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How Can I Be Happy Again


Darn it how can I be happy again is the question I asked myself over and over again throughout the time in my life but I am happy today that this question no longer comes into my daily thoughts. 

There are lots of reasons that we can become unhappy in life – in mine it was by dedicating my life to two ex wives that didn’t really appreciate everything you did for them and decided to end the relationship and move out with my children who I adored that had the biggest impact on my life. 

Now at times when you look back on life everything does happen for a reason and even though bitterness and unhappiness does surround you from time to time it is often better to push those feelings back to where they belong. 

How Can I be Happy Again
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Being unhappy is sometimes a state of mind that we can convince ourselves is the position that we are in and we cannot do anything about it. When you look at your life in a pragmatic sort of way however and believe that you deserve more. 

That you really feel that everything you have been delivered in life so far is just a stepping stone to finding happiness then your viewpoints change dramatically. For me it was making sure that when my second wife left that I didn’t make any of the same mistakes again and that this time in life I would make sure that I became happy. 

So here are my top tips on how you can make yourself happy again if you are in a place you don’t want to be in 

  • Don’t let the past dictate your future. Just because bad things have happened, people have rejected you, you have failed at something or just everything hasn’t worked out for you yet. This does not mean that things are not going to change for the future. 
  • If you adopt a positive approach to your life then it can change dramatically. For me I went from being on my own and taking care of myself to meeting the women of dreams and being eternally grateful for life in just a short 3 mth period. Now 3 mths is not long to go from having nothing having everything. You can find out more about this in the transformation program on changing your life forever you can find here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk
  • Believe that you can be happy and you will. My second wife and I just made each other unhappy and for now other reason that just normal every day stresses. But my new partner and I have learnt these lessons and support each other and communicate through thick and thin and the changes in life that this has brought on have been nothing short of amazing
  • If you don’t try to seek happiness you will never find it. I wrote an article on finding happiness that you can find here for more information 
  • I also did a video on why finding happiness needs to come from inside of you that you can check out here However if your unhappiness is leading to mental health issues then you should really get yourself checked out first and foremost
  • Happiness is found through sharing love, laughter and kindness and once we surround ourselves with people, jobs, atmosphere etc then our lives become more fulfilled. I have taught myself in life now that I don’t do anything for anyone unless they are at least trying to help themselves first and foremost
  • Change things in your life that you are not happy with. The longer you leave your unhappiness the harder it is to get rid of. We all have a tendency to put up with things that we shouldn’t but your everyday well being is extremely important and you need to have fun and things to look forward to in life
  • I wish there was a magic pill like you to create happiness but unfortunately there isn’t. All we can do is fill most of what we do with things that cause us to become happy, like lots of hugs from our loved one’s, laughing and generally seeing the fun things and not concentrating on the bad things in life
  • Dealing with our thoughts is probably one of the hardest things to do. Especially when we tell ourselves consistently that we are not happy. Our brains have a way of holding onto negative emotions and you can convince yourself of anything if you are not careful. Saying things like yes I maybe unhappy but if I do X to change it that feeling will go away is better than just saying I am unhappy and not doing anything about it
  • Change is really difficult in our lives but also a very difficult thing to implement when you are happy and stuck in your current routine. Sometimes however when you make changes because you are unhappy those small changes can lead to great things if only you can initiate the change in the first place

Everything above sounds easy doesn’t it and I know it isn’t because recognizing why you are unhappy and turning your life around is something that is not easy to implement otherwise we would all be running around with a smile on our faces. 

There are only a few things that you can do in life – choose to stay unhappy or do something about it. There is no easy way to say this but it is true. My life has only ever changed when I have actively looked to change it for the better. 

When you choose to have a plan in life and take all the knocks as a learning curve on the way to reaching your destination. Life does become easier because you look at it in a different way. You are not so critical of yourself and the surroundings but just do consciously believe that life does have its ups and downs and you have to ride the waves sometimes to get back to the beach.

If you need help in order to find happiness then do check out my transformation program as I am with you everyday to help you make changes in your life. Sometimes we just need a little hand to get us to where we need to be but if you are unhappy you do need to change something so go and check it out today. 

Wishing you all the very best in the future Scott



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