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Be Kind – Give Love Always

To be kind is the greatest gift that you can have in life and Karma will make sure that you are rewarded for your efforts. What makes me laugh sometimes is unkind people still expect others to be kind to them. How does that work?

I am not just saying be kind to others, I am saying be kind to everything, your life, your friends, your family, animals, the earth and everything else around you and below I am going to give you my top tips on how to be kind to others too.

My Top Tips On How To Be Kind

  1. Put yourself in their shoes – One of the easiest ways to be kind in your life is by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you were that person that was being bullied, picked on in life, would you like it? How would you cope? How would you feel? What would you do about it?
  2. The law of attraction and Karma – Understand the basic concept of the law of attraction you can find here The basic principles of the law of attraction are that you attract what you give out. So if you are giving out bad things then expect to receive them back. If you are giving out positive things then expect them to come back too. A bit like Karma really but a great concept on how life works.
  3. Other people’s opinions – Don’t join in with others just because you think you should. Other people’s opinions do not matter. It does not matter if you are not popular for your choices and going against unkind people stops them from growing their reach on others. So stop unkindness in its tracks. These people will not make you happy and will only bring you down to their level. You are better than this rise above it.
  4. Everyone has feelings – Realize that everyone has feelings and those feelings can be hurt. It is only when you have total control over your own thoughts that you can push other people’s hurtful things aside. This however takes time and the old saying sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us, rings true for every occasion.
  5. Do not judge – Don’t be too quick to judge. Sometimes in a situation, you only see a very small part of what actually happens at that time. So you might not have the whole and true story of the situation. Therefore do not judge anything unless you have the complete and accurate story.
  6. Making mistakes – People do and will make mistakes. Give forgiveness where necessary and don’t hold grudges against people. We are all human and we can all do things we go – unk I shouldn’t have done this.
  7. Be kind to yourself – In life, you have to learn to love yourself because if you really on others to show this you are asking for others to make you happy and happiness comes from within.
  8. Knowing what to do in life – If you don’t know what to do with your life then read this. Because sometimes you need direction in life, once you have direction and a path to follow, happiness will come and then love followed by kindness to others. The way it seems to work is when you are in a group that is unhappy and going nowhere, you think along the same lines. When you are doing great and everyone around you is doing great, you then feel the need to help others and be kind and do more to get them to your level. Strange thing but it is true, raise yourself to a level where you are with people who have a positive influence on your life.
  9. Unkind gestures – Remember for every unkind gesture that you give, you will get one in return. Either be ready for this or stop doing it. When you are kind yourself there is a comfort inside that when things go wrong you generally know it was nothing to do with you and that it is must be someone else that has rocked the boat. This makes it easier as you only have to make sure you control your own kindness.
  10. Reacting to unkindness – If people are mean to you, rise above it. Their words mean nothing, they are just words, they aren’t real and it is just their perspective. Do not listen to them. Everyone is special in this world and given the right education and background most people would fly.
  11. Negativity – Avoid negative people like the plague, eliminate negativity from your life completely. When you have a positive outlook and you look forward to things, then the rest of life becomes good. When you feel great inside you can brush off those unkind comments that people say.
  12. Dealing with group mentality – People can just be silly, in offices, groups they can slag someone else off for something and laugh. Do not get involved in this behavior yourself as it means at some point they will do it to you too. Hang around with other people that praise you and see you for what you are worth and love you for your contribution to life.
  13. Stand up for yourself – Stand up for your rights and feelings. Do not put up with being pushed around and if you need to seek help from others to help you get through this time.
  14. Every day – is a new day and although today might seem a bit troubled, it doesn’t mean that the rest of your life will follow suit.
  15. Smile – smiling is great for raising your emotions and others. In your own mind believe that you have a great life, believe you are worth something, believe you will be great. Create some goals and go out there and achieve them. When you achieve things in life it gives you pride in yourself and you should look after number 1 which is you. When you look after yourself then the rest of your life will fall into place.
Be kind
Be kind – Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels
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How To Be Kind Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to be kind to your brother? – Brother and sisters you’ve got to love them right. There is a massive love, hate relationship half the time with jealousy, hormones and just well getting on each other’s nerves right. But at the end of the day, they are your kin and you should look after each other through thick and thin. Life is about managing our emotions and expectations, being patient, and being kind to others. Your brother and sister should fall into this too as you should be treating everyone in the same way. Just be patient with each other and support each other, big each other up, give hugs, and look out for each other. It takes about 2mths to force a habit so get into being nice to each other and things will just fall into place.
  2. How to be kind always? This is a very simple and logical approach for me and it goes back to the saying “treat people like you would like to be treated”. So if you want people to help you, support you, big you up, and be kind then you have to recognize that you also have to give to receive. So recognize when you are not being kind and adapt your behavior appropriately to fit.
  3. How you can be kind in a rude world? Do not get sucked in by other people’s behaviors. You will always be judged on your own behavior and therefore have the right to act appropriately. Just because everyone else is doing it does not mean that you should join in. You are and should be your authentic self with your own values, so the easiest thing to do is separate yourself from others that you do not believe have the same values. Sometimes people do make mistakes and can be often taken as being rude but we also have to be empathic to their behaviors too. They might just be like that because they have been educated that way, or they might not want to stand out from the crowd. So stand up for yourself and your beliefs and hang around with people that make you feel great.
  4. How to be kind without being weak? Kindness is not a weakness but being taken for granted is. So although you are giving kindness unconditionally, give it to those who need it and will appreciate it too. Giving your kindness to people who do not recognize its value will just make you wonder what is the point of being kind in the first place.
  5. How to be kind in the workplace? No one is in competition with you. We all should work as hard as we can and have empathy for the rest of the people that we work with. If you were a professional athlete by trade then you will have to learn this as you are part of a team. At work, however, we are rewarded by individual performance rather than as a team, which makes people competitive towards each other. The best thing you can do at work is to understand other’s capabilities and help them to get what they need too. Work together collaboratively to achieve a common goal by being kind.
  6. How to be kind to a narcissist? This is a hard one right because when someone is putting you down all the time, it is hard to be kind. I always say unless someone can see something for themselves, you will never change them. So you have to believe in your own kindness here and not drop to their level, because dropping to their level will form a bad habit for you and then it will affect all areas of your life. You can try pointing out to them that they are being unkind and if they do not get it, then if you can remove them from your life as it could become a completely toxic relationship, which will damage you both.
  7. How can I be kind to my mum? Awh mum’s they brought us into this World and nurtured us and we probably don’t give them a lot back either. Unfortunately like most things in life, we don’t realize what we put them through until we have children ourselves. I am a strong believer in being kind to everyone so that when we are in that position we know how bad it felt for them in the first place. This is part of empathy and understanding other’s thoughts and feelings and being kind because you should be.

I know the above sounds easy and sometimes you just want to bury your head in the sand and hope life passes you by. If you need help on the way then join my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk and let me teach how to be kind, how to give love and enjoy the rest of your life without worrying about what others think of you.

Hopefully you should have some fun along the way too. Life really is to be enjoyed and the longer we dwell on the past, feel sorry for ourselves and do nothing the worse it gets. When happiness is just around the corner you need to start finding your purpose in life and get started.

So I wish you all the very best of luck in your travels in life. Best wishes Scott

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