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Video 25 Living Life with No Regrets

This will be the 25th video of the 60 day transformation program that looks at “Living Life With No Regrets”. We all make mistakes in life but sometimes living with regrets can eat us up inside. Looking back at situations and seeing whether there is any positive out takes for the situation can really help. Also letting go off those regrets is paramount in moving forward with a happy lifestyle. If you haven’t joined the transformation program yet then you can do so by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk


Hi there. So welcome back. So yesterday you were to watch Video 24 about being the best you can, you know, and I do know it’s hard sometimes, you know, to, to get up there, smile, you know, go into work, do a good job, but you know, just generally wake up and put your best self forward. But if you do it with vigor and you try hard all the time, at least you’ll know that if you are trying as hard as you can, if you’re not enjoying it, it’s time to move on and do something else. Yeah. And later on in the course we’re gonna talk about, you know, how you can change career paths, how you can get a better job, how you can get the courage to move on and do all those things.

So, you know, always just try hardest. If you try hardest, then you’re never ever gonna live with any Regrets, which is what we’re gonna talk about in a minute. And you’ll be able to plan your future, plan your life, and make sure that you know, you’re not doing things for the sake of doing it. So always put your best foot forward. Okay, so today is video number 25, which is all about living with no Regrets. Yeah. And kind of, you guys know my background, so you know, I can honestly say I have no Regrets.

you know, because when we combine this with the earlier videos about having the clarity in your mind and taking time out to think properly, I’d like to think that I don’t make many mistakes now. And if I do make mistakes, then I’m happy to stand by the decision because I’ve thought about it properly and I’ve made that decision based upon some facts, you know, that I’m happy with that. And you know, when I look back on things I’ve got free absolutely amazingly beautiful kids, you know, absolutely free, amazingly beautiful kids out of it.

I still talk to my ex-wife. So you know, we’re not fighting, we’re not being silly with each other. The kids are happy, the kids are looked after. And to be honest, I’m really, really glad of the opportunity that I actually got to meet this new lady because I was missing out on so much in life before that. I should have recognized it earlier. Now that isn’t a regret, that’s just a learning experience. Yeah, So, I don’t regret anything. But I’m really looking forward to the future because I don’t go to bed at night thinking about, I wish I didn’t do that.

I wish I hadn’t have done that. I wish I hadn’t have said that. Because again, based on the previous conversations we’ve had, if you are feeling like That, you need to go and sort it out. You need to address it. You need to get over it quickly and quickly, you know, talk to that person. You know, we’ve discussed about people saying things That you don’t really mean at times, but if you do something That you regret, you need to sort it out. Do you know what I mean? Or take the clarity out to answer the questions better. But life is about living. Every single thing that we do is an experience.

It’s something that was meant to guide us to move forward. I know bad things happen and you know, I know some seriously bad things happen to people. So I’m not saying that it isn’t hard, but you know, you can’t regret anything in life. If you regret things, you’ll go on and on and on and on in your mind about it, and that stops you from moving on. So the quicker you can address it, the better that things are gonna be. you know? So live without any Regrets, and if you do have any sort ’em out at the end of the day, keep smiling.

You know, we all make mistakes. We all do stupid things, you know, we all wake up in the morning after being out on a beer going, oh my God, what did I say? I hope it didn’t upset anyone. I hope it didn’t offend anyone. But you know, if we got to drunk, the likelihood is that we probably did. So the only answer to that is don’t get so drunk. But even that one’s quite hard sometimes, right? But you know, I am laughing about it to some degree. I know there are some big Regrets Regrets that people have in their lives, you know, that they didn’t do things. But all you can do is move forward from that.

Make sure you don’t do it again. Make sure That, you think about things properly in the future, but Regrets will just eat you up. Okay? So look at the positives from your past. Look at the positives about the future. Think about what happened about that situation and whether anything positive come out of it. because you know, sometimes you might regret something. But actually, you know, I could say that I regret like my first marriage, you know? But like I said, I’ve got two kids and actually their stepfather is an absolutely amazing guy.

He’s done a great job of looking after my kids who couldn’t be prouder. In fact, I do tell him as well, you know, I am so grateful about what he’s done for my boys, because they’re absolutely amazing young boys. But that could have been a regret. But it’s not because there isn a positive to it. And the positive is, is that my boys love coming to see me. They love spending time with me because you’ve got the clarity in mind to give them your love, give them your time, give them your happiness, you know? And alternatively, you know, this guy’s looking after them for me the rest of the time.

So always think clear. That you about stuff. Yeah. Always analyze this situation properly and see whether it is a regret or actually it’s something that could have been done better in the first place. Yeah, think about it. Think about it. Okay. So the next video that we’re gonna look at is all wishes do come True. You just have to be grateful for when they come. So I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video. Alright, have a great day. See you soon. Bye-bye now.

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