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How To Stay Positive In Life And Be Happy

How to stay positive in life and view things in a different way is the subject for today.

Sometimes you can do it and sometimes you just can’t but how do you stay consistent and on top of the World on a daily basis.

Well I have been through tough times myself and know how difficult this can be which is why I put my transformation program together you can find here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Because it is a number of things you have to do in order to know how to be happier, live a life of happiness and positivity.

The course will tell you all about the law of attraction and how it works when you use it properly and how it adds happiness and value to your life. You will also learn to live for yourself in too but for now check it out my top tips below on remaining positive in life.

My top tips on how to stay positive in life

  1. Ups and downs – Life will have it’s ups and downs that is a given. It is dealing with these events however that will keep you staying on top of your emotions.
  2. Negative emotions – Negativity breeds negativity. It is strange the way our minds work but they quite often try to trick us with negative emotions. Sometimes it creates a snowball effect where you think one bad thing and a million others follow. Learning to recognize that these are just thoughts and can be turned into a positive emotion will stand you in good stead moving forward.
  3. Smiley faces – Practice smiling. Yeah I know sometimes you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and think god damn I feel awful. But this is in your control and you can wake up with a smile on your face and make the most of your day.
  4. Believe in yourselfBelieve that things will get better and they will. Take your mind to another place where it is busy dreaming of what things you are going to do in your life. The places you would like to go and the things you would like to do. If you read the article on the law of attraction you will see that doing these things and visualizing them can bring great things into your life.
  5. Who you hang around with – Surround yourself with happy people. Your environment is what will make you and if you are hanging around with negative people you will soon become one yourself.
  6. Being grateful – Gratitude is a great way of being happy with what you have. It may not be a lot but sometimes when we look around is at the horror off other people’s lives we can take comfort that sometimes things could be a lot worse.
  7. You are great – Believe that your life can be amazing. Do not listen to anyone else in life that tells you different. You can be whoever and do whatever you want to if you want it badly enough. Find something that is really passionate to you and keep doing it over and over.
  8. live for yourself – Build a life for yourself that meets all your dreams. Most people are afraid of change but when you embrace it and move forward in life you will be surprised at how quickly happiness can come into your life. Read this article if your not sure what to do with your life.
  9. Having fun – Have fun a daily basis and get out there and have some adventures. Life really isn’t that much fun if you are just sitting around watching the tv all day.
  10. It’s your choice – Only you can make the choices in your life to ultimately set yourself free. You are the one that has to believe you can do it, you are the one that has to motivate yourself to do it, you are the one that has to push yourself forwards.
  11. Do it now – Have a do it now attitude and list out what you want to do and just go for it. It doesn’t matter if you fail at first, everyone fails but how often you get up and try again will give you an accomplished feeling in order to strive further and do more.
  12. Giving up – Don’t ever give up. We are all meant to have and live a fulfilled and fantastic life. Take life by the balls and just get out there and do your best.
  13. Try things – Try anything and everything that people ask you to do. Be adventurous and just have fun. Smiling, laughter and fun are the greatest emotions and you should seek it everywhere you go. Find out what life has in store for you.
  14. Take responsibility – Everything in life is a choice and if you take responsibility for your own destiny, you have no one to hold accountable but yourself. Understanding this can just give you the nudge to get out there and do more in life.
  15. Don’t let others bring you down – Don’t listen to their negative comments or negative points of view. Elevate yourself above them and set yourself apart by being positive and having a great attitude towards life.
How to stay positive in life
How to stay positive in life – Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

