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The Secret Of The Secret – What Is It

What is the “secret of the secret”?

Many of us ask the same question and you will get a lot of different answers depending on what your viewpoint is and how open minded you are about what you are asking for in life.

You see the secret of the secret is asking the Universe for what you want whilst not concentrating on what you don’t want.

There are many practitioners of the secret from Abraham and Ester Hicks, Bob Proctor, Jack Cranfield and Rhonda Byrne from the secret movie.

There are also many people that will ridicule it’s practices and some that live by the law of attraction on a daily basis.

It really does depend on whether you understand the natural laws and apply them every day which is what I will be showing you below in my top tips on unveiling the secret of the secret for yourself.

My Top Tips On Finding The Secret Of The Secret

  1. You have to believe in something – The secret generally will educate you about the universal laws and that asking for what you want will bring it to you. Now you have to take this with a pinch of salt. Yes you can certainly manifest things in your life and there are probably times when you have done this unknowingly. For instance you could be sitting there and wish that a certain friend will call, you could be wishing you got the job that you just interviewed for, it could be some flowers that someone brings. But behind all these things is the initial part of actually doing something or taking action in the first place. For instance, a friend won’t phone unless you are actively phoning them, you won’t pass the interview if you didn’t bother applying in the first place, no one will bring you flowers if you haven’t done something to deserve them. This is the first part of believing that positive things will happen in life when you actively think about them and take some action too.
  2. Manifesting or thinking positively – Manifestations again are useful when you concentrate on what you want in life. For instance if you are buying a new house and you envisage what that house looks like, how it would feel to be inside it, living there. I did this many moons ago with my first house, it was a very weird thing as I would picture my ideal house as being one that was surrounded by glass so that I could look over the views and just sit in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the peace and quiet. The ex wife and I went to see it and she didn’t like it although it was absolutely perfect for me. Then something strange happened we had horses at the time and all of the houses on the market starting selling before you could even view them and the only one left was the one we saw. So we went back again for a second visit and ended up buying it. So from the initial vision of me thinking about what I wanted to actually achieving it could be down to staying positive and the actual manifestations. It also known that sportsmen use this technic by manifesting scoring or seeing themselves running faster than anyone else and winning the race. It is a great way if nothing else to actually train the mind to give you a positive outcome.
  3. Apply some common sense to the secret – My dad always said to me that what seems common sense to you, could mean something completely different to someone else and that is true. I saw this because whether you believe in the universal law of attraction or not some of this is generally straight forward. For instance if you are rude to someone, then do not expect to be greeted with anything other than rudeness yourself as one reaction often creates the same reaction in the other person. If you are in a bad mood and no one wants to speak to you because all you do is moan, then they aren’t going to want to speak to you. If you treat people badly then doors will close on you. However if you make every effort to be happy, be kind, give love and accept that life is part of a massive learning curve and we all make mistakes and can have regrets then you will be treated in that way also.
  4. The secret of the secret is – A combination of things in life. Finding the meaning in life, chasing your purpose, creating happiness, feeling like you are achieving something in life and being rewarded for it. Work hard and play hard is often the phrase used, but if you wake up every day with a positive attitude and put your all into life, then you will reap the rewards of this. If you sit on your backside watching life pass you by and not proactively doing anything about it, then life will just pass you by.
  5. Have a plan of what you want – You wouldn’t go to the shops without a shopping list would you? Or maybe you would but then you would probably have half the ingredients that you need missing when you come to cook a meal that week. So why would you go through life without having a plan of what you want. Set yourself some goals, they can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly as long as you say to yourself that you would like to achieve x by y in time. Then once you work hard and put in the effort to obtain it you will feel great. When you feel great about yourself then you will be rewarded handsomely for it.
  6. Be careful what you wish for – I always work on the premise that what if everything I thought came true? What would life look like? It would certainly change the way you view things. My ex wife just turned around one day and said she didn’t want to be with me anymore. There was no talking she just said I would never work it out so why try. Then in the times I was going through a rough patch I thought, darn it I was unhappy and quite often I wished she would love me and boom she did. So how could I hate for actually doing me the favor I was thinking to myself anyway. Right you can’t, because that would make you a hypocrite.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings and connect yourself to your thoughts – When you are aware of the things you are thinking subconsciously you can usually link events to the way that you were thinking in the first place. As an example I recently got married and my youngest son gave a perfect speech which had everyone in tears. He lives with his mum and adores my new wife and also suggested he wanted to come and live with us. Although that seemed un-achieveable, 1 week later the coronavirus outbreak came and he didn’t want to live with his mum through the isolation period so is currently living with us. So when you have a story sometimes moments of clarity will come to you when have wished for something and it has come true.
  8. Live the best life you can – Despite our backgrounds we are all capable of doing great things in life. You have to want it badly enough to do something about it however. When you have a plan of what you want in life and set out on a journey to get there, you will find you start getting results. So live a purpose driven life and you will find that the secret of the secret is no longer a secret because you will see that combining hard work with a positive attitude, being king and giving life will get you to where you want to be in life.
  9. Never give up – Have you ever really wanted something badly enough and tried to get it, only for it to be stripped away from you just before you get to where you need to be? Yep it is painful right and normally you would just chuck in the towel in think sod it I’m not doing it again. But what if doing it again brought it quicker and faster this time, would you do it then? Of course you would so adopting an attitude of trying consistently and never giving up will get you there. That is why fitness is also so important in life because it trains you to keep at it and keep going, no matter how hard it gets.
  10. Look after the body and the mind will look after itself – After suffering myself from depression and anxiety for what seemed like an eternity I can honestly vouch for this statements. I tried everything I could from EFT, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, drugs and nothing could quench my first for restoring my soul. Now I workout 3 times day and can honestly say that a bad thought never enters my head and the depression and anxiety has simply disappeared. That is because the fitness gives me time to think and the my mind is occupied with positive thoughts. There were other things however that I had to do with this and my new wife is part of that happiness, along with a new career and interests too but the fitness keeps me motivated.
The Secret of the secret
The Secret Of The Secret – Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels

