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I Hate My Life – Things Will Get Better – Keep Smiling

“I hate my life” is somewhere we have all been in life at some stage or another. Before I give you my tips below on how you can improve your life, let me explain a few things first. You see there are so many stages in life when you might hate it and some might be because of hormones (especially if you are a teenager) and some could just be because life is pretty crappy at the moment, but there are things that you can do about it.

So it doesn’t matter what questions you are trying to answer why do i hate my life, why does my life suck, what to do when you hate your life, why does life hate me, there are things that you can do to change your life moving forward if you want to that is.

The important thing to remember in life is that things are only temporary and if you want them to change, you have to follow a specific path to finding happiness in your life instead. It is not an easy path to tread but you will get there if you follow the advice given below.

Below I will give you reasons and answers on why you might hate yourself, but also things you can do to generally change your life and learn how to be happier at the same time.

Reasons you might hate life and what you can do about it

  1. Because of your family – Family can be the toughest people on the planet sometimes and you might find that they just do not understand you or where you are trying to get too, or why you might be upset about something. The only thing that you can do here is open communications with them and keep talking. One of the things I do with my kids is talk to them and try to understand why they are feeling this way, then work with them to see what will help them feel better. I quite often get on my teenager’s wick, but that is due to hormones and shouldn’t be taken personally. You can’t change your family however so don’t dwell on things, just learn how you can talk openly and in a calm manner about the problems that you are having with the situation.
  2. Because of yourself – Self-hatred can be quite common and it is a stage we can go through. Learning to love yourself more is paramount in this case. Look at the things that you are good at, the things you see in the mirror that you like, the person you would like to become and envisage that. You are the only one of you and you have to learn to live with yourself so always look at the good things about you and not concentrate on the bad.
  3. Hating life as a mum – This is a really hard one because if anyone told you how hard it is to be a mum you probably wouldn’t do it. It can be a pretty unappreciated job in life, especially if your partner is not helping you out. Kids are hard at the best of times and one of the lessons I learnt is kids often take a lot of patience which sometimes we just don’t have. The best thing you can do here is realize that you are doing the best job you can do, be patient, talk to your kids, spend time with them and when they go to bed concentrate on looking after yourself and rewarding yourself for getting through the day. Watch this video for inspiration if you need it.
  4. Your job – Hating your job is painful and the more you tell yourself that you hate something the worse it will get. If your job is that bad then change it, if not watch this video on how to make your job better.
  5. Because of school – Children can be really horrible at times and school can be both boring and you can find yourself with no friends at times too. It is a hard time to get through and the best thing you can do is try and join some of the clubs at school and find like-minded friends that you can spend time with. Stay away from the kids that make you feel bad and know that things will get better soon. If you are being bullied in any way then do seek help as soon as you can.
  6. You can’t change it – We can make changes in our life but it is often hard to do so. In order to make changes, you really have to see what that change will look like. We will talk more about manifesting things in life later on, but stay positive and work out what you need to change first and foremost and then put a plan together on how you can put those changes into effect.
  7. Feeling trapped – I can appreciate this one as a few times in life I have felt trapped and without a way out. Life has knocked me for six at times. The only advice I can give here is that if you are that unhappy then you have to do something about it. For every moment you are unhappy you are leaving moments of happiness behind you. You have to be brave with this one at times and make some important decisions. See what your life should look like if you weren’t trapped and concentrate on that.
  8. Wanting to end it – If you are feeling like you need to end things please do not do that. Seek help straight away and know that things can and will always get better in life. Nothing is hard enough to go with this option. There are loads of people out there that will love you, care for you, understand you. You just haven’t found them yet and all wounds do heal.
  9. I hate my life because of depression – Depression is a nightmare when it hits and it is hard to get over, but you can do it. First, you have to want to fight it with every inch of your body and not let it take over. Take time to hide under the covers, but also take time to fix the problems too, find tiny slices of things that make you happy and do more of it. This is just temporary and makes sure that you seek help at the first opportunity. All of us feel a little down sometimes but if this leads to you not enjoying life, then you need to make sure that you see a professional. Please bear with this and be kind to yourself however, all those voices are not real.
  10. Nothing makes you happy – This is not a nice feeling but you can find happiness. Happiness is an emotion that we can all feel, it is an emotion that we can bring into our lives. Check out my tips below on how you can find more happiness.
I hate my life
I hate my life – Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Frequently Asked Questions About I Hate My Life

