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22 Popular Questions About The Law Of Attraction


I don’t really care what people think or say about the “law of attraction” because whether you think it works or not it definitely has done lots for my life.

The secret to it all however is not to take everything too literally but you should first and foremost have a purpose and meaning in life. With this in mind and you have a plan of what you want to achieve in life then everything will start to make sense. When you learn the importance of living for yourself first and foremost your life will change dramatically.

LOA isn’t simply a process of closing your eyes and manifesting what you want and it just appears before you and that is why a lot of people do not believe in it’s approach. When you use common sense and are a good person, give love, give kindness and do everything you can to live a life with purpose then the law of attraction will step in and provide you with your wants and desires.

The Law Of Attraction
The Law Of Attraction – Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Life really isn’t that hard as long as you follow a few simple rules which I outline below

  • Don’t let other people control your life. Life your life for you
  • Don’t let other people’s opinions change the way you think about yourself
  • Always surround yourself with people that encourage and support you
  • Work your hardest at all times
  • Have a plan and an aim in life and follow it through
  • Smile because you want to, not because you have to
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Learn to critique yourself and improve on your habits
  • Give love, kindness, generosity and help to everyone
  • Don’t do things you know are wrong and could get in trouble for
  • Live freely and enjoy life
  • Reward yourself when you need to
  • Believe in yourself

If you swear to live by the above rules then you will realize that life does reward you for it. Whether you think it is the cosmic universe, god or whoever that gives these things to you, it doesn’t matter as long as you get off your bum and live a life of happiness for yourself and others.

