. You should be walking through the door, happy as Larry, you know, shake off the day. Don’t worry about that stuff.

Have things to look forward to in life. you know, realize that you know, life is what you make it. Go out there and make opportunities. Ask for more money. Do good things. you know, love your kids. Love your friends. Speak to your friends on the phone. you know, start questioning yourself about things and make life something That you. Concentrate on being happy everyday. Think to yourself, how can I make myself happy today? I know I’ll go and smile at that person. I’ll go and talk to that person. you know, I’ll have a laugh with that person on the bus and have a laugh with that person in work.

And that’s what we should do. We’ve got lost. Kinda like the ability to socialize and enjoy ourselves properly because we’re so wrapped up in our own lives and coming home, oh my god, I’ve got bills to pay. Oh my god, I have my job. Oh my god, you know, kids are driving around my band. Oh my God, I’m not happy. And before we know it, we convince ourselves we’re not happy, we’re tired, we’ve got no energy. And life has sucked everything out of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way guys. Honestly. ’cause I’m telling you, I don’t worry about anything anymore because there is nothing to worry about.

you know, you plan everything. All the videos that we’ve done so far, they’re all about building yourself up to a position whereby the only thing that matters is your happiness, your love, the, the fact That, you wake up in the morning and go, I want to wake up today. I want to do all these things. I’ve gotta plan. I’m gonna be happy. I’m gonna get up smiling. I’m gonna look at myself in the mirror and say, man, I feel good. you know what I mean? And even me doing these videos, I think I’ve done these videos in some right states, you know what I mean? I actually look quite nice when I dress up and stuff. But it’s not the point.

The point is, you know, trying to get the message across that, you know, you can go through all these bad things, but ultimately it’s a choice to be happy. Make it your choice to be happy and do it today. Find anything you can bring memories back, put posters up, pictures up to remind you of all those good things. So you can look at it, you can smile and when you feel down, you go, oh man, you know, my kids make me really proud. you know, my, my fiance, my husband, my boyfriend is beautiful man, you know, I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. And when you’re grateful for the small things, then you can start to smile. Yeah, really important. But you have to force yourself to be like that guys, no matter what the weather, always force yourself. No matter how hard it is, no matter what’s going on, just look in that mirror, give yourself a smile. Looking good dude. Yeah. That’s what you want to do. And then you go out there and you show the world what you’re Madoff, show the world, who you are, what you are worth, and what you’ve got to contribute.

And then just smile again and keep smiling. When you smile, everyone will smile back at you. Are you smiling at me? Are you smiling at me? Oh yeah. I hope you are. Alright. So that’s the end of that video anyway. So the next video is about helping someone and seeing how much better you feel you’re So. I’m gonna go and jump in the shower now ’cause I’m a bit stinky. I’ve caught up with a few videos. I hope you guys are doing well. I hope you’re enjoying, you know, the videos and stuff because it is hard.

But when you make that choice to smile, see the happiness in life does get better, guys, believe me, honestly, try it. Alright? And I’ll see you in the next video. Take care. See you very soon. Bye-bye now.

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