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Video 13 How To Get Unlimited Energy In Your Life

This is the thirteenth video of the transformation program “How To Get Unlimited Energy In Your Life” and if you would like to start from the beginning then you can by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk


Hi, and welcome to video number 13, how to get the ultimate Energy and Enjoy your Life. Interesting one. Yeah. So yesterday we talked how to start making excuses and you know, excuses are a nightmare. I just think every single time you make an excuse about not doing something, stop it. Just stop it. Do it now. Do it now. That was the message yesterday. Yeah, do it now. The more you have time to think about something, the less likely it is.

That you’re gonna do it. So best attitude is whenever you think something That you want to do, do it now. Yeah, really great concept. Okay, so today is all about energy. Yeah. And I’m gonna use an example ’cause again, you know, I was talking about my job when I put on a lot of weight, you know, and because I put on a lot of weight, everything I did was hard work. Basically. you know, you can see there’s a lot of land outside and things, you know, having to move lawns, weeding, gonna fix fences, all sorts of stuff, you know, and you’re overweight walking up hills like this don’t make you feel very good.

So you kind of get a bit grumpy about doing it. Yeah. Because when you try and walk up the hills, you’re out of breath, your muscles are aching, you feel knackered, you know, you just don’t feel good about yourself. You’re going and have a kipp you know, you’ve just got no energy. And part of that was to do, you know, with working 60 hours a week, traveling to London and back every weekend, but just can feel good. And if you’ve got a lack of energy, you know what it is guys, it’s all around your weight. Yeah. Now I was probably, I think it was about 19 stone and I’ll try and dig out the tickets that I’ve got where away myself every week.

I think I lost, it was five stone in three months. Yeah. Now I didn’t do it on purpose. It was a scene of events that happened. So I had a a, a big hoo-ha at work. So I come home when the doctor’s doctor said, you’ve been working too hard. Take a few weeks off. you know, think about it and think about your future. And, and then when I come back from the doctors, my wife said that she wanted to leave me as well. So it was kind of a, a downward spiral for me in a very stressful time. Yeah. No, it wasn’t a stress that caused me to lose the weight.

It was a combination of things. Now obviously losing weight is dead easier. It is the most simplest thing That you can do on earth calories in versus calories out. Yeah. You consume lessing calories than you’ll, you’re consuming in, then you’re gonna lose weight. Yeah. But that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna do it in the right way because half the weight that you’re gonna lose is gonna be water. And whilst people think that in order to lose weight, you have to go to Gym Beast yourself. you know, you have to run as fast as you can. You have to do flipping 20 press ups a day.

You don’t have to do that. Okay? You do not have to do that. So I walked every day for three months just to clear my mind, to clear my thoughts to, you know, use the program that I’ve put together here. So I didn’t go downhill. cause again, you know, I thought my life was over for first few days, you know? But rather than go down, I went up and you know, the walking was the one exercise that people think doesn’t really matter, but you think about how much you walk in your everyday life.

Now most people just walk to the car from the front room or the house, park the car, walk into the office, then go back in the car, back to the house. And you just think about how much walking you actually do. You don’t see people walking down the streets very often nowadays, you know, I walk to work in Norridge and I really don’t see many people at all walking anymore because we choose the option to take a car. So you don’t have to go and beast yourself, you just have to do 20 minutes of light exercise a day and eat less calories.

But there’s more to it than that as well. Because what I came across was because I was living in a barn for, for three months until my wife moved out. So I kinda was having my own food over there. And. it was mainly fish and salad and, and stuff that I could just take out of a packet, put on a plate with beer of chili sauce or whatever, and eat it that way. And I started losing weight rapidly. But because I was losing so much weight, everyone said, you need to be careful, you need to be careful. you know, your health might suffer.

