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Video 14 Stop Worrying All The Time

This is the 14th Video as part of my transformation program “Stop Worrying All The Time” . If you would like to join and get daily videos sent to your email you can do so by joining at this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk


Hi there and welcome back again. So yesterday we were talking about how to get ultimate energy. Yeah. And I talked bro ketosis and I told you that kind of the ketogenic diet, I dunno why they call it a diet really, it’s more of a lifestyle to be honest with you. But once you started, the white really does drop off you And. it is as simple as just replacing things like pasta with vegetables, to be honest with you. So it’s mainly vegetables and meat that you’ll eat.

And to be honest, you can grill vegetables, steamed vegetables, you can put nice cheese on the top of it. It is all about eating high fats and things like fish, you know, lots of fish, lots of meat, lots of vegetables really. So you can make a lot of nice recipes. So I’ve put a link below just to Amazon so you can go and check out some recipe books and stuff. You don’t need to spend a lot on going through a diet program or anything like that. All you need to do, to be honest, is just eat, you know, two free meals a day and just until the ketosis kicks in and then your body actually starts to burn the body fat.

So like I said, you know, my body fat’s around 15% now because I’ve built my metabolism up so much, now I need to burn around about three, 3000, 4,000 calories a day because of the amount that I train as well because of how much energy I’ve got. So if I want to eat a burger, if I want to eat pastry, if I want do whatever, I can eat it. And, it doesn’t even matter. I can even eat 10 cakes a day if I wanted to because my metabolism has speeded up that much. And you do feel great as well, honestly. and if you feel great healthfully wise, then everything else seems to slot into place.

So I, hope you take note of that one. Yeah, click on the link below, just go and find out some more about it and see whether it’s good for you or not. So today what we’re gonna talk about is stop Worrying solutions are just around the call and I, and we have touched on this before in previous videos, but I think a lot of the time, it’s easy to worry, isn’t it? you know, a lot of those thoughts that go on all about Worrying about things, you know, and some of those things we probably bring on ourselves, like, you know, making a bad decision or not having clarity and saying things that we shouldn’t have said.

Other things are simple things like, did I lock the front door? Did I leave the cooker on? you know, all those sorts of things. And all you can really do, to be honest, to Stop, Worrying, All, The, Time is just to check, double check things that you know are gonna cause you pain. So when you go to bed at night, always check the ovens off, always check the doors locked when you go out. you know, make sure That, you become conscious of the fact of the questions that you’re asking yourself and just make sure That, you do them before you go. The other Worrying things are just, you know, bizarre.

you know, some of those thoughts, like we said before, can just be absolutely bizarre. you know, you are Worrying about exams, you are Worrying about whether you’re gonna have enough money to live on this month. All sorts of crazy things. But to be honest, if

Speaker 1 (2m 59s): You sit down, you have that clarity in your mind and you do take time to think properly, then a lot of those Worrying thoughts will go away. And to be honest, it’s still, the purpose is distraction. you know, give yourself something to do. So I’ve had a couple of bonuses actually since we last spoke. So I’ve been hospital twice now. I’m at my arm X-rayed. It’s healing really well. So, I’ve only got four weeks to go now until this little baby comes off and then I’ll be back to doing things.

But the other hard time I’ve had as well, you know, is I let the wife keep air horses here for, for the past six months so she could settle into a new house and everything else. It’s been hard ’cause I’ve had to see her every single day, you know? But finally we’ve got closure on that and she’s got my in life, new life now. I’ve got my nice new life. But again, it’s still smiling. You still smiling because with every opportunity, you know, it’s been a major knockback for me, everything that’s happened. But you know, when I look around me, the beauty for everything that is here, you know, the beauty of life, the beauty of stopping talking to people you don’t know, smiling every day, wanting to wake up in the morning, bang your music on as loud as you want, do whatever you want, you know, it’s got to be the way forward.

You’ve got to keep smiling all the time guys. And it’s a lifestyle choice. you know, get rid of those Worrying thoughts. Be positive, you know, and your life will change dramatically. But the Worrying thoughts are the ones that can get you. So you need to concentrate on them and push ’em to the back of your mind all the time. Yeah. So you are never Worrying about stuff consistently. If you are, then slow down. You might have too much to do. If you’re Worrying about whether you get the house clean, who gives them muha? Do you know what I mean?

Some of these things, does it really matter? Unless it’s a major, major impact, stop Worrying about it. Take your mind off it. Distraction flying pigs. you know, look at something, stick a comedy movie on or whatever, or go for a walk or do something. But don’t worry about stuff Worrying and will really, really get you down And. it is quite easy once you train your mind to just flick, you know, out and Worrying about that change. Change the record, you know, got another record on, do something different and take control of your thoughts again.

So that’s the end of this video. So tomorrow we will be talking about, let me have a look. Morning and evening rituals that will change your life. Yeah. Okay. Have a good one. And I’ll see you very soon. All right, take care, byebye.

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