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Can’t Trust Anyone Or Can You

Today’s post is about how you feel when you can’t trust anyone. It really isn’t a great feeling when you feel like this? Trust is built out of rapport with people that once it is there you don’t expect others to break it. When you have been treated badly in life it is hard to open up to others if you feel you can’t trust them.

So how do you learn to trust again when your heart is broken and your mind tells you not too. It is hard right, because you really want to be able to trust again but you are weary that your heart will just get broken again.

For me I have been pooped on by so many people in my life. Including friends, ex wives and family that it is hard to fathom sometimes why they would do these sorts of things to you. In my experience however people are capable of doing anything to anyone. Why do they do it. Who knows, are they jealous, are they just spiteful, do they like being unkind, do they want to see you fail. So when there are wolves out there waiting to just jump on you and consume you, what do you do?

My Top Tips On Learning To Trust Others Again

  1. Become the master of your own destiny, then if you feel that you can’t trust anyone, you only have yourself to make accountable for your actions. You only have you to rely on you and then trust is not an issue. When you have a friendship or partnership that does not rely on trust, it doesn’t really matter whether they let you down or not, if you can stand on your own two feet in the first place.
  2. Not everyone is the same. Some people will inevitably let you down no matter what you do. It wouldn’t matter whether you gave them the Earth, they would still not be the type of person you could trust in your life. Get rid of these types of people from your life as quickly as you can and replace them with people who appreciate your efforts.
  3. Do everything you can be to be a kind, generous and loving person. When you do this, most of the time and in most situations you will do and say the right thing. Therefore if the other person doesn’t like it, you know you are not the one causing the issues here.
  4. Give things time. Sometimes an argument or a let down will be resolved if you refuse to argue about the situation and let yourself calm down. We are all guilty of jumping in with reactions and coming up with the worse scenario’s ever. Just when you think someone might not be able to be trusted, you might change your mind if you just wait and tackle the situation with a different viewpoint later down the line.
  5. Don’t put all your trust in one basket, meaning that you rely solely on someone else to get what you need in life. If you do this and that person let’s you down then the impact of trusting others will just go straight out of the window. You will just think to yourself well if I couldn’t trust them who can I trust. I have known people for 20 years who have just flipped for no reason at all, sometimes you just cannot tell what is on people’s minds.
  6. Don’t trust someone that has background of letting others down, cheaters, liars and people that seem to make a life habit of just sucking the life out of you. Avoid these people like the plague too. If they are capable of doing this to someone, they are also capable of doing it to you too.
  7. Let people in but don’t give too much to them, hold little things back so you aren’t reliant on them. Have more people to share your loads with.
  8. Be careful what you tell other people. For instance never bad mouth your partner to your mother or father. They will only see things from your point of view and this may sway their viewpoint on the situation. They will always then have the I knew they weren’t good enough for you attitude if you ever split up later.
  9. You never know anyone until you back them into a corner. When people need to survive they will do anything. Which means stepping over you, this is where the trust thing is hard to restore when someone does something you would never ever expected them to do in the first place.
  10. Be kind to yourself, you will find trust in someone eventually, just always be prepared like I said above that you can always look after yourself and support yourself and things do go badly you can always stand on your own two feet again.
Can't Trust Anyone
Can’t trust anyone – Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Frequently asked questions on the subject of – I can’t trust anyone

  1. What does it mean when you can’t trust anyone? – This really means that you do not feel like you can really rely on anyone. You never know whether that person will turn on you at a later date or just simply let you down along the way.
  2. Why do I feel like I can’t trust anyone? – This is probably because you have had a bad experience in the past and don’t feel like you can share anything with anyone. Just realize not everyone is the same so you can give people elements of trust and see how they get on before trusting them completely.
  3. Is it bad that I don’t trust anyone? – Not really to be honest with you it just means that you haven’t found the right person or people to trust in the first place. Don’t give up just keep building good relationships with people moving forward.
  4. Why you should never trust anyone? – You should be able to trust at least someone. That is why you shouldn’t judge a situation based on previous experience. For instance if you have been let down in a relationship this is not necessarily true that your new partner will do the same. Hopefully they are a different type of person that you can trust.
  5. How can you tell if someone is trustworthy? – This is a really tricky question. By testing them I guess with different things and see whether or not you feel they can be trusted. My wife tested me with lots of things, I even created a promise board so that I wouldn’t forget everything I had said I would do for her. This was really important because she had been let down previously.
  6. Why can’t I trust my friends? – Some friends aren’t worth having to be honest and if you can’t trust them just treat them in that way. Use them to the benefit you get from them and nothing more. Friendships are important and trust should really be the basis of this too.
  7. Why is trust so important? – Because otherwise you have no one to back you up in life and share things with. Everyone needs a buddy they can trust whether it is a friend, a parent or a lover. It is important to share your crazy thoughts, ideas and life with someone that will just keep it to themselves.

So there you go they are my top tips on why you can’t trust anyone. If you would like to change your lifestyle for the better then feel free to join my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

I have put together a video series that works on being the best you and covering all aspects of daily life. It doesn’t cost anything either so go and have a look and see what you think. In the meantime I wish you all the best in life Scott.

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