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What Is The Point Of Life – When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart

You must be asking yourself “what is the point of life” and we all do in desperate times.

When everything feels like life is just pants and it doesn’t mean anything.

You haven’t got a purpose or meaning in life and everything just seems to get you down.

I am here to tell you however that there is a point of life and no matter how badly someone treats you or however bad things get you can live in the dream.

You are an amazing person, you should be valued, you should be surrounded by kindness and you should live a life of happiness and you should also be living for yourself too.

It is hard to envisage this at times in our life but believe me I have had so many crappy things happen in life you get to the point where you do something about or throw in the towel.

When you throw in the towel however things just get worse and then you have a problem digging yourself back out of the grave you have just put yourself in.

So whether you actually believe in things like LOA or the secret, it does not matter, the tips below will have your worth and you will no longer be asking what is the point of life because you will be too busy living it.

My Tops On What Is The Purpose Of Living

  1. What is life about – Life is about being happy and living a life that you deserve. We all deserve to have what we want in life, we just need to know that we can obtain it and the only way to have this is to set yourself on a path to achieving the things you want and letting nothing else stand in your way.
  2. Stop listening to others – What’s the point in doing things when other people put you down or say that you will never learn how to be successful in life. It is discouraging at the best of times and most of the people that will tell you things like this are just jealous. So never listen to others, know that you can do something and you will, believe in yourself that you can, don’t let anyone get in your way. We will lose friends and family along our journeys through life so cast off those that don’t support you others you will just waste your life.
  3. Have a plan for life – Having a plan in life will allow you to see that there is a purpose to living. You will be driven to achieve your goals and will be rewarded by achieving them. Without a plan of what you want you will just walk around life aimlessly wondering why you haven’t find your purpose. Sitting on the sofa dreaming is great, putting those plans into action is even better.
  4. If you feel helpless – Depression and anxiety is a nightmare and it may make you wonder what is the point of life. The thing is with is because depression creeps in when we feel unvalued for what we do. It can easily become an illness that spirals out of control. I have been there and it is horrible. The only thing you can do is work out what you want and just keep heading towards to it. Make that plan in life and work out how to be happy again and just get out there and do something about.
  5. Accept failures along the way – One of the greatest things I ever did for myself was to be able to work out that thoughts are just thoughts. It doesn’t matter what comes into my head it just a thought. I can control them and so can you. When a shitty thought comes into your head you just dismiss it because you know it is just conscious trying to kick you in the balls. When our minds are not occupied with things, they wander and when they wander they come up with all sorts of ways to try and destroy you. Don’t let them, get yourself a hobby or work on your career and keep your mind occupied with goals and strive to meet them. When you do this you will have a point of life to achieve and it will stop those horrible thoughts from coming through.
  6. People need you – Realize that you might be the point of life for someone else. You might feel as though you are on your own, but I bet there is at least one person in your life that would not be able to survive without your help or existence. When you realize this you then surround yourself with other people that feel like this too. Sometimes we try too hard to get the attention of the wrong people when there are loads of people with the same interests and in the same boat. So find them and build a friendship that will last forever.
  7. Pain doesn’t last forever – Have you ever had something shitty happen to you and then everything seems to go wrong and everything goes down hill? Yep it happens to everyone and it is because of the way we react to things that everything else comes along too. When you can learn to say “stick it in the xuck it bucket” move on and deal with it later. You don’t react and are acting positively instead. Nothing is that important to destroy your mind and soul about, so take problems as learning curves and move on.
  8. You can be anything you want to be – You really can do anything in life with the right education and the motivation to be successful. Believe me if you are willing to work hard enough and you want something badly enough you will find a purpose for living. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, use every opportunity in life to create a game for yourself and do anything to prove them wrong.
  9. Find something to do with your life – If you don’t know what to do with your life then you are not alone. Most of us never find that, but what is important is to have an overall meaning in life and work towards it. Then reward yourself for getting there.
  10. Learn to stand on your own two feet – What if I told you that the whole of your life was just a dream and that whatever you think would come true. So if you think you are going to have a great life, see it, manifest it, believe it and head towards it, that this will happen one day. Or you take the mindset of my life is crap, I will never get anywhere and your thoughts are full of disaster, which option would you choose to follow. You see when look after yourself and don’t listen to others you are dependent on your own thoughts and feelings and they are easier to control. When you don’t care what other people think about you, what they say about you, you can take comfort that you know where you are heading and nothing is going to stop you. You just need to take control of your own mind and your own destiny and do it now.
  11. Take control of your own life – Don’t let others control you. You have to take control of your life in order to live life to the fullest. There is nothing worse than others controlling you. This is not being selfish but look after yourself first and foremost in life and the rest will just fall into place.
What is the point of life
What Is The Point Of Life – Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

Frequently Asked Questions About What Is The Point Of Living

  1. What is the main purpose of life? This can mean many different things to lots of different people. To me it means living a purpose driven life, achieving your goals and dreams, working hard and playing hard, giving love and kindness, being rewarded for what you do, living with no regrets, sleeping well at night and looking back on life going wow that was amazing.
  2. Does life have a purpose? Of course it does, you just have to find your why and go for it. If you could do something you loved everyday do you think you would have a great life? Of course you would. If however you have nothing to look forward to and no purpose and no direction then life can be pretty boring. So go and find your purpose and get out there and live life.
  3. What is the reason for living? To have a great life and feel great about yourself. To have kids who adore you, friends and relationships that you can cherish. We all live a life of being along and having no friends, but we are all capable of building the life of our dreams if we want it badly enough.
  4. What is the point of being alive? Sometimes it feels like there is no point. I have been to the darkest places on the plant and you know what. It is easier to stay positive and live life than it is to go the other way. These are your thoughts and you need to control them. Say yes to more things, never give up, work out your pathway in life and get out there and have an adventure. Once you have that purpose those dark thoughts will just fade away.

Here are 10 tips on what is the point in life:

  1. Identify your personal values and what is important to you (source: Psychology Today).
  2. Set goals and work towards achieving them (source: Psychology Today).
  3. Practice gratitude and focus on the positive aspects of your life (source: Psychology Today).
  4. Help others and practice acts of kindness (source: Psychology Today).
  5. Learn new things and challenge yourself (source: Psychology Today).
  6. Build and maintain meaningful relationships with loved ones and friends (source: Psychology Today).
  7. Pursue hobbies and activities that bring you joy (source: Psychology Today).
  8. Find a sense of purpose and meaning in your life (source: Psychology Today).
  9. Take care of your physical and mental health (source: Healthline).
  10. Embrace change and be open to new experiences (source: Psychology Today).

There you go so that was my speal on what is the point of life. I also put together my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk that can help you along the way. You see I was in dark place when I filmed it to show that when you think positively, give kindness, give love and have a plan in life you will be capable of achieving in life.

So go and check it out and I’ll see you on the inside. In the meantime I wish you all the very best in life Scott

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