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How To Let Go Of The Past And Embrace Your New Future

Today we are going to talk about “How to let go of the past” so that you can embrace the future. Letting go of the past isn’t an easy thing to do and if it was we would probably all be walking around with a smile on our face and not giving a care in the World. So in this article I am going to look at some of my top tips on how to let go of the past by keeping calm, cheering ourselves up, being confident in our decisions, staying motivated and thinking before we speak.

Then we are going to look at some scenario’s of why letting go and moving on is the best thing you can do if you want to live a fulfilled and happy lifestyle. Life can be crappy sometimes and people can the people in our lives can sometimes cause more grief than they are worth. Situations can arise that you just wish never happened in the first place and if you are really unlucky then you can hate your life as a result of these events.

Some of the things people may say to you, are just move on and everything really does happen for a reason but quite often or not that won’t make you feel better because your mind will still be stuck firmly in the past. When you can find your meaning of life and your purpose however, then things change on the way you see the World.

You aren’t as affected by the issues and problems that arrive, because your mind is occupied on moving forward instead of being stuck in the past and that is what we will try and help with below. Changing your thoughts and finding that meaning so that you don’t dwell on past events.

How to let go of the past – Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

My step daughter is great at letting go of the past. She was born with a large birth mark on her face that had to be removed and left her with a large scar on her face. People can be cruel sometimes and she just blocks people that are cruel or unkind. I really do respect her for just letting go of people like this but it works and she is a happy, loving teenager who has learnt lots of lessons in life already.

Life really can be a challenge at times and learning how to let go of the past is paramount in moving forward because those thoughts and feelings will just stop you finding the happiness you deserve in life. So check out the tips below first and then the scenario’s further on.

My Top Tips On Letting Go Off The Past And Dreaming About Your Future Instead

  1. Your thoughts and feelings – These are your thoughts and you control them, it is your mind and you control it. So when those strange thoughts come in and try and take you back to the past. You have the power to stop them and convert the past thoughts into something positive instead. If you learn how to be positive about situations, you will see the good parts of the situation and not the bad. For example, my second wife left me out of the blue, no arguments, no talking, no nothing. Now I have met the women of my dreams and am happily married again for the 3rd time and this time I have learnt all the lessons I needed to in order to make this one work.
  2. Concentrate on yourself – When you look at living for yourself in life then you look after yourself first and foremost. Now this is not being selfish but you learn to take of yourself so that you can handle the daily crap that life throws at us, you have self worth and self love that makes who you are more valuable. When you see yourself as being valuable in life and being kind and giving love freely, people can move freely into and out of your life, situations can change but you will be much more capable and strong at dealing with them. So practice some self love along your journey to help you out.
  3. Occupy your mind – When our minds are quiet they can cause lots of damage to our thought processes if we are not careful. This will mean some of those events in the past will keep coming back into your thoughts. When you have a plan and a meaning in life however and you are working towards daily goals, your mind is active and has things to replace those thoughts with. Unfortunately sometimes leaving things in the past means occupying yourself with the future instead.
  4. Think logically – Sometimes we interpret things differently than the actual even itself and it is generally cause by overthinking the situation. Overthinking can cause to to feel like we have to correct the past but quite often we cannot do anything about it. If you can do something about then revisit the situation and events and talk about it with the people involved and give yourself some clarity in thought and look at logically. If you did something wrong then apologize and correct it if you can.
  5. Be kind to yourself – You have to be kind to yourself moving forward. Dwelling on past events that feel like it was your fault or someone else’s will cause you to feel bad about the situation. The truth is we all make mistakes, we all do stupid things, we all do things we regret sometimes. But taking responsibility for this and admitting your mistakes will allow you to take control of the situation. Most people always look for someone else to blame but usually we are all party to these things and if you take it as a learning curve and never make the same mistake. You will feel much better because the one thing you can change in life is yourself.
  6. Don’t listen to others – Some people will just not let go of the past and will keep bringing situations up all the time. This will bring you down and will stop you moving forward and letting go and moving on will be so much harder. So either have an honest conversation with the person and come to an agreement not to mention it again or resolve the situation so it doesn’t raise its ugly head again.
  7. Believe – Sometimes events come that leave us absolutely heart broken and we never think we will recover. Please always know that these feelings are only temporary and if you follow something like the laws of the universe you will know that like attracts like and therefore if you are negative all the time about the situation then it will stay as a negative in your life. It will also allow you to look at manifesting your future and not concentrating on the past, believing in yourself that life will get better and it will.
  8. Destroy material things – If the past is haunting you because of someone or an event that brings you pain. Then destroy all memories, photies of that event and let them go at this point. If it is a person then block them from your life or write them a letter saying how you feel and then make a stand that you are going to move on from that point forward.

