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Believe In Yourself And Find Your Purpose In Life

You have to “believe in yourself” if you want to learn to be more successful in life. Life is about a number of steps to changing your mindset and your approach to how you deal with things. Living for yourself is paramount in the first instance and you must realize that when you look after yourself everything else around you will just unfold.

It is easy to say in this post about what it takes to believe in yourself but you have to take the first step in wanting to learn how to be happier in life and achieve all your dreams. I have been through some crap in my life but one of the major lessons learned I have taken away, is that you really do have to believe in yourself otherwise you will just fail at things. Failure is acceptable and appropriate in life and learning how to deal with this emotion will stand you in great stead in life.

I have hit it big loads of times in life personally and professionally and lost it all again several times, so I have walked the talk and the tips below will really help you gain a better understanding on why finding your meaning in life and living a purpose-driven life should be priorities that you need to achieve. It doesn’t matter what job you have or how your life is today, the importance is to feel valued in life no matter what you do.

Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself – Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

My Tops On How To Believe In Yourself

  1. Confidence is grown – Unless you have a natural talent for something and you can just have a go and be great at it straight out of the gate. Then it is likely that you will have to do things over and over to get to a position where you are good at something. When you are good at something in life then your confidence tends to grow too. That is why grandmas roast dinners are the best in the world because they have made them so much and mastered them. So build your confidence by doing things that you are good at.
  2. You need to be valued in life – Every day you need to feel valued for what you do if you want to believe in yourself. This starts with you also giving it to others too as the law of reciprocation will come into play and you will get what you give back to you. What I mean by this is that if you have cleaned the house or done something for someone or the family, make sure they thank you for it and realize just how much work has gone into doing this. If you don’t feel like you are adding value to your day it will be without purpose and you will feel unfulfilled.
  3. Look after yourself first and foremost – Your own emotions are the one’s that only can control. You cannot control other people’s emotions, so if you are generous and kind to others always and polite and have great manners, then if other people are rude you can just brush things off. Because you know you have not done anything wrong in the first place.
  4. Lower your expectation of others When you do something great as above you want to be rewarded for your actions. But it might be that you go and show someone the great thing that you have done only to be presented with a – yeah it’s okay, it’s oriet, you could do better, what do you want me to be grateful. So never take what other people say to as gospel or let it put you off doing something. If you feel that you have put everything into something then give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself for your activities.
  5. Live in the dream – This is your life and you are should live a happy and fulfilled life no matter what anyone says to you. So dream big in your head of what you want, dream of what a great future would look like, dream of what you want and don’t let anyone stop you from getting where you want to be.
  6. Take action on those dreams – Believing in yourself means doing something. We can all sit at home sometimes wishing the world away and thinking it should be a better place. But the only person that can change in anything in your life is you. So take action on what you want, if you want something go out there and get it, if you need to change something do it and do it now.
  7. Stop making excuses – If you make excuses for everything you want to do and put barriers in the way you will never get to where you want to be. Everyone is capable of doing this and just monitor in your own mind how often you do it. I bet you will say “i’ll do it when” – “I can’t do that until this happens“-“yeah I’ll do it later and later never comes””.
  8. Do it now – I learnt this at any early age in my teenage years when I was wondering what does life mean for me? I came across Brian Tracy who became my mentor in life for a while and then I navigated onto the law of attraction too. But basically if you take a viewpoint if life of not putting things off you will achieve three things – 1 – You will stop the anxiety in your life that exists when you put stuff off 2 – You will feel a sense of achievement for getting it out of the way – 3 – Your belief in yourself will build confidence and consequently stand you in better stead in life.
  9. Work hard – We don’t get anything in this for free as they say apart from information. We are surrounded by an abundance of information in this day and age and you can find out about anything you want to in minutes. Which means if you don’t know about something find out. There are 12 year olds making 22 millionaire pounds a year reviewing products, so being successful does not come with age it is down to the following the things
    1. Find something you enjoy doing
    2. Keep doing it, build your confidence and believe that you can do it
    3. Have a plan of what you want in life and follow it
    4. Work hard for yourself or others
    5. Have great manners and give love and kindness to others
    6. Reap the rewards
    7. Rinse and repeat
  10. Don’t live of other people’s emotions – If you are not getting what you need from your employer, partner, family etc. Then do not take what they do to heart. We can make generalizations on people sometimes that stops us from giving them a chance in the future. They could have just been having a really bad day, week, month or something when you approached them about something. So do not judge a situation immediately give it time.
  11. Give your mind clarity – Move your mind from being in a reactive state to a positive state. Don’t react to any question, situation without giving it some thought first. We can and all do make mistakes when you react too quickly to a situation we might not have been bothered about if we were in a better frame of mind. The solution to most problems will walk through the door if you give them a little time and don’t stress or react in the first instance. This will lead to you believing in yourself and your decisions more regularly.
  12. Realize timing is everything – There is a time and a place for some discussion and learning how to deal with others in this manner really is important. What might be important to you to get something of your chest might be the worse possible thing for the person receiving the information. So when you need to talk about important topics, take time out and the right time for everyone to have the time to listen in the first place and make right decisions with clarity.
  13. Life should be fun enjoy it – Darn it I have been in some dark places in my life and lost my belief system and who I am plenty of times. The important thing to remember though is that when you have a plan in life, goals to achieve and somewhere you want to get too. You don’t get drawn into all the depressing thoughts and what if’s in life. You just get on with your purpose in life and always drive towards your goals, improving as you go until you get there. Then when you get there you have the realization that this has all worked and that believing in yourself was the right thing to do.
  14. Record your results – If we have a plan we are following, then we record the results of our actions what do you think the outcome would be of that? Yep you have a roadmap to follow and a way of seeing whether you have achieved it or not. That is why most people are unsuccessful in life, they just throw themselves at the gym with no idea of what they are doing, it’s hard work, they see no results, so they pack it in and say blimey that wasn’t worth it. However if you went to a weight loss coach and he gave you a plan of workouts, you stuck with it, he recorded your results, you would get there and twice as quickly. Life is all about following a path in life and recording your actions.
  15. Stay consistent – Consistency is really key in everything that we do. You have to build consistency to also realize the benefits of believing in yourself too. Yes there will road blocks, you will make mistakes but you will get there. Keep up your motivation with your goal clearly manifesting in your mind until you get it.
  16. Never give up – This is always the easy option and to come down the mountain is even harder. But if you come down before you get to the top you aren’t going to feel great are you. If you come down after a hard slog with your muscles aching, you will think blimey I did it, look at what I achieved. Then you wail want to do it again,
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Some frequently asked questions about believing in yourself

