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How To Be Happy Single – Don’t Be Sad

How to be happy single – boy what a dilemna.

No one really likes being on their own and single. So how do you bring happiness into your life when there is no one special to share things with?

When I became single for the first time in 15 years, boy it was so exciting at first, the things I could do, the places I could go and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was on holiday with my kids and I had broken my wrist at the time so it was a trying time trying to get around and do things.

After a really exciting holiday however on the last day I sat outside our holiday cottage on my own for a bit of peace and quiet.

Then I thought what is missing. I had such a great time, but then I realized I had no one to share it with. That is when I asked myself the question how can you be happy as a single person?

How to be happy single
How to be happy single image – Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels

Here are my top tips on how to be happy single and loving it

  1. Join a dating app. Yes I know there is lots of stigma around dating apps and the weirdo’s that appear on there. But there are genuine people out there that really are pretty special and want the same things as you do. I met my new wife on Match and to be honest I have never looked back. If you are open and honest and know what you are looking for they can be a great way of getting to know people first before any commitment. You can also read my journey from single to married as part of my transformation program here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk
  2. Make sure that you get out and socialize in anyway you can. We are meant to be around others and if you are spending lots of time on your own that can sometimes not be great for your mental state of mind. You can read an article I did on the subject of how not to be depressed you can find here. Below are some ideas to get you out of the house and mixing with others
  3. Visit a local dogs home and see if they allow dog walking. It is great if you can’t have your own dog as you will be helping them out. Walking the dog is a really good way to meet other people, as well as everyone likes giving the dogs a stroke. You will enjoy the fresh air and get to meet new people.
  4. Get yourself down to the local pub and have a chat with the locals. There are often some really great characters in there and you will meet lots of lovely new people.
  5. Try out the gym and some fitness classes. Keeping yourself fit allows to become happy in yourself because you have a goal to achieve. Going to the classes is a fun way to meet more people and if the gym has social events then get yourself out there. I wrote a good article on how to be happy again you can also find here.
  6. Invite friends round more often and put on a nice spread. Not many people feed their friends nowadays and socializing at home is great for elevating your happiness and making yourself feel good. Just make sure they help you clean up afterwards 🙂
  7. Try joining a club. When I first became single I joined a local canoe club and everyone there was just awesome. We went away on weekends together with their families and kids and it really have me something to look forward too.
  8. If you are a bit shy and don’t like any of the above just give it a try. The more you do something the easier it becomes generally. If you really can’t do it, join some Facebook groups on something you have a passion or an interest in and join in the conversation.
  9. Pick up the phone and have a good old chat with mates. Phone some of your friends you haven’t spoken to in years and have a good catch up. I think people forget nowadays due to social media that they don’t need to phone people but really is good catching up with friends.

Remember that happiness comes from within and yes sometimes we can be lonely but we have to do everything we can to stay positive and also live life without regrets. Sometimes it is a struggle being on our own but hopefully with the above you will at least find one things that you might be able to do to be happy as a single person.

If you need help along the way then feel free to join my transformation program as you will get help from me everyday for 60 days to start a living a life that you can enjoy and also it will keep you busy for a while also.

I wish you all the very best in your future Scott

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