Common Scenarios On Leaving Your Past Being You

  • From someone you love – This is really hard to be honest and being through 2 failed marriages it is hard when the other person does not want you anymore. The quickest, best and easiest thing to do with this is move on as quickly as possible. If someone doesn’t want you in their life, it is not a sign that you are not good enough, it is just one persons opinion of you over the billion of others that walk this planet. Think about the bad things in the relationship and how you can make sure that you improve on those in the future. But let those feelings go and find someone that really appreciates you and wants to love you for who you truly are. You can never make someone love you unfortunately no matter what you do.
  • From a child who hates you – Children go through lots of stages in life and this could just be temporary. Most of us never realize what we put our parents through until we actually become parents ourselves. All you can do is learn to communicate properly with them, help them, listen to them and support them, offer them kindness, love and understanding and if you do this they will come back to you. Tell them you are grateful and thankful to have them in your life.
  • Letting go of an ex – This is pretty much the same as someone you love. You have to clearly think about all the bad things in the relationship here. Everyone deserves to have true love in life and that means being able to communicate, support each other, agree to disagree but have each others back always. To not pick up on menial annoying things but to embrace your lives together. If that person does not do all of those things for you then it is time to move on. You really want to be with someone who makes you happy and not sad.
  • Drug addict son – My step mum has been through the pain of this numerous times and there is absolutely nothing that you can seem to do to help. You cannot ultimately let go of the past with this because they are your son and you will always love them. So you need to accept the situation as sad as it is and help support them how you can but not give them money or anything else that will help feed their habit. They will most likely not act like the son you knew and this is because of the drugs and the desperation that comes with it. So you need to be kind to yourself here as it is not your fault. Not an easy one at all just look after yourself.
  • Letting go of emotions – This is back to controlling your thoughts again. If you really want to learn how to get rid of the past then you have to have a future that replaces these items. When you do what makes you happy, these thoughts will take over in your mind over time and replace those old emotions that keep dragging you backwards in life. You have to keep moving forward and creating new dreams and goals for yourself.
  • Let go of friends – Friends will come and go throughout life and some of the separations will probably not be nice either. You cannot control someone else’s emotions however no matter how hard you try. What you can do however is master your own, believe in yourself and not let those past emotions dominate your thoughts. You will make new friends and one’s that will always be there for you no matter what, so spend time looking for those people, or time with your existing friends instead in order to replace those old thoughts.
  • Getting rid of jealousy – The worse emotion on the planet right. Whether it is about your relationships, friendships, kids or whatever. Jealousy really is the worse emotion ever. You have to have confidence in yourself with this one and not let the overthinking processes kick in. This is your mind playing tricks on you about things. If the events turn real then absolutely do something about them but quite often these are just thoughts and will never happen. So don’t waste your time thinking about these things, take control of your thoughts with positive things you can be doing instead.
  • Someone that hurt you – Sometimes people can just be having a really bad day so always make sure that they meant to hurt you. Quite often people say things without looking at the impact and we go away with our tails between our legs. This takes a bit of courage but ask the person if they meant it. If they did then walk away and never talk to them again with a clear conscience that they are a dick. If they didn’t then you have the opportunity to talk to them about it properly and hopefully clear matters up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Letting Go Off The Past

  1. Why is it hard to let go off the past? Mainly because it is hard to stop the same thoughts going around and around in your mind. So you revisit the events all the time but the outcome is the same as you cannot change it. Our minds are there to protect us in situations so when we get drawn back to the past we have to evaluate what it means and how we can move forward. The problem with thinking about the same thing all the time is that it stops you moving on and that is why it is so hard to let go off the past
  2. How do I move on from the past? In my opinion you have to make a conscious decision in your mind that this has happened and logically in order to live a happy life that you have to move on. Moving forwards will occupy your mind and you will soon forget about these past events. So make that conscious decision in your mind that you have had enough and you are moving on. Close your eyes and manifest what life would look like without this problem, how great life would like and then go out there and make it happen.
  3. How do I forget the past and move on with my life? Have a plan and a goal in life and follow it through. I can tell you there is nothing better than living for yourself and having daily goals to achieve. At this very time I have just lost my job due to the global pandemic but you cannot dwell on the past. So I occupy myself training 3 times days, job searching, blogging, loving my family and I haven’t got the time or the energy to dwell on things that don’t matter to me anymore. When you keep your mind busy then it will take care of itself you just have to force yourself to stop when those thoughts come into your mind and make sure you are going to live the dream life you want instead.
  4. How do you let go of past mistakes? By accepting some sort of responsibility for it happening in the first place. You cannot change some things and or other people’s thoughts and feelings. What you can control is accepting that this has happened, that you are the only one that change those thoughts and then actively learning from the experience and moving on in life. Apologize both to yourself and others if you did something wrong, but it is okay to make mistakes you just have to take responsibility that they have happened in the first place.

So there you have it all my thoughts on how to let go of the past and I know it isn’t easy and life can sometimes be a right ball ache. When you tackle life with a positive viewpoint, be kind and work as hard as you can then life will change completely for you.

I know this because I have been through some crap myself and the only way you can dig yourself out is by accepting that life is challenging and getting on with it. So I put together my transformation program that will help you through daily videos see life in slightly different way and if you follow it through, it will change your life too. You can find it at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

I look forward to seeing you there and wish you the best of luck on getting rid of your past too. Best wishes Scott

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