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What A Week – OMG – How Was Yours?

Hi there, and welcome to the podcast at Change Your Life Forever. It’s Scott, your host speaking, and I haven’t done anything for ages, so I thought I’d kinda start doing a, a sort of daily podcast just on things that I come across in my life that might be able to help yours.

And this one’s about my week and how you can struggle some weeks and some things just blow you out the water and how you can actually deal with them and, you know, help yourself moving forward in life.

Because life isn’t easy and it throws massive, massive rocks, boulders and everything, at us from time to time. But I guess it’s how we can react to those things that affects who we are as a person, how we are in ourselves, the stress that we take upon ourselves and everything else.

So I’m just gonna tell you about my week and you can see what you think. So I’ve been away on holiday for a week and then had a, a holiday, at home the second week.

And the second week we’d, we’d never done anything with our garden. Basically, it’s a brand new house. The garden has just been left as is because we didn’t have any ideas and we wanted to do it all in one go. But then got some decking laid and it got some planters put in, and I decided that we’d kind of stick a little bit of a rockery and some flowers and trees and stuff in there.

And I was kind of sticking my hand in this bag with pebbles and putting all the pebbles out.

And then later on I thought my, my hands a bit sore and I looked and my fingers were a bit red and I thought, oh, they’re probably just scraped it a bit on the cobbles and things. So I kinda left it. And then the next night I was sweating. I was up all night, the pain in my fingers was horrendous, and then I put magnesium sulfate on it and stuff, and some plasters. Left it for a few days and thought, okay, well if it doesn’t improve then I’ll go to the doctors. So I phoned the doctors and the doctor said, oh, no appointments today.

You know, you need to phone back tomorrow. So I phoned back the next day and then the lady said, well, you don’t wanna come and see the doctor. You want to go to the minor injuries unit. So I thought, okay, maybe you could have told me yesterday, but that’s okay. No worries. I’ll, I’ll go down to the minor injuries unit. So I went there and it just so happens I’ve, I’ve kind of picked up a massive infection, which is why my fingers are, are all red and sore. And I kind of sat down and a lady got a big magnifying glass and a massive needle, and she just started sticking the needle down my nail and pulling out bits of these pebbles.

Tarot ReadingPhoto by Alina Vilchenko: https://www.pexels.com/photo/assorted-tarot-cards-on-table-3088369/

Geez, man, it was excruciatingly painful, it was untrue, and it was under two fingers. And I was like, oh my God, this really is, there’s no anesthetic, there’s no nothing, just needles going in your fingers. So then she kinda

Give me a load of antibiotics. So I’ve gotta take two antibiotics four times a day for the next seven days. I’m still feeling a bit rough because of, of the infection and stuff. But then, you know, once one thing happens, a load of other thing happens, right? So I’m big into fitness, as you’ll know if you follow my blog and stuff. And over the years, I, I enjoy getting up early and going out and working out. So I’ve a got fitness watch, you pay 280 pound for these things, right? All of a sudden it just stops working out of warranty within a couple of weeks or whatever, and it doesn’t wanna do anything.

So I was annoyed about that thought, geez, what else is gonna go wrong? Then the next thing, right? The postman knocks on the door, gives me a massive brown envelope, and it, in the UK a brown envelope doesn’t mean anything good at all. So I opened it and it was from the hmrc, the revenue people asking me to pay 67,000 pound by the 20th of April, which is three Weeks’s time. I was like, oh my God.

Because in the uk if the revenue are after you then there’s not a lot that you can do about stuff really for what, is going on here. And this kind of goes back to seven years ago where I got made redundant and I was, I, I was looking for a job, it took me seven or eight months or whatever, I got a contracting job and signed up to this umbrella company, unbeknownst to me, they’ve been paying me in the background through these loans or whatever, which is now referred to as deferred remuneration or something.

And they basically been swindling the tax man, and I am now responsible for it. So as you can imagine, my heart sank. I thought I was gonna fall apart. I thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown. I was like, oh my God, what am I gonna tell my wife? And then the funny thing was right, my wife walks through the door and I walked down. She, she shouts up hi, as soon as she walks in, and I walked down and said, hi. I said, I think you better sit down. And she said, why?

What’s happened? What’s happened? So I walked in, I showed her the brown envelope, and I said, look, the, the revenue were after me for 67,000. And she went, oh my God. She said, i thought somebody had died. She said, before, you’d lost your job, or it was something serious. And I went, what do you mean it is serious? And she said, no, it’s not. She said, we can sort it, it’s no problem. It’s just money. Don’t worry about it. And that completely changed my whole perspective on life this week, the, the whole perspective of how I think about things in the future moving forward, because she was right.

Nobody had died, nothing was that serious, it was just money. So then she made me phone up the, the revenue. I spent about three hours on there. And it actually worked out that they’d miscalculated over the years and presumed that I’ve been working for this company for five years rather than five months. So, problem solved, problem sorted, yeah. So all I’ll have to do is raise an appeal. The guy was lovely, talked me through it, told me how to do it properly, and I’m in the process of doing that. But a lot of people would’ve reacted in a completely different way.

And I think at first I reacted in a different, in a different way. I thought I was gonna fall apart. I paced around the kitchen, I was like, oh my God, oh my god, life is over, what’s gonna happen? But then that angel, my wife, comes along and just adds a little bit of serenity and calm to the situation and coolness. So I think the lesson that I’ve learned this week is if nobody’s gonna die, just take things in your stride. Just sit down, think about it logically, think about how you’re gonna deal with it.

There’s always a solution to every single problem. And you know, the really weird thing is, is if, if, if you’ve tracked what I do on the blog through the video course that I do, you’ll know that I believe in the law of attraction. You can call it whatever you want, but sometimes when you think things, they happen. And I’ve been worrying about this letter for ages because they wrote to me six years ago, and I thought that it was resolved, but I still worried about it since then, and it’s always been in the background.

And I didn’t realize how much stress that that had caused me. But now it’s come to a head and it’s resolving itself, that stress has disappeared out the window. So anything that you have in your life that is causing you to stress out, to be anxious, sort it out. Because normally sorting it out is never as bad as you think it’s gonna be. It’s never as hard as you’ve made it up in your mind to be.

And once you solve it and you get it out the way, then you never have to worry about it again. So that has been my biggest single worry over the years. And I’m pretty good at, you know, pushing things off, not getting stressed, not getting worried about things. But this one was massive for me. So I’ve learned my lesson, I’ve learned my massive, massive, big lesson in life. Don’t sweat anything, just deal with it.

And if it turns out when you deal with it that it’s worse than you thought, then there will be a solution to that problem. Just calm your beans down, take it easy, just think about how you’re gonna tackle it. Take your time and just be positive

And just see that there’s gonna be a positive outcome to it. So I hope you have had a better week than me. I hope that you never have a week like this with me because I’m still in pain with my fingers. I’ve still got all this stuff to sort out. I’ve still gotta try and sort my watch out, but you know what, if I can laugh, so can you. So I wish you all the very best for the upcoming week. Have a beautiful time. Relax, chill out, deal with all your issues, and just enjoy life.

And I’ll see you again on the podcast very soon. Take care. All my best wishes, Scott.

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