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How To Stop Negative Thinking – You Can Do It

How to stop negative thinking is the question of the day. But how do you stop those strange thoughts from taking over your day?

Keep reading to find out how you can stop those thoughts in their tracks.

The first thing you need to know is that everyone suffers from negative thinking, it is a weird phenomenon that your mind brings negative emotions to the forefront of your thinking.

These can be really strange and weird also but you are not alone, so first things first there is nothing wrong with you for thinking like this. So read my tips below on how to overcome negative thinking.

My top tips on stopping negative thinking in their tracks

  1. Every thought that enters your mind no matter what it is, really is just a thought.
  2. Some thoughts may sound strange and provoking in their manner but they are just a thought and they are not harmful unless you act upon them.
  3. Everyone has these crazy thoughts, watch this video to find out why
  4. The more you tell yourself negative things the more your mind will think that this is true. For instance if you tell yourself you hate your job consistently then you will start to hate your job. The mind is a really powerful thing but you have to understand that you are the only person that controls it.
  5. Negative things can happen in your life, this happens to everyone including all the rich and famous people. We have a mechanism called the flight or fight mechanism built into our own defense systems. When something gets triggered that you do not like it is likely that your negative thoughts will cause you to either fight or run away. Once you understand this is just a way of your body protecting itself you can understand why you act in certain ways.
  6. I wrote an article on how to be happy with yourself, this is the starting point to making sure you eradicate negative thoughts from your life. So give it a good read.
  7. When you look at things and tell yourself something is going to go wrong, there is what is called the law of attraction and it plays a massive part in all of our lives without you even realizing it. What it basically means is that the universe sends you whatever you give out, so if you are negative you attract negative things, when you are positive you attract positive things. So it is really important that you realize when you get into a negative state things will get worse until you turn it around and start thinking positive again. It is a bit like when you get flu if you don’t rest and take some tablets it will get worse.
  8. If you have had a really hard time in life and that is why you are having negative thoughts then it might be that you might need to find out how to be happy again. We all go through testing times in our lives but when you look past these issues and plough forwards with a positive attitude things do correct themselves and get better.
  9. What if I said to you that if every negative thought you had would come true. Like a magic genie every time you thought something bad it would happen, then I can guarantee that you would try your hardest not to think like that. This is how you train your mind to think positive by understanding that negative thoughts have absolutely no value or place in your life.
  10. The very best thing you can do with negative thoughts is just dismiss them. Sounds easy but once you get the hang of this then life does become easier. Even simple things like wondering which route you will take so you don’t get stuck in traffic, just make a decision take that route and if you are late so what, it really doesn’t matter. Nothing matters if it is causing you stress out.
  11. Gratitude is always a good one because things can always be worse and although comparing yourself to others doesn’t help. Sometimes we do just have to be grateful for what we have and we have the opportunity to be able to change things if we really want to.
  12. Stop hanging around with dickheads who just moan all the time and never say nice things. this can be soul destroying and will just pull you into the same disastrous thinking patterns.
  13. Surround yourself with people who have a more positive aspect on life and know that remaining positive is lifestyle and a way forward to making life what you really want it to be.
  14. Distract yourself with something funny and get your brain on another plane that isn’t constantly battering you with these horrible negative thought patterns.
  15. Strive to be the best you can in life, live, love and share happiness with your family and friends. Love really does help you feel great and will dissipate negative thoughts in their tracks by just having a beautiful big hug.
  16. Negative thoughts are a bit like when you are child and you think there is a monster under the bed. You consistently tell yourself there’s a monster, get up tell your parents who then look under the bed and tell you there is nothing there go to sleep. You then go to bed with the covers over your head shaking hoping the monster will go. Was he really there, of course not but your mind can convince you off anything. If you got up and punched that monster in the nose and he ran off through your cupboard you would never see him again. So sometimes being scared can bring these negative emotions on but you just have to fight them and tell them to do one until they do.
  17. Also as a child you never had a choice of doing things. You got told you would do something even if you were scared or anxious about anything. But I am sure you can remember being really nervous about something but once you had done it everything worked out absolutely fine by pushing those negative thoughts into the background.
How to stop negative thinking
How to stop negative thinking – Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

So the above does sound easy right and sometimes changing a negative event into one that is positive is not that easy. But it is a lifestyle being positive and I put together my transformation program you can find at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk which addresses the negative thinking aspect along with many more ideas on how to live a life full of happiness.

Feel free to check it out as I have been in your shoes and although it takes time to understand how life works, if you follow my daily emails and steps you will soon find that your life changes dramatically and you will no longer need to look for information on how to stop negative thinking.

I wish you all the very best in the future and on your journey to finding success, happiness and living a damn great life. Best wishes Scott

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