  1. What does it mean when you hate your body? It means that you are not happy with the way that you look from a physical perspective. This is quite common in that a lot of people look at themselves and are not happy with the way they look. The one thing you can do however is changing the way you look by exercising and sculpting a body that you are happy with. The other thing that you can do is accept that the way that you look and be happy with who you are. You may not have the perfect body but you are you, the one and only you, the unique person you are, the one that people will love for being who you are. It is others that make us feel inadequate but life is not a competition, so do not compare yourself to other people, do the things in life that make you happy and have the confidence to be yourself.
  2. What to do if you live with someone you hate? You probably need to talk to that person and work out why you hate them. Can you change that? Can you work together to form a better relationship? What would life look like if they weren’t there? Sometimes we can build a picture of people in our own minds and make it worse by stacking things up against them. So there are things that you can do to make the situation better and if you can’t then you might have to make the decision to move on. At least this way however it will be an informed decision and you will have no regrets moving forward.
  3. Why do I hate my body even though it’s good? Sometimes we are self-critical and everyone does this at times. When I was overweight, I still looked good but it wasn’t the body I thought I deserved. But I also wasn’t working hard enough to get the body I deserved either. So stop putting yourself under this pressure, eat healthy, work out, and be pleased with how you look. We can all be our own worse enemy here but there is no perfection with these things, just be the amazing you and be happy with how hard you are working to get this amazing body in the first place.
  4. What do you do if you hate someone? Hate is a really bad word, to be honest, and this will fill you with bitterness and will make you unhappy too. Sometimes we do not understand other people and might have come across them in a bad way. Look for the good things they do instead, do they add any value to yours or their life, are they having a bad time themselves. Talk to them and give them the opportunity to explain their behavior. We could have misjudged them or got the wrong end of the stick. After all, if you determine they are a knob then get rid of them out of your life and surround yourself with positive people instead.

My Top Tips On Going From I Hate My Life To I Love My Life

So before I begin, I have hated life and at times I have been on the verge of ending it also. Being trapped and feeling like it is never going to give me what I need and just what is the point of life. What I can tell you is that when you turn this on it’s head and you realize that everything that goes on in your head is just thoughts and that they are your thoughts, you can learn to control them.

You see no matter what happens in life, no one else is sitting inside your mind, it is yours, you own it and you tell it what to do. When you realize that the more you tell it good things, the more good feelings your mind will have, the more you tell it bad things, the more bad things it will feel. Sounds simple right but it is true.

When you control your own thoughts and are aware of what thoughts are coming in such as I hate my job, you can turn it around to say, yeah this job is a little shitty, but it is the first step to my path to greatness, it gives me the money to go out at the weekend, I can always change it if I want too. This is taking control of your thoughts and having positive connotations instead of negative feelings.

Overthinking things is a nightmare. This can be anything from telling yourself over and over you hate something, or worrying about whether you have done the right things, what will people think of you, did I do this right. It is no wonder sometimes we think I hate myself. Because with all those negative thoughts in place we are convincing ourselves there is a problem, when the likely hood is there isn’t one.

The way I now work my life is that I do not accept any thought without any evidence that it is true. So as an example if I think I did something wrong, I will actually ask the person whether I had or not. This does a number of things, it stops me overthinking about the problem and provides the answer straight away. Now if I was worrying about nothing then all good and I have saved myself a load of shit thinking along the way. If I am proven correct and I did do something wrong, it gives me an opportunity to correct it.

