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Living With Purpose and Inspiration

Todays post is all about “Living With Purpose”

And hopefully I am going to inspire you to think about life in a different way and to learn that living for yourself is an important aspect of your own life too.

You see the meaning of life and finding your purpose are all intertwined.

So when you know what you want and have the motivation to get it you will achieve your dreams.

Whether you believe in God or the Law of Attraction or just yourself. The tips below will set you on the path to living with purpose and inspiration starting today so you too can live in the dream and be happier in life.

My Top Tips On Living With Purpose And Inspiration

  1. Treat life like a one way street – You should only go in one direction in life and that is forwards. If you are constantly looking back at life with regrets this will only ever hold you back.
  2. Have an aim or goal in life – When you are living with purpose you have direction, you know what you want, you just maybe don’t know where to start or how to get it. But you wouldn’t get in the car nowadays without a satnav to go somewhere, you just have to work out where you want to go and follow the directions along the way. It doesn’t matter what that goal is and it could be something simple but everyone needs something to aim for otherwise we just get lost in life.
  3. Find your passion – Finding something you absolutely love doing will give you the drive you need to go places. When you wake up in the morning and want to get out of bed and get on with the day, you will feel great. Map out lots of things you really enjoy doing and do more of it.
  4. Have motivation – We can all sit there in life sometimes thinking I can’t be arsed. I would love to do this or that but to be honest I just cannot be bothered. It’s like getting yourself off the settee to go to the gym, you will have more thoughts about not going and convincing yourself not too than anything else. But you know that when you get off your bum and go you will feel great. So every time you to tell yourself you can’t be arsed remember that it is easier and better to just get on with it, rather than question yourself. The art of motivation is not listening to the voices that tell you not to do something.
  5. Have a do it now attitude – When you learn to do things as they need doing, you will build up motivation inside of you. Putting things off will not need you to the path you want to living your purpose.
  6. Hold yourself accountable – Sometimes we are our own worse enemy because we hold ourselves back in life. Maybe it is due to lack of belief, were scared, we make excuses, we can’t be bothered, we don’t think we are good enough. These things are just thoughts in your mind and I can guarantee you that you can do anything you want to with the right attitude, the right environment and the right education. If that wasn’t the case then none of us would be able to drive and we would all get run over for not following the green cross code.
  7. Believe in yourself and your purpose – This is your dream and your life and do not let anyone get in the way of it. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, prove them wrong at every opportunity you have to do so. Show them that you are good enough, turn those fears into motivation and follow your purpose with a passion and a commitment to succeed. Only you can do this and others can help but ultimately you have to be the one with the drive to live life to the full.
  8. Stop negative thinking – Our minds are amazingly powerful things but they have one flaw. They are constantly trying to protect us from harm, that is why we question ourselves about everything all the time. Your mind is constantly trying to work out how to keep you safe. But what if you are safe, what if you know that you can do this, what if you believe in yourself and you answer all those questions in your mind with a positive statement. By doing this you take control of your thoughts and you will train your subconscious mind to stop worrying about it. It is a bit like having your first baby, when they learn to walk you follow them round waiting for them to fall over, how often does the baby fall over? Not often enough for you to be following them around but it is your fear that creates this not the babies thoughts of whether they will fall over or not.
  9. Never give up – When you are living with purpose, you will fail and not once but lots of times. You will make mistakes, you will feel stupid, you will feel not worthy, you will feel like packing it in, you will think this is just not worth it. Stop it and drive yourself forward learn to see everything in life as a challenge you need to overcome. Do not be defeated by anything.
  10. Have courage – Build up your courage and don’t be scared, you can do this, keep telling yourself over and over that you are great, you are amazing, you can do this and then reap the rewards when you achieve it.
  11. Pat yourself on the back – It is not often nowadays that people will pay you compliments as everyone is absorbed into their own lives to care so much about others. So when you strive to hit your purpose, rewards yourself for each and every achievement you make along the way. Even with the bad things that happen, find the positive within it and then never make the same mistake twice. Everything is just a learning curve remember.
  12. Give it everything you have and come out smiling – How often have you done something that you have been really proud of and so much that you just want to show everyone? Yes it feels great doesn’t it and that’s because you have had a purpose and you have achieved that purpose and now need the rewards and recognition to go with. That is what living with a purpose means, achieving things in life and feeling great about doing it, being driven enough to do this is what really matters most.
Living With Purpose
Living With Purpose Photo by Gratisography from Pexels

Frequently asked questions about living with purpose

  1. Living for a cause – Some people do live for a cause. I have normally found that when something traumatic happens in someone’s life that they tend to back or follow a cause which then makes extremely driven and gives them a purpose in life. Friends of ours lost their son to cancer at an early age and they live to support this cause with charity events and host events to raise money for lots of different charities. It is great because they have found their driver in life and every time they raise funds it reminds them off their beautiful son and they feel like they are contributing to helping others. So finding a cause that also drives you will give you the motivation you need and also you will be less likely to quit because you will be letting others down.
  2. Living in contentment – Being content in life is everyone’s dream and quite often happens when you have lived your purpose and are content that you have achieved everything you need and want in life. Some people do not want to be driven, some have lived through the rat race and just want happiness and less stress. This all depends on how you can live everyday with a purpose to be content. If that means sitting in the garden reading a book, having a laugh with friends and generally being happy then that in itself is an enormous achievement in life.
  3. Living in ignorance – This can be a dangerous of form of living in some ways and a positive in others. The negative aspects are those that ignore the things that will impact you at a later date, as if you do not tackle your issues in life, they will lay their stagnant just waiting to bit you on the ass later on in life. The positive aspect is that you do not let others control or influence your life, so you ignore your influences. This is a great way to stay positive in your own mind and not let other distractions stop you from living your life’s purpose.

So there you have it my top tips on living with purpose. I hope you liked it and if you want to live a happy and fulfilled life then please do feel free to check out my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk. You will get daily videos on how to stay happy, being positive, being kind and giving love to others. If you just need some inspiration to get started on improving your life then you will love it.

In the meantime I wish you all the very best for your future. Best wishes Scott

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