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Video 22 – How To Make Your Kids Respect You

This is video twenty two of the transformation series and is a mixture of how to live a happy life with your kids and also an update on my personal transformation journey too and the amazing things that have happened to me since recording this series and how they can happen for you too if you really want it badly enough. So enjoy “Video 22 – How To Make Your Kids Respect You” and if you haven’t started the transformation journey yet you can do so by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Hi guys. So welcome back. Now you probably didn’t notice this, right? Yeah, but I’ve had a couple of months off because remember in all the previous videos I had a broken arm. Yeah, well it’s actually a lot better. Yeah. So I’ve taken about two months off. Okay. Now you probably didn’t notice, ’cause you get the daily videos and everything. Yeah. But what I wanted to do was just update you on what’s happened to me since I started the video series and followed the plan myself. Yeah. Because if it doesn’t work for me, it’s not gonna work for you, is it? Right.

Yeah. So on the very first set of videos, obviously I talked about the law attraction, I talked about making a plan, I talked about visualizing what you want to be, being positive, being kind, getting up in the morning, smiling, being nice to people. Yeah. So part of that was when I was in the conservatory doing all those videos, at first I wrote exactly down what I was gonna do, what, what was gonna happen in my life over the next few months. And obviously, you know, I wanted a relationship. So I kinda.

I wrote down the type of woman that I wanted on a piece of paper, you know, tore fit, beautiful, lovely person, love kids, goes to the gym, just amazing in every way. And like it would, yeah. So it was a bit like Wicked science really putting a bra on me. I done trying to magic a woman outta nowhere. But then I was watching Wonder Woman as well at the same time and I thought, oh, I’ll just write, you know, someone like Gal Garda. So the strange thing was, yeah, is I went on to match.com. Yeah, I know. Dating sites, all that stuff.

Yeah. Get a bad name, but listen to this. Yeah. So I went out on a couple of dates, didn’t work out. Tell you about them another time. Yeah. But they, it was quite funny. but I met this lady anyway. Yeah. So kind of, we got talking and stuff. We met on a couple of dates. Oh my. Where, oh my word. Honestly, from the moment that we’ve both seen each other, it was binging, honestly. It was like alarm bells went off. I’ve never felt like that in my life, honestly. I was absolutely bold over and so was she as well.

Both of us. It was like a, an attraction that just come from nowhere. And later on I was talking to her And, she was telling me that she was into The Secret and a friend had given her a book and told her, you know, about being positive, about doing all the things that I’ve said in this video series. And I said, that’s funny though, because I’m doing a video series all about that. And I told her about, you know, the Wonder Woman thing and the story about that. And the next thing, she sent me a photograph And. It was a clip of a Wonder Woman key ring that she had. How weird is that?

Yeah. How weird is that? Okay. So I’m completely in love guys with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met in my life. The most loveliest, beautifulest person I could have met on the planet. I can’t believe it. All my dreams come true in one go. Just amazing. Yeah. And the other thing was as well is I wanted to take my kids away. Yeah. Because for a long time I’ve been saving up and you know, doing other things and I, I neglected to take the kids away really. But now I was on my own, I thought. Right.

Let’s take ’em away for Christmas. Next thing happens, guys binging money comes from work. Enough money to take the kids on holiday. Okay. So whilst it may seem strange to you guys and you may be in a dark place, the key to it guys is always stay happy. Always keep smiling, always give back, always have a plan. Always focus on what you want in life. Not what you regret, not what went wrong or anything else. Focus on what you want. Tell the universe what you want and the universe will give it to you.

And, it does it in strange ways, you know, but that’s why I’m still smiling 22 videos in now and I’m still smiling. Okay. So back onto the video course. Anyway, the last video that we did was about changing your mindset. Yeah. So that’s what we just talked about. you know, taking yourself out of a dark place, forcing yourself to be happy, forcing yourself to feel good. And you can do that by making other people feel good and they make you feel good. And. it goes round and round. Round and positives. Attract positives and all that good stuff. Yeah. So it may feel a bit weird at first, but you have to force yourself to be happy.

