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Making Changes In Your Life Leads To Happiness ?

Making changes in your life is sometimes needed and necessary in order to find happiness.

I found my happiness will you find yours with my tips below on how to be happier in life?

If you look at your life and say “Am I truly Happy” this might reveal whether or not you do need a change. It is easy to get stuck in the whirlwinds of life and say you do but to actually make the change is the hard part.

So I will give you some examples below on why making changes in your life can lead to happiness. 

My life changed dramatically a few times when it fell apart after my first marriage and then my second too. Losing everything along the way makes you take a deep breath and reassess your situation, especially when none of it was your own true fault.

I videod my progress and put a 60 day transformation program together also so that it may help you. You can find it here 

Once you do decide however that you need to change your life the World opens up to new opportunities you never thought were possible and you will learn how to be happier. So let’s dive into some tips below. 

My tips on changing your life for the better and finding happiness

  • Don’t wait to become so unhappy in your life that change is forced upon you. There is nothing worse than losing everything and trying to pull yourself back up from the gutter
  • Address the problems in your life quickly and make sure that the solution brings you the happiness you are looking for
  • Don’t put things off. Life gets so much more exciting when you make quick decisions. Even if they never come of or you make a mistake, everything can be rectified for the better later on if you want to change your life
  • Be open and honest in all your communications. We are all guilty of holding our true feelings back and then sitting back and making ourselves unhappy as a result of what is going on
  • If stress and anxiety are a problem then you need to address this and it might just be that you do need a change in lifestyle in order to push through it
  • Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are meant to be happy. I did a video on this you can find here Living a mediocre lifestyle will just lead you to think you are worth more but never finding it
  • Think happy thoughts as much as you can as it is important to look at times when you were happy and bring those memories activities back into your life 
  • Embrace life in everything you do – you may not be happy today but your past does not determine your future and if you want to make changes and implement them as planned. You will find that your life can take a dramatic swing in the right direction and quickly
  • Work out was is making you feel unhappy and set out to change it as quickly as you can. Sometimes we just need to believe in ourselves and push on through and it can be real fun having a plan as it takes your mind of all the other stresses and strains we deal with in life
  • Reignite your relationships – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people only turn ugly when their personality traits change. Look at your partner and remember the times when you were truly happy in life and bring those activities back again
  • If you are single then don’t despair there is someone out there waiting for you. I spent time in two bad marriages only to find the lady I had been looking for all my life and I couldn’t be happier now. The Universe has a way of giving you what you want when you ask for it in the right way and with vigor in your thoughts
  • Do fun things – remember when you were a child and finding and looking at things for the first time? The World is only boring when you don’t look at the beauty around you and don’t get excited about the small things in life anymore
  • It is easy to forget how great life can be when we are trapped in a worm hole and it never seems to end. Unfortunately there are no magic pills for this you just need to make it happen
  • Change can be painful but it doesn’t need to be when you look at the changes as being positive and adding value to your life once they become realized
  • What would you really like to do in life? Who would you really like to be? There is no point pretending in life that you are someone else. True happiness will only come when you are surrounded by people who love and support you for who you truly are
  • Reassess your values in life. Things change overtime and some of the things you may have wanted in your life previously may not be relevant. So get rid of them and replace them with things that will ultimately make you happy again

So I know the above sounds easy and it isn’t, I have been there and it is hard. But if you follow my transformation program I am with you all the way on learning how to be happier. All you have to do is follow the videos daily and I will add some inspiration and support in helping you to make changes in your life. 

So if you haven’t already signed up give it a whirl you have nothing to lose. 

Wishing you all the best in your journey in life Scott

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