How to stay positive in different scenario’s

  1. After a breakup – Breakups are hard and being on my 3rd marriage now, I know what it’s like to have to get over someone. The best thing you can do here is know that your life is better of without them. If you were not getting on then you were both missing out on the beauty and value that life has to offer. Sometimes these things happen and for now reason at all. Get out there love the world and find your next partner that will make you happy instead. There is no solution to this one apart from staying positive and moving on as quickly as you can.
  2. Around negativity – If you are surrounded by negative people then you need to change your circle, or at least some of it anyway. People should add value to your life and vice versa, that you should add value to theirs too. If someone does not help and support you and love you for you are then they you shouldn’t listen to them. We are all talented at something in life and we are all capable of moaning about all the bad things and complaining. Raise yourself above this and become the best version of you that you can be. Turn of the news, avoid slagging people off, avoid complaining and see life for what it is and that you make life what you want it to be.
  3. Before an exam – This is all about preparation and staying positive knowing you have put the work in. When you sit down, read the paper thoroughly before answering anything. Answer the easiest questions first and take your time. Reread everything through afterwards until you are comfortable with all your answers. If you know your stuff and put in the work you will have a positive outcome. There is no point being nervous because you either know the answers or you don’t. This is all about putting in the work to get the output you need.
  4. Chronic illness or cancer – This really is a horrible situation to be in and it is the doubt and the unanswered questions that will drive you crazy. You will cry, shout, get frustrated and god knows what else. My heart feels for you on this one and there is not much you can do to stay positive apart from do everything you can to show your loved one’s just how much they meant to you and fight this with every inch of your body. To not give up and just keep going. Maybe you guys can help me out with more emotions on this one in the comments below.
  5. Pandemics and difficult times – The one thing I know is that when you go down, you go down and it is a million times harder to pick yourself up again. So no matter what happens you have to stay focused, you have to stay on top of this, scream and shout, do whatever to get those emotions out but you have to stay in control. There is always an answer waiting around the corner when you keep a positive approach and think with clarity. If you let these things get to you however, you will go down with the ship. Always write down the issue, how to overcome it and then start on your path to battling and fighting the issues that you have and never give up. See clearly what you want in life and strive towards it and don’t let the negative emotions take over your thoughts.
  6. Redundancy – I have been made redundant a few times now and it is a horrible feeling. It is likely you will go through the 5 stages of grief along the way. The important thing is to not take this personally, in this day and age we are purely a cost to the company and that is it. So take the opportunity to get a better position, one that you love and will give it your all. One that makes you feel like you are making a positive contribution to it. Get used to rejections because you will have plenty, make sure your cv says what you do and what you are good at and then get to work. Just stay consistent in your approach and add some fitness into your regime to keep your mind of the negative thoughts. Some days will be challenging with this but just hold tight and keep going.
  7. Interviews – Yeah most people crap themselves in this situation and it is all down to preparation. You should know yourself and what you are capable of and how your cv represents you. The thing I do here is ask the interviewer to give me a breakdown of the role and examples of what they do and the challenges they have. I listen and then contribute with my expertise on where I can help them achieve their goals. This makes it a little more interactive and also helps them to see you are actively thinking about how you can help their organization. Take deep breaths and keep positive thoughts in mind and just envisage that your going to get this job. If you don’t do not be disappointed it wasn’t meant to be and a better one will be around the corner waiting for you.
  8. When life is falling apart – Do not let yourself feel like your life is falling apart. We can all pick up the parts and start again and sometimes we have to. Sometimes the things we think we need are not the one’s that are good for us. I have lost so much in life that I would have given up sometimes, but by learning that life is what I make it, I have the power to stay positive and bounce back every time. You know what? Every time I bounce back I learn more and my new version of life is always better. So if it is falling apart, just put a plan together on how you can make it even better and work towards it. Just don’t panic that will not help at all.

Frequently asked questions on how to stay positive

  1. How do I become a more positive person? By believing in yourself and building your confidence. By having a plan in life that you follow, getting rewarded, getting recognition, being kind to others, being the best you can be in life, to want things and actively go and get them, to feel good about yourself as a person, learn to be empathic to others and just live a fulfilled lifestyle and not waste it away.
  2. How do you stay positive during stressful times? Stop any overthinking as it doesn’t help. Take control of the situation as much as you can. Look for solutions to problems, talk to others and see how they would deal with it, take your time and learn to think before you speak, take deep breaths, always have a healthy lifestyle. People laugh at a healthy lifestyle but when your body is fit, so is your mind and that reduces stress more than anything else I can promise you.
  3. How do I stay positive everyday? Have a plan everyday for what you want to achieve that day. It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you want to sleep well at night then you need to feel like you have accomplished something. At the end of everyday you should be able to look back and go WOW I did this today, I did that today. It doesn’t have to be anything big either it could be, helping someone out, doing something kind, cleaning up, achieving one of your goals. Just put a smile on your face, have a conversation with other people, learn something new everyday and enjoy life. We can all sit there and think why is life so hard right? But it doesn’t have to be, but we have to put the effort in to get anything out of it. So the sooner we stop complaining and make life what we want it, the sooner we will get it. Patience is key here.
  4. How Can I Stop overthinking? When your mind is busy planning goals and achieving them, you will stop overthinking naturally. In the meantime however you need to learn to think before you speak, take responsibility for your actions, accept everything happens for different reasons, move on quickly, stay positive and distract your mind to constructive thoughts and stop doubting yourself. It all takes time but I can help if you join my transformation program on this one.
  5. How do you stay strong in tough times? I have a simple answer for myself for this one. After spending lots of time with my grandad and hearing his war stories. Nothing could be worse than what they went through and nothing more challenging. Never knowing whether they were going to live or die, friends being killed all over the shop, not being able to communicate with loved one’s, it was just horrific. So I always think that things do happen for a reason and I can make things better if I think positively and proactively do something to change the situation in the first place. Battle it, fight it until you get a positive result.

I know all the above sounds easy when you say it out loud, but life really is a journey that only you can control and if you are determined to control it and learn how to be happier in life. Then great things will come to you and you will no longer need to ask the question how to stay in positive in life because you will be living it.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought darn it they are just too happy. Do you think it is a gift they were just born with? That they have some sort of immunity to unhappiness? Nope is the answer, my wife is an amazingly happy person and it isn’t because she hasn’t had a hard life she most certainly has. It isn’t because she comes from a happy gene pool or has been bestowed a gift in life.

It is because she knows that as soon as she doesn’t wake up smiling and be happy, all those bad feelings, all those bad experiences come and raise their ugly head. So she has learnt to put a smile on her face all the time because it works. When we put effort into ourselves and just force a smile out, then things around you tend to go better and you will have a better day.

When you wake up going, I am knackered, I don’t want to go to work, damn the kids are annoying me, I hate this life then it is no wonder that you don’t feel great. But if you say, it is going to be great day, I am not going to let anyone get me down, i am going to smile, I am going to stay positive. Then your life will change and unravel around you.

So I hope this article on how to stay positive has helped you and do join my transformation program, it is free and you get to see me rebuild my life along side you so that we all come out smiling.

All the best wishes for your journey in life Scott

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