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My Happy Thoughts About Life

I was sitting in my conservatory today thinking about my happy thoughts about life and how they might also be able to help you find happiness in your life. 

You see one day I came home from work stressed as a donkey at a beach party and my wife explained she didn’t want me anymore. Later on moving out with my 5 year old daughter I felt like my life had come to a dramatic end suddenly. 

No discussions, no talks, just a decision that would not only impact her but my daughter and I for the rest of our lives. Now there was only one of two things I could do – go down into a furnace of hell and depression or raise from the ashes and blow the World away with my happiness. 

I chose the latter and also put together a 60 day transformation program that will also help you gain the ultimate happiness by following my tips. You can find out more about it by clicking here 

If you want to have happy thoughts throughout your day then you need to get rid of all the crappy thoughts that are taking over your lifestyle. After my wife left me I was determined to be the best I could be. I got rid of all the blame and I stopped asking myself questions about what went wrong and could I do anything to fix it.

I realized that everything in life happens for a reason and although I didn’t know what that reason was at the time, overtime my new life started to unravel before my eyes. By staying positive in everything I did and consistent in my approach I started to achieve my real goals in life. All of a sudden I had no one to hold me back apart from myself and that is where my journey started.

But rising from the Ashes takes some work I can tell you but below are my top tips on living a happy lifestyle that will never change.

Happy thoughts about life

My top tips on having happy thoughts about life

  • Surround yourself with positive things – The first thing I did when my wife moved out was buy enormous canvasses of everything I wanted to remind myself of being happy. They consisted off
    • My kids so I could smile at them all the time and say goodnight and good morning to them even if I couldn’t be there with them
    • A graffiti canvas of “All you need is Love”
    • A graffiti canvas of “Keep Smiling”
    • A graffiti canvas of “Stay Happy”
    • A graffiti canvas of “Music is Life”
  • Now the above may not seem much – but when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night it is really important that you surround yourself with happy thoughts and feelings
  • We have choices in life – Happiness really is a choice. Even though I lost everything I found that just putting a smile on my face in the morning did me the world of good. Force yourself to jump out of bed in the morning and make yourself feel and look good no matter the weather. You can find some good morning and daily rituals in my video here
  • Start smiling – Walk out your door with a smile on your face – say Hi to people you don’t know, be kind to people and help others along your way. Every spread of kindness you give aids your own happiness. There is an article here you can read
  • Set yourself some goals – Have a plan in life. When you are always moving forward trying to achieve your goals in life, then you don’t have time for all the other crap that brings you down. Fill your head with dreams of happiness and what will bring you the ultimate lifestyle 
  • Your children – Spend time with your kids if you have them. Sit with them share time with them and let them know they are the most important thing in your life. The jobs can all wait. You can watch this video here about getting your kids to respect you 
  • Time for yourself – Spend time on your own thinking about your life and see what happy thoughts pop into your mind. Sometimes in life we spend more time thinking about the bad things instead of laughing at all the good times. We take millions of pictures but never look back at them, always record and remember good times for the future
  • Look after your partner – Share great times with your partner, reignite the love that you have all the time by sending lovely little messages, love letters off your dates. Being in love with someone who adores you brings the most happiness in life it is unbelieveable and true love is just amazing
  • Explore the great outdoors – Get out in the outdoors and enjoy yourself, do fun things, organize events with your friends. Sometimes we get lost in life with our daily routines and forget that happiness and enjoyment is just around the corner but it doesn’t come unless we do something about it. it is also well known that getting closer to nature and appreciating the beauty that is around you helps with clearing anxiety and depression.
  • Opportunities are everywhere – Look at life as being an opportunity, when we embrace our pasts as being lessons and opportunities for growth. It allows you to look back on any past situation and be happy for the results you have now and not what you didn’t have then
  • Laughter – Whack some comedies on or go out to some shows and have a blast. Laughter brings happiness and you should surround yourself with it at every opportunity. Have you noticed with certain people in your life, you just cannot stop laughing. You have banter with them that brings untold happiness and happy thoughts every time you meet. Well spend more time with those people.
  • Getting old – When you get older there is a true saying that life goes to quickly and until you get old you really don’t realize how true that is. So don’t let life pass you by, get out there be you, do amazing things and above all else keep smiling.

As part of my new lifestyle I lost 5 stone and feel great. I haven’t let my past dictate my future but have just learned to love unconditionally without expectations. We all get hurt in life by others, but we cannot blame them for making their own choices and if that is not being with us then so be it. 

All of that does not make us bad people it just means we are giving our gifts of happiness and love to the wrong people and in order to create happy thoughts we have to find the right people to share our love with instead. 

When suffering from anxiety and depression, I realized that it was my own intrusive thoughts that were destroying me. It was my own mind that was creating an environment of fear inside of me that I just could not push past. The only thing that worked for me was fitness and although it was hard to lose the initial weight, if you take it slowly it will eventually come off.