Frequently asked questions about what is the secret of the secret

  1. What is the secret of the secret book? The secret is asking the universe for what you want and not what you do not want. By concentrating on the things you want in life, or by concentrating on the things you don’t want it is what the universe will deliver to you. As an example if a bill comes through the door and you concentrate your thoughts on darn it where is the money coming from for this, how am I going to pay it, blooming rip off merchants, then you will get another bill through. If however you concentrate on being grateful for what you are paying for as a service, the universe will reward you for your positive nature and therefore not send through other bills. It is basically think more good things than bad things and good things will happen.
  2. How do you make the secret work for you? Start with putting some goals together or a plan of where you want to be and what you would like to achieve in life. Envisage it and manifest it, work hard at it and never give up. Stay positive and treat people with kindness and love along the way and you will be rewarded eventually for ti.
  3. What is the message of the secret? Staying positive and being king and grateful in life and working hard towards goals will pay off. If you believe that life or the secret delivers this to you or god or just a coincidence then that is great. As long as you are heading to a positive place in life and backing that up with plans you will get there and the Universe will surely help along the way.
  4. What is the difference between the secret and the power book? The secret is more concentrated on manifesting your desires and asking the universe for what you want. The Power is more aimed at being grateful for the things you receive and how to maintain them by spreading kindness and lover.

Well I hope you liked my analysis of the “the secret of the secret” you can find out more about how I live a life of happiness and how you can overcome your fears, obstacles etc in life by just following some easy to do principles every single day in my program here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk. You see there is no secret to life you just have to work hard, dream hard, be king and give love.

I hope to see you on my transformation program that you can find below and wish you all the very best for your future. Best wishes Scott

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