You have to force yourself to want to get up in the morning. you know, it’s like with my new lady, I text her all the time, you know, good morning. Okay, beautiful. you know, you do things like that and then they text you back and they make you feel good And. it goes round in a big circle. Yes. Said just change your mindset guys. It’s hard. I know it’s hard, but the alternative way is down. You don’t want to go down. No. You want to go up. Yeah. So re-watch that video at some point if you need to. But today’s lesson was all about kids.

Yeah. And, and you know, you see a lot of naughty kids now and I hope yours isn’t one of them. Yeah. But parenting is hard. No one tells you how to do it. No one gives you a guide book or they do, they tell you how to bring babies up, but they don’t tell you how to bring kids up. Yeah. You are working, you’re stressed out, your partner’s working, you’re stressed out. The kids have wrecking the house, they’re screaming, whoa. It’s hard work, man. All that pressure, all that noise and everything else going on with everything else you’ve got going on in life. It is difficult. Yeah.

But you know what all kids need is love. That’s all they want is love. They don’t need big presents. They don’t need special things. All they need is your time, your nature and and your love. And they want to be treated like people. you know, sometimes we treat them like kids and sometimes we have an old fashioned attitude, you know, taking things off them, sticking ’em in, naughty corners, all that sort of good stuff. Yeah. But if you sit down, you’re talk to them and ask them why they’re doing it, why they’re frustrated, you start to recognize patterns and why they feel like that.

And they’re just like us. you know? Wouldn’t you like to throw yourself on the floor sometimes and just scream and get away with it? It’d be awesome, wouldn’t it? you know, you’re at work ’cause someone does your add in. You just go, ah, start screaming and throw yourself on the floor. It’s a natural thing that kids do, you know? But the thing is, is because we’re so busy, because we’ve got so many things to do, we can’t be dealing with it. So it stresses us out. Yeah. It absolutely stresses us out to the max. But actually all they need, they wanna cut on. They want to be loved themselves, they want to be happy, you know, and they’re a reflection of how you treat ’em.

So if you find they’re screaming at you, it’s probably because you are screaming at them. So they only learn those behaviors either from you or the nursery friends or the school friends and all that good stuff. When actually if you just treat them how you would like to be treated, your kids will learn to respect you. They’ll wanna be with you. They’ll wanna spend time with you and they’ll wanna have a good time with you because you understand their emotional feelings. And we’re all emotional. We all want someone to cuddle, someone to talk to, you know?

’cause otherwise we all have those crazy things going on in our heads. And it’s not good for any of us. Is there. So, you know, kids are really important. They’re really, really important. Spend time with them. Enjoy, enjoy your time with them. you know, I, I feel great now ’cause my boys are like 15, 14 ’cause I’ve lost all the weight because I’m so fit. I can play football with ’em. I can run faster than ’em. you know, play basketball with the other little fella. you know, you have, you have a good time with them and dedicate your time to them. My little daughter who’s five, she’s still crazy.

you know, she’s in here doing backflips and all sorts of stuff. Jumping on my shoulders, hanging off, you know, throwing herself on the floor and yeah, I’m knackered. Yeah. Sometimes she drives me crazy. And, she was screaming at me in the car the other day when I took her swimming about nothing. She didn’t like her hair. Oh my word. Honestly. We pulled over, we redid her hair, everything else, but they just get frustrated. They’re gonna scream. But what we can’t do is let that get to us. Yeah. you know, and when you learn to relax and you learn to understand who they are in their feelings, it actually gets a lot better.

So just sit with them, cuddle ’em, spend time with them, you know, enjoy them. That’s what you have kids for. Okay. and if you haven’t got kids, think about maybe not having them. Yeah. Because it’s a crazy, crazy world. but I didn’t mean that Kids are lovely. You should have kids. We should multiply, we should bring happiness to the world. Yeah. So that’s enough about kids. Let me just check what tomorrow’s video’s gonna be about is how to have the perfect relationship that lasts for a lifetime. Yeah. I’m not too sure I’m the best person to give relationship advice, but I’ll tell you all the things that have happened to me recently and about my two previous marriages and all the things.

That, you shouldn’t do that. Maybe I did or maybe you are doing or whatever. Yeah. Okay. So I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video. You be good. Take care. And I’ll see you very soon. All right. Bye-Bye.

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