You have heard the saying life is what you make it and it is true. So it is okay to hate your life, it is okay to be depressed, it is okay to feel down, it is okay to have feelings that no one likes you, it is okay to be off kilter. All you have to do is believe in yourself more and follow a path to being kind, considerate, empathic and have a meaning in life that makes sense to you.

When I was young I hated my life more than anything and then I got into manifestation and the laws of attraction. It sounds cryptic but when you believe that there is a path to follow and you decide you want to be successful in life then you can turn it around.

You see, you can be anything you want in life if you try hard enough and you see every thing that comes along in life as a hurdle to overcome and not a hindrance. We all have the power within us to go from nothing to having everything, you can do it, no matter what anyone says to you. There are loads of people out there that have gone from hating their life to becoming millionaires and having successful relationships.

Don’t bring yourself down to the levels of others, believe that life will get better and it will. Find your passion in life, something that puts a smile on your face and you can get away from all the rubbish things in life and just absorb yourself in it and let the World go by. Put a plan together on what your life should look like and then take steps to changing it for the better.

When you actively hate life, you really are stopping yourself from achieving anything in life. The more that you say that you hate life, the more you are going to believe it. I know people can be unkind, I know disasters happen, I know obstacles can come, I know life can be taken away from you in seconds, I know people can and will let you down, I know some people can’t be trusted.

I also know that for everything that we think about when we say I hate life, that these are all things that can be changed. Whilst we are living and breathing we can go move our lives forwards, there are options. They might be hard and we might need to adjust our thinking from I hate life, to I love life and seeing the pathway as a positive guide to making things better. But we have to try and if we have not exhausted every possibility that we possibly can then we haven’t tried hard enough no matter what we tell ourselves.

Life is a major challeng and sometimes we can go unsupported in life, picked on, made to hate ourselves, belittled but other people should not make us feel that we hate life itself. Their opinion does not matter, for that one person that tries to destroy you, there are millions of others that will help you and move your life forward.

Distance yourself from anyone that makes you question who you are and what you stand for. Follow the rules of being kind, be empathic to others, but be kind to yourself too. But be you and don’t put up with any shit, make sure that you come out of every situation fighting as if your life depended on it. But be positive in the fact that you can do this, you can turn your thoughts from I hate life to I love life, just by accepting that you are in a hole and you need to do everything you can to get yourself out of it.

Yes this journey will hard, yes you will get knocked back, yes you will question yourself, but just keep going, see what you want and do everything you possibly can to get it. Be strong and keep on going.

Do not give up on life and hate everyday when you could be living a life of happiness instead. When I was at just one of the many dark places in my life, I put together a video series on how I pulled my life back together. It will help you too because at the time I hated my life but was determined to turn it around.

How you feel about yourself, how you feel about life will determine how you view it. I am not going to say that other people are worse off than you as that does not help you feel better. But what I will say is that you deserve better and you have to feel that, believe it and go for it at every opportunity. Learn about yourself, learn when things go wrong to adapt your behavior and your thoughts, accept failure as part of a learning curve and do not worry about whether things work out or not.

Everything in life does happen for a reason, whether we like it or not. So if something was not meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be and adopting this approach will make you feel better about the outcome. People are funny creatures, but most of us look after ourselves first and foremost. For other people howevever, they want to help you so find those people that are willing to help and ask them to help you.

Don’t be shy, there is nothing wrong with admitting that you are in a hole and you need help. People will see that and if you adopt a positive approach to getting yourself back up on your feet, then they will help you. It is when people want others to do it for them, that most people will back off. We all have enough on our plates, but we can help other people were they are willing to make the effort to change for themselves, but just need alifting hand.

Using the principles above I worked out that staying positive, being kind, forcing a smile on your face, working hard, using the law of attraction really worked for me if I stayed focused because it is real.

