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Video 24 Be The Best That You Can Be

This is the 24th video “Be The Best That You Can Be” of the transformation program. It is easy to fall short of our achievements sometimes if we don’t put every bit of ourselves into everything that we do. But watch the video to find out more and if you haven’t started the transformation program yet you can do so by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk


Hi and welcome back again. So in the last video we talked about relationships. Yeah. And it. Honestly, it’s really important guys. Yeah. If you’re gonna live with someone for the rest of your life, you wanna make it, wanna make it a good life. Yeah. You wanna look after each other. You want to kiss and cuddle, you know, you wanna make every day special and you can do it. you know, you talk to each other, you know, you tell each other about everything. you know, you spend lovely time with each other. You communicate, you know, and, and you treat each other, you know, and you get over arguments, you can apologize and all that good stuff.

And relationships are important. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be in a relationship. Yeah. Everybody wants that. So make yours special. Promise yourself you’ll make yours special. Okay. So then I was gonna say, next video. This video is all about doing the best you can. Yeah. So, I. Think we’re all guilty of this sometimes. Yeah. And this goes back to some of the very first videos about, you know, not really enjoying your job or whatever. And you get to a point in life where you’re just kind of just bumbling through.

Yeah. You lose who you are, you lose your self identity and kind of you, you lose that vigor that, that excitement about wanting to do well in life or wanting certain things in our life to the point that, you know, you, you don’t give everything that you’ve got. You go to work and you’re just like, yeah, okay, bubu, boom, I’ll go through the day. It’s all right and I really too happy. But boom, you know, so you’re not really giving the best of you to things, but even if you’ve got a job you don’t enjoy.

And I think we discussed the parts of this earlier on, you know, when I was in the metal pressing factory and making it fun and banging out metal and doing all sorts of stuff. Well, when you put everything into something, you feel good about yourself. It’s about pride, it’s about respect, it’s about, you know, just doing the best That you possibly can. It’s not about anyone else. It’s not about, you know, they haven’t given me a pay rise for five years, so I’m not doing this job. you know, I’m only gonna do X, Y, Z because you know, they’re not paying me for it. Or you know, I’m not happy really.

So I’m gonna take it out on them because really we should always put our best face forward no matter what we do. you know, even if you’re working in a shop or whatever, it doesn’t hurt to smile at your customers. Hi, good morning. you know, and, and be nice to them, you know? But sometimes you go into a shop and you see people and they’re like, it, what? Do you know where this is me? Yeah. you know what I mean? Grumpy as anything. Honestly, there’s no need. Right? There’s, there’s no need for it.

And I know sometimes people have a bad day. Yeah. We all have bad days. you know, we all have times where we can have bad moms, bad years, but, you know, give the best of you with everything That you do. Go out there, be proud of who you are. Be proud of what you’ve got to give. you know, you need to pat yourself on a shoulder. You need to do a good job. It’s like the cleaning and stuff like that, you know, you know when you haven’t cleaned house as well as you should have done. ’cause you go, oh, but I mean I’ll have to do that again later. It wasn’t such a good job, you know? But we just cause ourselves more damage by not giving the best of who we are.

And we owe it to ourselves just to give everything we possibly can. And then when we give everything opportunities, open up, big opportunities open up. Because people go, well look at him. He’s happy. That was great service. I’ll go back there. Or you know, when they a lovely person, you know, buy a car from them again because you put your best face forward. People recognize that because in a sea of all these people at the minute, good people, happy people who put themselves forward, stand out.

Like a so phone. They do. I’m sure you’ve seen them, you know, ’cause you go, oh, what’s, what’s he so happy for? you know, how come he is doing a great job and stuff and he’s in the same position as me, but he still does a great job. Put yourself your best self forward. Always. Always work hard. Always be proud of who you are, what you’ve got to offer. Because it’s the only way. Yeah. It is the only way. Always put your best self forward. Be you. Be who you are, be happy.

Make yourself smile. Do a great job. Walk away from work at the end of the day and go, man, I did a great job there. I’m feeling good. I’m gonna go out for a few beers. I’m gonna ring some friends. I’m gonna go and have a laugh here. And your boss is going, wow, look at what they did today. Put your best self forward and if you can’t be your best self, then go and change whatever it is that’s stopping you being your best self. Yeah. Because if you’re not you, you’re not giving the world what it deserves. Okay. So always be you. Best self forward.

Alright, let’s have a look at what we’re gonna talk about tomorrow. Okay. So next video is gonna be, be happy with the choices you make in life. And live with no regrets. Yeah. Alright. So, I. See you in the next video. Keep so see you.

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