  1. How do you make yourself believe in yourself? – You have to believe that what you are doing in life is valuable, measurable, rewarding and stay consistent on your path. It is a mindset that once you know you are putting your all into everything that you will reap the rewards. life is what you make of it and if you don’t put in the effort don’t expect to get anything back. Belief is built on confidence you just have to not let the negative people and critics put you down or put you off. Their value in your life means nothing and neither should their opinion of something either. Work with people who value what you do and will critique you in a positive and correct way. If someone continually critiques you badly that there is there problem and they are probably a perfectionist. Sometimes in life perfection comes later, getting started on your path comes first and foremost.
  2. Why is believing in yourself important? – When you believe in yourself you become capable of achieving anything in your life. The subconscious mind is very powerful and when you tell yourself something over and over in your mind, whether that is good or bad, your mind will believe it. Why shouldn’t it because that is what you are telling it. So if you tell yourself over and over, you are not worthy, you are anxious, you can’t do it, then your mind will believe this. If you tell yourself, I am going to be the best, I can do this, it’s going to be great, I maybe anxious but that is not going to stop me. Then your mind will believe that instead
  3. What happens when you believe in yourself? – Magical things happen. Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and light the whole room up. Have you ever seen someone and thought darn it they are amazing? Of course you have and there are people out there that will think the same of you, when you find a passion in life, stop the negative silly thoughts and just get out there and work hard and play hard. You have to believe until you get to a point where others start to believe in you too and not the other way round.

So there are my thoughts on believing in yourself in life. Sometimes we don’t help ourselves because we do a half arsed attempt at something and expect to get rewarded for it. That is why kids hat exams, because when you put in the work you get great grades and you are rewarded for it, only revise one hour a day, get crap grades and still expect to be rewarded for it. This is not believing in yourself, this is trying to get by with minimal effort.

When you stay consistent with a goal in life and see that putting in the work will pay off your believe system will grow through the roof and you will get the rewards you deserve. But you have to think of what you want, see it, smell it and then get out there and get it.

If you would like help to look at your life differently then do check out my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk where I put together a video series when everything fell apart in my life. Two years later following everything I show in these videos, I have everything I want in life and am truly blessed to have found happiness and you can too.

So in the meantime I wish you all the very best in the future and good luck Scott

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