So feel free to check it out at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk as I am sure it will help you along your path in life too. In the meantime have a wickedly awesome day and I hope to catch you soon. Best wishes Scott

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  1. This is a great post. It is always best to stay grateful and not focus on what you have and not what you don’t have. I have learned that it could always be worse. When you are going through any type if difficulty just think of it as a learning experience. Some people experience a since of failure when going through relationship tragedies. Just know that you are worth more than the incident and take some time for personal reflection and growth exercises before you decide to get involved with another person. Where we all make the mistake is that when we decide to start another relationship, we choose a person that has not gone through their own self healing and growth period and we end up back in the same rut as before. This leads us to relapse into an even deeper sense of dread and hopelessness which will take even longer to get out of. Instead, talk to the potential partner to see what level of healing they are on and go from there. Even see if they are open to healing and growth because you will find that some are not open for healing and self improvement. You would be surprised at how many people fall into this trap for years and even decades. This life cycle is the cause of loss of self worth and sometimes depression because you start to feel like you are not worthy of happiness and or great treatment. For your own positive mental health, you both have to be on the same level and agreement. More to come…

    • Hi Sasha and thanks for making such valuable comments and like minded in our thoughts. Life is to be enjoyed and we should spread happiness and kindness where ever we go and I am glad you are doing just that.

  2. Sometime we are our worst enemy when it comes to creating problems. I do agree with you when it comes to over thinking things. To me the greatest overthink nightmare is when you wonder how people think of you. We tend to put too much thought into what people think of me. Why does it matter what people think of you? It really should not matter. The only thing thing that should matter is what we think of ourselves. But this is too easy. We evaluate our live as to how our parents, neighbors, siblings, and others think our lives should be instead of living our own dreams and being true to our own values. If people would start loving and valuing their lives, struggles, and accomplishments, they would transform into happy, well adjusted individuals. Depression would disappear and self worth would be at an all time high. But, this type of self love is hard to obtain because one need to have other people approve most of the time starts in early childhood. Children tend to seek parental and peer approval to fit it and to feel love. Without the proper guidance through response, the child will go through life seeking approval and validation from others to determine their self worth. Parent and guardians play a tremendous part in their child’s development and how they see themselves. Right or wrong, I always taught my children to value themselves and their thoughts. And enforced that other people’s opinions of them do not define who they are and who they will become. And to always stay positive and deliberate in their actions. As long as you stay positive and keep a spirit of forward thinking you won’t hesitate to know when to cut off the over thinking because you will be comfortable in your decisions.

    • I agree completely again Sasha. Create your own bubble of love and kindness to your children. Most of us are impacted through education and experience just most people never have the experience. Live in the same place all their lives, do the same things and just do not see the beauty of others and the relationships they can build. Children are the most special people on the planet and if educated to give kindness and love that is what they will give despite the unkindness people might bestow upon them. Thanks again for your welcoming comments.

  3. Wow!! I love the saying, “Life is what you make it”. This statement is so true and I will tell anyone that is down in the dumps that it is what you make it. Sometime we spend too much time talking about what we used to have, and who we used to be we forget to live and enjoy the moment. Grumbling and complaining can become a way of life if you don’t create some self checks in your life. We all feel down on certain days with or without outside stimulus to provoke these feeling. But when these feelings occur, there should be some prompts going off in your head to stop, and think about those feeling. Discover why you had these feeling at this moment, and examine the effect of these feeling if you let them go on for the next hour. The think about the impact your feelings will have on you and this tine include your family’s impact. Then put these feelings into reverse and start thinking about positive plans to change these negative thoughts into positive actions. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Perhaps a mind clearing walk will get your positive endorphins going. Maybe start a project or even finish a project to keep you in a positive and safe space. It is up to you to create this space of creativity and positive energy. Side note… If you start to notice family and friends are distancing themselves from you, don’t get mad at them. Start doing some self reflection. Think about your last conversation with them. Was it you complaining about something or everything? Was it your tone towards them? Were you overly critical. If some of these suggestions or other attitudes apply, immediately think of was to create a more positive image and start over with you contacts. After all, “Life is what you make it”!!

    • Life is what you make it you are right there Sasha along with your other points too I am glad there are other people out there with the same attitude. The more positive vibes we can all spread in life the better life will be.

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