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Video 21 – Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

This will be the twenty first video in the series of the transformation programme “Change Your Mindset Change Your Life” and if you haven’t started the program yet you can do so by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk


Hi and welcome back. So yesterday we talked about who gives a monkey is what anyone thinks. Yeah. And how, if you took that on board yet, because it is important guys, because you know, as I said, people can be hurtful and they don’t realize what they’re saying a lot of the time. and if you don’t have clarity of mind when you say stuff yourself, you know, you, you probably know, you’ve probably said things to people like you shouldn’t have done before. you know, maybe been a bit overcritical, maybe been, you know, not very supportive.

So don’t worry about what other people think. Okay. Just don’t worry about it. Don’t even layer it into your head. Just go, you know, brain trump that one. Let that one go. Move on. Yeah. ’cause otherwise it just destroys you. It goes round in your head and you think about it all the time and you can’t get it out. And you know, you make up other things and you know, whatever they said to you then materializes into something completely different. And before you know it, you, you’re off on a journey that you know that one little thing is ticking into a massive, massive big thing that actually probably doesn’t mean anything whatsoever.

’cause that person probably never meant to say it in the first place or didn’t mean it in the way That you interpret today. Yeah. So don’t give them monkeys what anyone thinks. But today we were gonna talk about Change, Your, Mindset Change, Your Life. Yeah. So, you know my story, I’m gonna tell you later on. Yeah. Because it is a deep story. It started off when I was 12, you know, but when I was 16 and a half, I left the Army. I went to live with my mom. ’cause previously I was living with my dad after they got divorced.

And I’ll talk about that later, you know, and I went to college and I just, I’m not educatable me not in a way that, you know, I can understand stuff. I’m interested in it and I can sit there for long enough to absorb it. It just doesn’t work for me unless I’m really, really interested in it. So when I left college, I actually applied for a job in As, as an estate agent, And. it was a junior estate agency job. And everyone said, oh, you’ll never get that. Do you know what I mean? I bought myself a suit. It was only 16 and a half. Got an interview, went to the interview, sat down, taught to the gi and a Giza said, sold me the cell tape holder.

So I went, oh yeah, okay, well this is a really nice cell tape holder. you know, the tape is really strong. It will wrap your parcels really well. you know, it’s it, if you drop it, it’ll bounce off the floor. It’s made with really good material. you know, And, it only costs 2 99. Can it take your cards? you know, And, it was something like that. Anyway, it was a long time ago. Can’t remember exactly what I said, but I got the job anyway. And the reason that I got the job was because I was the only person I tried to sell a solar tape holder. And they thought, ah, okay, so if this guy can sell a solar tape holder, he’s gonna do well selling houses.

Yeah. So when I was there, I met a young Ladd as well. He was a mortgage broker, he was older than me. but I got in with a really good group of people who said, turn off the news, turn off the radio. Don’t listen to anything negative. Don’t get involved in stupid menial conversations with people. Just believe in yourself and have a positive mindset of moving forward. Yeah. And I became the best selling estate agent because what I used to do is when people come into the office, I take ’em outta my car. you know, what area do you like?

What type of houses do you like? I even used to knock on people’s doors with other agents and, and so their houses got me into a lot of trouble. But you know, when you go from a mindset of me having no education, me getting kicked outta college, coming out the army, all different things. you know, that mindset changed. I seen money. I knew what money looked like at a young age. I had a brand new car. But that was all because I had the bottle to go for the interview.

I also had the bottle to sell the solar tape holder. And it’s quite easy guys, because not a lot of people think like that. They have limiting beliefs. They don’t believe they can do it. And throughout all these videos, they’re all geared up to make you understand that it’s all in the power of your mind. It’s what you tell you. If you tell yourself, I’m gonna get this job, I’m gonna get this job, I am really, really gonna get this job. You research the company, you find out about what the job’s about, you do everything you can to make sure That, you make a good impression and you believe that you’re gonna get it, then you will.

You might not get the first one, but you might get the second and the third one. But it’s your limiting beliefs that stop you from doing anything when actually there’s no harm in it. You know, if you, if you hate your job, go and do loads of interviews for other companies. If you’re scared of interviews, just everything takes practice. Everything takes practice. Don’t go with the attitude, you know, I need this job because you’ve been made redundant. ’cause that makes it even harder. And that’s the pressure that you’ll put yourself under. But if you’ve got an opportunity now and you’ve got a secure job, but you don’t like it, look for other jobs.

Go for loads of interviews. Just go and believe in yourself. Believe That, you can get a new job. Believe That, you can have a new future. Believe That, you are a valued person. That, you can contribute. That, you can do better than anyone else. That, you can do more. Because I know, because I’ve interviewed so many people over the years that people do not try. They don’t try. Occasionally you come across someone That, you go, oh my God, this person has turned up. Absolutely saturated. ’cause someone splashed them with the car, they’ve walked five miles ’cause the train broken down.

But they come to the interview and they’ve tried really hard to get here. They’re the type of people our people want. It’s not just about education like we talked about earlier on. It’s about how hard you’ll work, how much you will do for that company. Because a lot of people will not do that. They want dedication, they want commitment. And like I said in the earlier video about, you know, working hard, doing as much as you can. That’s what people want. They want attitude. They want people with positive mindset that will look for problems, solve problems, do all that.

And it’s simple, guys. You believe in yourself because no one else will. No one will say to you, oh, you are gonna get that job ’cause you are amazing. What they’ll say as well, there’s probably 50 other people going for that job. you know, they might be a bit more qualified than you. So you know, don’t worry if you don’t get it. That’s not positive. Positive is, I’m get this job. I’m gonna do anything I can to get this job. I’m gonna prove to them I can do the job. I’m gonna ask them what their pain points are and I’m gonna solve them for them in that interview. It’s a mindset guys.

And once you get over that six week period of convincing yourself every single day, That, you can do things, you can do anything you want to. But while you sit there with those limiting beliefs all the time saying, I can’t do it. Can’t do it. You know, making excuses that we’ve talked about before, you will never do it. So jump off the couch, make a change. Be positive. Go out there, make an impact. Be that different person. Believe in other people, encourage them. And when you see them doing it makes it easier for you to do it.

It’s like Roger Banister running the four minute mile. No one ever thought anyone was able to do it. Once he did it, everybody started doing it because the limiting beliefs disappeared out the window because they then seen somebody else do it. So don’t be a person that sits in the background and complains about your life or complains about things. Just get out there, give it a go. And when you give it a go And, it works out for for you’ll go, oh my God, oh my God, I got that job. I got a 10 grand pay rise.

Oh my God, my future’s bright. And then you go and do that job, then you go and get a better job, and then you get a better job and a better job until you find something That you really enjoy. You’re paid well for you enjoy life. You come home, you enjoy your kids, you enjoy your lifestyle and everything else. But it’s changing your mindset, guys, it’s all in here. It’s all in here. Flipped a negative to positive. And as I said, I’ve been in some dark places. I have been in some really dark places, you know, and we’ll discuss those later on. So I know how hard it is to jump from that.

But that’s why this is a 60 day program, because it’s a combination of things that made you feel great. Yeah. Okay. So you just remember that one. And tomorrow we will talk about kids. Yeah. So if you haven’t got any kids, you probably won’t be interested. But I’m gonna show you or tell you how I get my kids to ultimately respect me. Have a absolute brilliant lifestyle and enjoy every minute of each other’s time. So I’ll see you in the next video. You take care of yourselves. All right. Take care.

Bye-bye now. Know.

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