50 Questions About The Law Of Attraction

  1. What are the 3 laws of attraction? Like attracts like, The present is always perfect, nature abhors a vacuum. My versions of the 3 laws are – be kind, be generous, be grateful
  2. What does the law of attraction mean? The law of attraction itself is about manifesting your ideal life to the universe and asking it for what you want and not what you don’t want. Most people concentrate on the negatives in life which is why they always seem to keep getting pulled backwards instead of moving forwards. When you see everything in life as simply a lesson it allows you to keep moving forward in life.
  3. How does the law of attraction work? It works by having a positive nature and projecting the good things in your life that you want and you are also grateful for. When you have a plan in life and you can see where you are going the law of attraction will show you how to get there. It is by projecting this path that you have to let the LOA guide you as to the how.
  4. Do you believe in law of attraction? Yes almost definitely, maybe not all components of it but I have manifested plenty of things in my life, from houses, to cars, to my new wife. When you have clarity of mind and thoughts and know what you want, document that want and keep projecting it, you become more noticeable about the things around you. This leads to attraction but you have to do something to get there in first place. As an example I made my ideal wish of the women I wanted in my life, but if I hadn’t have joined an online dating site it is highly likely that I would not have met her in the first place.
  5. Does The Law of Attraction work for love? Yes absolutely as I said above I manifested the image of my perfect lover who is now my wife too. You cannot make someone love you but I was lucky that my wife was also manifesting something similar which happened to bring us together. Write down what your ideal partner looks like, the personality you want and project that in your thoughts in the morning and when you go to bed and most importantly believe that you will meet them.
  6. What are the 7 Laws of the Universe?
    1. The Law of vibration
    2. The law of relativity
    3. The law of cause and effect
    4. The law of polarity
    5. The law of gestation
    6. The law of rhythm
    7. The law of transmutation
  7. How do you use the law of attraction step by step?
    1. Know what you want in life
    2. Be specific about what the want is down to exact details
    3. Give a time when you want this by
    4. Determine what you are willing to do in return
    5. Think about what your life will look like with this item in it
    6. Think what value this item will bring to your life and others
    7. Set a plan on how you think you can achieve it
    8. Manifest and project your image daily
    9. Work everyday towards that goal
    10. Record your actions and rewards and wait
  8. How can I study law of attraction? There is lots of information on the law of attraction itself and there are plenty of books to read too. If you need help living a life of your dreams then check out my transformation program at change your life forever and I will help you will daily videos to get to where you want to be in life.
  9. What is law of attraction in psychology? Psychologists may look at the law of attraction in a similar way to CBT. Whereby you have to try and live a good life and that thoughts are just thoughts. Again I am sure many of them would recommend it and many would poo poo the idea too.
  10. Can you attract someone by thinking about them? Absolutely as mentioned above I wrote down everything I wanted in my partner and very descriptively too. I even said I wanted someone like Wonder Woman and when I met my wife for the first time and told her this, she pulled out her car keys with a Wonder Woman on her key ring. So I know it definitely works, you just have to specific about what you want, visualize it and see them in your life, then take steps to find them.
  11. How do you manifest a relationship with a specific person? This is a hard one because if they are not thinking the same then this may not work. So you should manifest the particular pieces you want in someone and not necessarily a specific person as they could be with someone, be in love with someone else or your not their type. If you concentrate on manifesting someone based on what you want however this is more likely to come to fruition if you follow the above tips.
  12. How long does Law of Attraction take to work? That all depends on how many things you are asking for, how specific you are about your wants, what time frames you requested this to happen. For small things to come, this can happen in a day and normally for big things I have found 1mth to 6mths depending on what I have been manifesting.
  13. Is The Law of Attraction Delusional? To some people yes it is a big pile of mumbo jumbo and that is to be expected as we all have our differing viewpoints on life. If you are willing to put in the effort in life and follow the rules above, there is no reason that it will not work for you.
  14. How do you attract a specific person with mind power? This is all about visualization, so write down exactly in detail what this person looks like, what you like about them, what they should like about you, what value you will bring to each others lives, see yourselves together and keep visualizing daily until you see something working. It might not be that specific person but it will be someone who is very close to your wants and desires.
  15. How do you do a 17 second manifestation? Go somewhere quiet where you can have complete clarity of mind and no disturbances what so ever. Have in mind prior what you want to visualize and bring into your life. Look at a picture or the words of what you want. Close your eyes and see yourself with what you want and how good it makes you feel and then keep on doing it.
  16. How do u make someone miss u? This is a hard question because when you are totally head over heels in love with someone, you cannot stand to be away from them. But if you want someone to miss you can use LOA for that you just have to make them want to come back to you, so love them, give kindess, lots of hugs and make them feel like they are the best person in the World and they will come back to you with a smile on their face.
  17. How can I increase my attraction power? By being consistent is the key to this one. You can’t just project what you want once and expect it to happen. It takes daily manifestation sessions to see what you want, feel it, experience it and do it daily until it comes into your life.
  18. Who discovered the law of attraction? Helena Blavatsky back in 1877 first mentioned it and since then there has been lots of practitioners, Abraham and Ester Hicks, Bob Proctor, Jack Cranfield and Rhonda Bhyrne
  19. How do you write a manifestation list? My list contains of
    1. What is it that I want
    2. Be specific, colour, shape, size etc
    3. When do you want it be
    4. What value will add to your life and others
    5. What are you willing to give in return
    6. How will you feel when you receive it
    7. Enjoy the manifestation journey of visualizing it all
  20. How can I talk to the universe by law of attraction? Go to a quiet place so you have complete clarity of mind. After writing down what you want and your manifestation list, close your eyes relax and give as much time going over how you feel when you obtain your wish. Ask the universe for it and be thankful and grateful that you will receive it.
  21. Why Loa is not working for me? The likely case for this is that you are not being consistent enough and wanting too many things. Concentrate on one thing as the law of attraction does have a habit of delivering what you want quickly when you visualize properly. Also you do have to put your feet on the path, so there is no point wishing for something just to appear. For instance if you want a new car, ask for a pay rise, or apply for better jobs, but you have to make the first step in the first place.
  22. How do you know if manifestation is working? This is why you need to have a plan and also write down what you want in the first place. Then you can refer back and see that actually you did get the things you wanted you just didn’t realize that you had truly manifested them.

So there you have it these are my 22 popular questions about the law of attraction and I hope it gave you a better insight into how it works. Don’t forget to join my transformation program also where I will help you live a happier life.

Take care and best wishes for the future Scott



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