I start everyday with a fitness routine that clears my mind and gives me inspiration for the day. When the body is tired the mind relaxes and those intrusive thoughts you have start to roll away into happy thoughts instead. The other big thing I did was to plan my life and what I wanted to achieve and set out on a pathway to get it all.

Now I am married again to the most amazing person and have a new step daughter that I adore too. By staying positive and turning those happy thoughts into actions really have brought my life back together again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Having Happy Thoughts

  1. What are happy thoughts? – The way I think of this is that when you open your eyes in the morning you are looking forward to your day. You know what you are setting out to do and you set yourself achievements for the day. Once you start knocking things off your list the sense of achievement gives you a sense of pride which then makes you happy too. It is thinking of the World as being your oyster and taking advantage of everything it has to offer. Seeing what your life looks like through rose tinted glasses and then going out there and making your dreams come true. It is easy for us to get wrapped up in problems, to curl up in bed and not want to face the World. This cannot happen though as you will just get sucked into a void of negative habits that will eat you away. Force yourself to get out there and see the World for what it is, you deserve to have happy thoughts and you deserve a great life too.
  2. How do I keep my mind happy? By challenging yourself with everything you can. Be a better person, be a better friend, be a better colleague, be a better worker. Learn to love yourself and your worth in life. Manifest what your life should look like, then fill your time and thoughts with ideas on how to get there and achieve them. Happiness comes from self worth and achievements, if you have nothing to achieve then you will become unhappy. Life is for the taking, all you have to do is work out what it is that you want in life and go out there and get it. This will keep your mind happy and filled along the way and your self confidence will rise once you start to receive the gifts in life you so deserve.
  3. How can I train my mind to think positive? This sounds easy but on the face of it, it can be quite tricky too. The art to this is by keeping your mind occupied. When you look at life and accept that the difficulties that come are just challenges and you actively set your mind to fixing them. Then your mindset changes, when you see rejection, knockbacks as something that help you grow and don’t take things personally, then you reach a level of self growth. When you are kind, unselfish, empathic and supportive of others. You can rest your mind in peace that you generally always do the right things. Then you concentrate on yourself and what you want in life. Once you know what you want, you start on a path to trying to achieve it. When you start on the path your mind is occupied on your journey and you stay focused. You start changing thoughts of I can’t do this, to reassuring yourself through achievements that you can do this. You turn every thoughts around that you can from one that stops you getting to where you want to be, to one that encourages you and supports your thought process to succeed instead. This is about building your confidence in who you are and what you do and increasing your self worth along the way.
  4. How can I divert my mind from negative thoughts? By replacing them with positive activities. We all listen to what others say about us and take it to heart sometimes. Sometimes it is our interpretation of it that makes matters worse. Learning to communicate with others is a great help here because you can confirm situations and conversations and get the proper outcome, without making your own mind up on your own with negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are just our minds way of questioning us in order to protect ourselves. If we tell ourselves something enough times then we will believe it, negative or positive. So think when something negative comes in, write it down and then see how you can turn it into a positive. Once you realize the negative thoughts can’t hurt you and they are just thoughts, it actually becomes quite a good game turning them into positives. Keep your mind occupied at all times on your goals and your life plans and when you start to achieve your dreams, you will believe in yourself and your abilities too.
  5. How can I rewire my brain to be happy? In order to rewire your brain you have to form new habits in life. These take roughly 2mths in order to get it into your daily routine. Here are my tips below
    1. Challenge yourself – Set yourself goals and challenges in life. When you challenge and push yourself you become happier in your performance in life. When we were kid we would get trophies and badges in life when we won things, or came 2nd or third too. As we get older you still need that recognition and rewards in life. So if you are overweight, set yourself a challenge to overcome it, if you hate your job, then set yourself a challenge to get a new one.
    2. Don’t listen to others – Talking to the wrong people can be a turning point when you are trying be successful in life. They have a tendency to put you down and frown upon what you are trying to achieve. So don’t listen to them, you are amazing and capable of great things, just surround yourself with people that add value to your life and support you through thick and thin.
    3. They are your thoughts control them – Sometimes you have to force yourself to smile, you have to force yourself to see the good things everyday. Knowing that things will and do get better in life. Don’t let those negative thoughts of unhappiness spiral out of control as they will just destroy you.
    4. Socialize – We are social creatures and we aren’t meant to be on our own. We can learn so much from other people and find others that we get on really well with. Don’t be shy enjoy other people’s company, learn to ask them questions, learn to help them and they will help you too. Everyone wants to be happy and the way we can achieve that is by sharing fun and laughter with others.
    5. Have funLife is what you make it, it really is. So get out there and be yourself, look at the beauty around you, find things to challenge yourself, do what makes you happy and do more of it. Go on adventures, say yes more and don’t sit on the couch and let life pass you by. Find your purpose and meaning in life and get out there and make life happen for you.

So there you have it, they are my ideas on having happy thoughts and if you like what I have written here you will like the transformation program. So if you haven’t signed up give it a whirl and we can have a laugh along the way to making your life also full of happy thoughts in the future too. 

Be good, best wishes for the future Scott

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