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How To Be More Positive And Feel Great

How to be more positive is the question for today and how you can follow the tips below to make yourself feel great.

You see looking at things in a positive way takes time and lots of experience to be able to turn what could be a bad situation into a positive one.

So my tips below will show you all the things I have done to be more positive and the impact it has had on my life and everyone else’s around me.

My Top Tips On How To Be Positive

  1. One really important thing that when you grasp it will change your life forever. That is. That you control your own thoughts. You control everything that happens in your life. You control your own feelings. You control your own reactions. You control your own outcomes in life. Yes sometimes situations do take control of things for you. But I will explain further below on this topic.
  2. Our education and our environment in a lot of ways dictates how we think about things. So if all your friends and family have a particular view about something or don’t like somebody or something, it is quite likely that everyone else will have the same view. This is purely the way things work, as everyone wants to be part of a pack and most don’t want to stand out from the crowd. Therefore trying to be positive about something when you are surrounded by negativity about that thing will not help you progress forward.
  3. I put together my transformation program to help people stay positive and stay focused in life you can check that out here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk. Basically the program covers everything you need to do in order to have a positive view on life and I will talk more about this below.
  4. Let me give you an example of turning a negative situation into a positive one. My wife was kept in hospital after a routine visit to check on our babies progress during pregnancy. We found out that my wife had something called HELPP syndrome and our daughter was also breech. Basically what this meant was that we couldn’t deliver her naturally and my wife would have to have a cesarean section. Doesn’t sound too bad right but the complexity was with the HELPP syndrome. So they tried to turn our daughter and couldn’t so the next minute they rushed her into theatre and I had to go into another room while they operated on my wife. Later on they brought my daughter to me and wheeled in my wife a few hours later due to complications. She was on morphine and was screaming in pain with hours of throwing up. I got kicked out of the hospital without even being able to talk to her and only the picture of my new little daughter I had been nursing for the past few hours. She was born early and on the day she was due to be born we had the worse snow ever and couldn’t get anywhere. So the morale to the story is that if they had never done that checkup and kept her in, the likely hood would have been that we would never have made it to the hospital due to the snow and my wife could have died. So sometimes just staying positive avoids other situations no matter how bad things seem at the time.
  5. Never let anyone else’s conversations or opinions upset you. I see far too many people worrying about what other people think off them. If people do not like you for who you are then you really should find people that do. It is hard to be positive when you have others putting you down or not supporting you in life. Always surround yourself with others that push you to be your best.
  6. Every situation you control in your life along with your reactions. My wife and I talk a lot and I can tell you honestly that when you have a conversation with someone very rarely do they hear the exact same words in the same way that you said them. Which means that if you are worried about a conversation you have with someone just ask them how they saw the situation. Then you can talk about the situation and come out with a positive result between you both.
  7. If you look at everything in life as a challenge to overcome, it is so much easier to remain positive. When I say this let me give you an example. Recently I left my full time job for a contracting role which was meant to be for 6mths. This would have given me enough time to build up enough cash to look for the next position. However they terminated the contract after only 2mths. Now I could do two things panic or work my crackers off to get another contract. That is what I did and I found a new contract within a week with a great company I love working for. So when you take action against negative things and put a plan together to get yourself back on your feet things do happen.
  8. Even if you are single and are unhappy you can turn your situation into a positive one. I wrote an article on how to be happy single you can find here.
  9. The biggest thing you need to understand, it is your mind and it only reacts to things you tell it. The more you tell yourself something negative or positive the more likely your mind will react to it. So for instance if you tell yourself over and over that you are unhappy with your life, job or whatever. No matter whether you have a good day your subconscious mind will tell you that is not true because you have told it so many times that those things make you unhappy. So even if you don’t like your job, your relationship, try and see the parts of it you do like rather than concentrate on the parts you don’t. By paying attention to negative events it takes so many more positive thoughts to completely get yourself free from them.
  10. Always do your best and be kind and considerate and give love and support to everyone. This will help you remain positive because if someone is horrible to you or treats you badly you can shrug things off, because you know it couldn’t have been anything to do with you. People find it really difficult to deal with positive people as a lot of people are so unhappy in their lives that they don’t like seeing others happy either. If this is you then you can learn to be happy again here.
  11. Always believe in yourself and be kind too yourself also. It really doesn’t matter what other people say or their perceptions. If you look after yourself first and foremost then everything else will fall into place around you. I did a great video here on why your happiness matters.
  12. Work out what you would like to get out of life. Without achieving things and being rewarded in life, we can get bored and feel that life is just not fulfilling. If however we say, I am going to change my job in 6mths and get more money, I would like to travel to xyz, I want to be the best water skier on the planet and have something to aim for then you keep your mind occupied with moving forward. This helps with being positive as your mind is occupied all the time with positive thoughts on how you are going to achieve things in life.
  13. Unfortunately nothing comes to he who waits. So a lottery win or a great job, or a new house or new car isn’t just going to land in your lap. Unless you are extremely lucky of course. So get out there and get what you want in life and then positive things will start to happen to you.
  14. Just keep smiling and don’t let others moods bring you down. If someone is unhappy in your life then stay away from them. Bad moods spread like wild fire and can bring you down too. So always stay upbeat and leave others to their own unhappiness until they decide to cheer up on their own steam.
  15. Believe that life is what you make it. You can have anything you want in life but you have to work out what you want, stay positive and just go out there and get it.
How to be more positive
How to be more positive – Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

So I hope you like my tips on how to be more positive and they have helped you in some small way. Don’t forget to check out my transformation program if you really want to learn all the steps to remaining positive in your daily life.

In the meantime I wish you all the very best in your journey through life. Best wishes Scott

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