But when I looked into it, what had happened there is because of the types of food that I was eating, And, it substituted all those things like bagels, pasta, potatoes, you know, all the nice carby type stuff. And was just eating salad, fish, chicken, different types of meats, but mainly salad. And then I moved onto vegetables. So what happens is your body goes into what’s called ketosis. Yeah. So it actually starts to burn fat rather than you just lose weight.

So my body fat was around about 28% then I think, and now it’s down to 15%. So when people think, you know, oh, I can’t cut out carbs, I don’t get any energy, what ketosis does is it burns fat as energy. So you eat high fat foods and what happens is your body then burns the fat as energy. Yeah. So my, my body fat percentage is 15% now and it’s maintained at that. And I’ve maintained the weight at 13 stone for at least three months now. So part of that is to do with the exercise and the calories in.

But ketosis and ketogenic diets are really, really good for losing weight rapidly to carry it off. Because if you lose the weight, then you can do the exercise. Yeah. So I didn’t start doing weights and boxing and everything else until I’d lost all the weight. But because I’d lost all the weight, I’ve now got so much energy that I struggle to sit down for too long. ’cause I constantly want to do something because you’re not carrying the weight around. You feel good.

Speaker 1 (5m 57s): I’m at the right B M R and B M I for my height at the minute. And I really do feel so much better. I feel refreshed, I feel energetic. I love going, you know, I can go on cycle for 15 miles and I can play with the kids all day. you know, I can do things that I could never do before. It’s absolutely unbelievable. And, it was so easy, it was untrue. Now you can’t stay in ketosis because it might cause problems with your liver. So you can now go back into carbs and everything else.

So for maybe four weeks, eight weeks, you can do ketosis just to burn that body fat off. And if you’re doing it walking 20 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day, the weight will soon drop off you. You’ll feel great. You’ll feel energized. And that’s what it does. And then you can then start introducing carb based food back into your diet. So I’ve put a couple of links below the video. Yeah. One of them is more information of o ketosis. So that’s a great place to start if you really wanna shed some weight.

And I guarantee you, if you shed your weight, you will look and feel so much better. I walked down the street now and people are like, Hey, don’t even recognize me. Do you know what I mean? And, it feels great because you feel good, you look good. You want to go and do all the things. That, you were making excuses about before. you know you’ve got lots of energy, you drink lots of water there. you know, you just feel absolutely brilliant because you look after the body and the body will look after the mind. Yeah. Because then when you get those silly forts, you’re happy. You go out on your bike, you go and do something, you know, you get rid of all that stuff.

So the second link as well is out to this guy on YouTube at the minute, really, really good. I’ve got all his cookbooks and I’ve been following him. I can’t remember his name at the minute. What is it? I’ll try and remember. Well, I’ll remember in the link below you. But when you move onto the carb based diet, then you can follow his steps and then you live a healthy lifestyle. Do you know what I mean? How would you feel if you could bounce out bed in the morning at five o’clock and feel great, do a load of exercise all day and feel great, work all day, feel great, have positive clarity, positive about the way you are, feel energized, then go and exercise again.

Even if, if you want to play with your kids all day until it’s you tiring them out and not the other way around, honestly, you know, you can either choose that lifestyle, which is dead easy. You can achieve that in a few months. Or you can choose a lifestyle of, you know, like I did for years, making excuses, you know, having too much weight on feeling tired, feeling awful all the time. you know, not being able to process your thoughts because you’re not energized, you’re not looking forward to the future, you’re not using the law of attraction because everything goes downhill and you’re that far away guys, you’re that far away from doing something.

If you wanna lose the weight,

Speaker 2 (8m 55s): If you want to be fit, if you want to have great lifestyle, click on the links below, find out more. Go out there, be the new you. Be amazing. Make everyone think, oh my God, look at ’em. It is easy guys. You don’t have to just, you know, say I can’t need to geti bolognese every week or whatever. You’ll be cool. Yeah. So check out the links and I’ll see you in the next video where it’s gonna be all around. Stop and worrying you. Okay? So I’ll see you very soon. Take care of yourselves.

Bye-bye now.

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