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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind

Todays post is all about “In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind”. There is never a truer word said. In fact my 7 year old daughter said to me the other day “Will you always be kind to me daddy”.

Right at this moment in time we are facing a global crisis with the Coronavirus and there is no time more relevant than to be kind to others.

I spent years of my life looking for happiness working hard and thinking that materialistic things would create that happiness for me. New cars, big houses but you know what they give you a buzz when you get them but ultimately they do not provide happiness.

So I started out on a journey to understand the law of attraction and what it means. You can find out more about that here. The basic principles in life for this are that what you give out to the universe is what you get back in return. A little bit like Karma really but in a different sense that you can attract whatever you want in life.

One day I came home from work after working in the most stressful environment and doing 70 hours per week to keep the bosses happy. On my return home out of the blue my wife said she didn’t want me anymore. All of a sudden everything I had worked so hard far disappeared down the drown and in a world where you can be anything be kind, was not how I was feeling at this stage. Especially when she left with my 7 year old daughter who I absolutely adored and she adored me too.

I knew she meant what she said so I had to set out on my own path to make a life of happiness because I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore. So I set out on a path off self improvement and created a video series to help others do the same. You can find out more about that at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk.

But to move on let me discuss the things I did to be a kind person and how that ultimately changed my life too.

In a world where you can be anything be kind
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind – Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind Tips

  1. Realize that kindness is the greatest gift that you can bestow on anybody. In the laws of reciprocation what you give in life is what you receive. So if you are kind then expect others to be kind back to you. We live in a World where people keep their heads down because of social media, don’t be one of those people, look at others and smile at them.
  2. Do not take your moods out on other people. I am an extremely understanding person and I have the patience of a saint but this has been something I have learnt over years. Because I know that if you take your moods out on others it is not their fault. If you choose to be in a bad mood go off on your own and get some clarity in your thoughts and calm your mind over any issues you have.
  3. I wrote another post on to be kind you can also find here for some additional tips. Don’t get brought into situations when other people are in a bad mood either. We all retaliate when someone raises their voice, or says something nasty to you. Just bite your lip and think boy they must be having a bad day. Then move on and calm your mind realizing that those words said do not mean anything. Be kind to angry people, hateful people because it really is difficult to be nasty to someone when all you are doing is trying to be kind.
  4. Help other people. Nowadays you see people walk through doors without holding them open, old people standing up on the bus, people struggling everyday. If you see someone that needs help, then go and help them and offer your kindness in anyway you can.
  5. Treat others like you want to be treated is an old saying but still rings true. Would you want someone to be unkind to you? The answer is no unless you are brought up in an environment where everyone is unkind and it is an expected thing. That doesn’t mean however you have to join them, stand up for yourself and be kind to others.
  6. When you say something to someone, always think about what you have said and the impact it could have on them. Silly things like telling someone they look knackered can have the opposite effect on how they are feeling. They could be in any emotional state so always think before saying things.
  7. Do not shout at your children. You see this happen all the time and to be honest having 4 kids myself it is hard to keep your cool sometimes. But if you shout at them, expected behavior is that they will shout back at you. They will also think that this is normal and you will educate to do this themselves. Sit them down and in a calm and relaxed manner ask the what’s up – are they frustrated, why are you acting this way, did you know what you said was hurtful? By talking to our children we find out more about why they are acting in a certain way rather than shouting at them.
  8. If someone upsets you, tell them. Let them know that what they said was unkind and that it hurt you. Most people do not mean to be nasty just sometimes they could be having the worse day ever and just take it out on you. If they don’t apologize for their actions at least you have had an opportunity to explain to them that you are upset by their comments.
  9. Give hugs to people. When you travel across Europe it is such a lovely thing to see that everyone gives you two kisses, one on each cheek. Even if they don’t know you this is a common greeting. It really does make you feel better and emotionally it will make you feel great by spreading kindness through giving hugs.
  10. Always bite your lip and think about things before you retaliate in a conversation. We can all get lead down a garden path when someone pushes us into an argument. In order to be kind, not only to yourself but to the other person, it really is sensible to sleep on things before you make important decisions and bite back.
  11. Stand up for yourself also. Being kind does not mean you should let people take advantage of your loving nature. Sometimes people will just take and take from you like a leech. If this is happening then stop doing these things for people that do not appreciate it. People will never change unless they can see their shortfalls themselves, so you are wasting your time trying to convince them of anything.
  12. Be polite always. My mum brought me up with impeccable manners and I am so grateful for this. Life is all about rewards and recognition and I guarantee you in life that if you are kind you will go a lot further than most people. When you are kind people will jump through hoops to help you too.
  13. We are a social society but seem to be withdrawing with the advent of social media which is why in a world where you can be anything be kind is paramount in your daily activities.
  14. If you are just not in the mood to be kind. Realize that by being kind this will uplift you and the other person.

Giving love and kindness will pay off in your life I promise you. As we are facing coronavirus my two boys who are 17 and 15 jumped on a train yesterday to come and stay with me. The reason being is that their mum has been an alcoholic for years and they didn’t want to be stuck in the house with her for the next 3mths while this pandemic subsides.

Why did they come to me. Because they knew that they would be given kindness and love and not only by me but also from my amazing beautiful wife who practices exactly the same principles as me.

It is easy sometimes to feel sorry for ourselves and I can tell you I have been through so much in my life that at times I really was ready to throw in the towel. When you lose everything however you also realize the importance of things in life. The most important thing you can ever have in life is unconditional love. We are nurtured as babies and then thrown into a big World to cope and survive. Suffering from depression and anxiety as responsibilities pile up around us and for what?

When you realize these very basic principles of being kind and giving love then life will open up so many doors for you and happiness will unfold before your eyes. I know it is not easy to walk through life with a positive outlook which is why my transformation program walks with you and you can see how I rebuilt my life and how you can rebuild yours too.

If you are anxious or depressed there are reasons for this but life has lots of important aspects that you need to grasp in order to live a fulfilled and happy life. That is why there is no magiv pill for happiness because it really does come from within.

So check out my program it is free and hopefully it will help you create kindness in yourself and to others. Wishing you all the best in life’s journey Scott

Some good quotes:

  1. “In a world where you can be anything, be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.” – Karen Salmansohn
  2. “In a world where you can be anything, be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou
  3. In a world where you can be anything, be kind to yourself first.” – Unknown
  4. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind to animals and nature.” – Unknown
  5. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind to those who are different from you.” – Unknown
  6. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind to those who are struggling.” – Unknown
  7. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind to those who are unkind.” – Unknown
  8. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind to those who need it most.” – Unknown
  9. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind to those who have hurt you.” – Unknown
  10. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind to everyone, not just those who can do something for you.” – Unknown

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