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Kindness – Does It Really Matter – Keep Smiling – Be Happy

Is “kindness” a great quality to have or a weakness?

In my eyes kindness is the greatest thing that you can do for anyone. Why?

Because when we get down into the basics of life and how we all feel, everyone wants to be treated with respect and kindness.

In order to receive kindness however you also have to give it out.

So there is no point expecting to be treated well by somebody if you do not treat them well yourself.

I love that saying above because sometimes we can all be pricks in one way or another. But life is quite simple when you break it down and be kind to others.

Listed below are my top ways that you can be kind to others.

My Top Tips On Making Kindness Count In Your Life

  1. Be kind to yourself – First and foremost in life you have to be kind to yourself and that means not beating yourself up about things. Most of us have been educated in a particular way and influenced by our surroundings. You can break away from this however by taking it upon yourself to proud of yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes in life.
  2. Be kind to children – Whether you believe in things like the law of attraction or not you will notice something in life. When you shout at children, they will shout back as this is learned behavior. If they think it is okay for you to swear and shout at them, they will just do it back to you. I know how stressful bringing up children can be, but I guarantee if you are kind to them and sit them down and understand why they do things and make them feel valued, they will talk to you and they will respond in a great way. I have never shouted at my children, I just give them my time and my understanding and even through teenage years they have always respected me. When kids respect you and have good manners they will treat you respectfully too.
  3. Respect your elders – We have all seen this before that we think people are just old. We forget they thought through the war, were rashioned, had no money, worked every hour god sends. So they deserve our kindness more than anyone. They have lived life and need to be looked after in their vulnerable times. So please always treat them with respect and offer a helping hand when you can.
  4. Be compassionate with other people – People generally love to put other people down, why, the pack mentality approach I guess. The unpopular kids at school, the disabled and the cruelty that pursues is just stupid. Everyone on this planet has a value to this Earth and they all have feelings. So just be kind to people, there is no need to take the piss out of people, these people have feelings just like you have, so why would you treat them this way? If you have ever been treated badly then this will ring bells with you too.
  5. Be open minded in arguments and conversations – When you have a conversation or an argument with someone, most of the time you will never know what sort of day, week, month, year they had and why they respond in the manner they have. Therefore before judging their actions try and understand why they would have acted that way. People are not generally trying to be unkind they could just be having a really bad day. So don’t take things personally and walk away just being kind to them and yourself and things will slowly pass.
  6. Don’t join the pack mentality and love people for no reason – We have all been in the position whereby we have said ooh I don’t like them, or they are an idiot. Come on we have all done it. But you know what we shouldn’t, because when you make that mental connection in your mind it is really hard to break later on. Just because someone doesn’t fit to the way that you think, does not make them a bad person, they just have different values and thoughts than you do.
  7. Stand in the other persons shoes at all times – There is lots of cases of bullying nowadays due to social media and you just have to rise above them. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about you, rise above it and brush it off. Stay being kind to others and then if someone does say or do something to you, then you know that they are being unkind and it is not you. Give them an excuse for their actions by saying to yourself, it’s okay they are probably just having a bad day or something.
  8. Believe that kindness counts – Kindness really is the greatest gift you can give to anyone. So never ever listen to what other people say, don’t take your moods out on others, stay consistent and even in dark times know that when you are kind karma will make sure that someone is kind to you also. We never know how any of us will deal with life’s issues unless we go through that issue ourselves.
  9. Concentrate on making your own life great – If you understand the meaning of life and live a purpose driven life. Then you will feel happy and content with your life and you won’t feel the need to be anything else but kind to people. If greed ever comes into your vision then push it straight back out again. Because when you feel great about life, seeing other people flourish is just an amazing feeling.
  10. Be the greatest support you can be to others – Be kind by supporting other people, if they have a passion they want to pursue, don’t poo poo their idea, if they have dreams and aspirations then help them along the way. I can guarantee you when you are kind and support others, they will do anything for you in the future.
Kindness – Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Answers to frequently asked questions about why kindness is important

  • What does kindness really mean? – It means that you treat others with respect and that you value them as much as you value yourself in life. It means giving without requiring anything back in return and also having good manners.
  • What are examples of kindness? – We are currently going through a Gobal pandemic with the coronavirus currently and there have been lots of acts of kindness such as below
  • Why is it important to be kind? Because the alternative to being kind is being unkind and when you are unkind to people, you never know how they will take it. It is like walking past a homeless person and thinking they are a piece of crap, this could happen to any of us at anytime in life. If you don’t want people to be unkind to you then do not be unkind to others either.
  • What it means to be kind? It means that you are a nice person and that you are willing to offer your time, help, your ear or what anyone needs from you to help them in a given situation,
  • How can you show kindness? It doesn’t have to be anything big, just offer people a smile, your unconditional love, give hugs and care about people, laugh with them, treat them equally, treat them with purpose and value. Doing small things for people will really help them out.
  • What is the purpose of kindness? To live in harmony and be able to sleep at night knowing that you have given everyone everything you could possibly give. You don’t have to feel bad about the way people treat you because you know it just them. It gives you reassurance that you are a good person.
  • What is real kindness? Genuine kindness cannot be mistaken. When someone is kind for a reason and they want something in return that is not genuine. When someone lives everyday to help others and do anything for them then that is real kindness.
  • What makes a person kind? This could be genetic, education or just that someone has learned the lessons in life that kindness matters. In every situation anyone could be in, in life put yourself in their shoes and see if you would be happy with being there yourself. If the answer is no then help them out and understand why they are there in the first place.
  • What are benefits of kindness? Knowing that you are kind person is a personal thing. My kids always say to me will I always be kind to them and I do have the patience of saint. But I do sleep well at night knowing that I put other people’s feelings first before mine and I would do anything to help anyone.
  • Why kindness is a strength? Because you learn to stand on your own two feet and help others. But you can also withdraw it when someone is being unkind. Through life it is important to spend your time with people that appreciate you and when you learn to move unkind people out of your life, you have a circle of friend who will do anything for you too and it then becomes reciprocal.

So that is why I think “kindness” in life is so important. I live my life in a happy and positive state as I learned through all the hardships in life that you cannot take life personally, you have to find people that love you for who you are, you have to be kind, you have to give love because that is what we are here for.

Life is reciprocal and what you put into life it will give you back. So when you look at what is life for me, you can say you have lived life to the fullest and others have benefited from you being here too.

If you would like some help to live a free and happy lifestyle then please do come and join my transformation program and I will help you along the way. You can check it out at change your life forever.

Wishing you all the very best in your future and happiness Scott

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