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What If Life Wasn’t What It Seems – Write Your Own Story

Welcome to the podcast for changeyourlifeforever So. I promised yesterday after asking how your day was that I was gonna produce a few more podcasts. I dunno whether anyone’s listening, whether you wanna listen or whether you find it useful.

But yesterday kinda came to me in a realisation in the car about is the world actually what it seems, what is life all about?

And kinda what I was thinking was sometimes, have you, have you ever had deja vu?

Have you ever kinda been sitting there and thought something was gonna happen and it did? Or you want, you want something and you manage to get it somehow? Or strange things that just happen on a daily basis.

You meet someone, you think you know them and things just happen or just fit into place.

And sometimes if you sit down in the quiet and you analyze your life and wonder where you came from, what you’ve been doing, how your life has come together, you know, how does all that happen?

What, what, what makes it so that life works out the way That you want it to, you know, and I know a lot of people sit down and they say, well, setting goals and having an objective, and, you know, planning your life out accordingly. But what if life was different than that?

What if life was like your own book, your own story, your own film that hasn’t been written yet? And actually the things That you think, and the way That you process things and the way That you interpret your life is how that film and that book gets written every day.

So, what if you were responsible for writing that book, writing that film? There’s nobody else involved. It’s just you, your thoughts, how you see yourself in five years time, one years time tomorrow, or whatever it is. That, you could actually write the pages of that book yourself. You could think, feel enough thoughts about changing things in your life, making things different, making things positive.

And I don’t know your life, obviously, but mine, I, I would say I probably think a little bit differently than most people. And when I got that letter from HMRC yesterday, I’ve been worrying about it for such a long time that it kinda grated on me. And I’d have visions of this envelope coming through the letter box. And sometimes you have to wonder whether you will those things on. I mean, obviously it was gonna happen at some point, but when it happens, you don’t know.

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So as part of my film, I’d obviously been thinking about that a lot. And then, you know, we received that letter and that demand and stuff. And what you do with that and how you process it really dictates the outcome. Now, I, I could’ve broken down and I’ve spoken to people about it, and they said, well, if I received that letter, I would’ve had a heart attack. and if you listened to the podcast yesterday, you’ll realize my wife kinda calmed me down and said, you know, look, no one’s died. Everything will be all right.

We’ll sort it out. It’s no problem And, she was right, because the pages of the book haven’t been written yet, so the outcome hasn’t been determined. So why would I worry about something that I don’t know anything about yet? All I can do is prepare for the outcome and accept the outcome. So what I did was I wrote a big free to four page document to them as part of the appeal. I gave them all the evidence, everything where the calculations were wrong, how they’d misassigned it, and now I’ve just got a wait and the outcome is gonna be better than it was that I received the other day.

But I, I had a panic. I might not have been able to, to sit down and process, process things properly and write that book. And another interesting thing at the moment is, you know, I, I don’t do anything or I try really hard not to do anything wrong. So, I work hard. I play hard and look after myself. I’m, kind to people. I’m nice to people, you know, I look after people and I’ll do anything for them because that’s how I would expect to be treated myself. but I don’t get offended when people don’t turn up.

I don’t get offended if people don’t like me. I don’t get offended by things that generally go wrong because I see that everything does happen for a reason. Whatever that reason is, why it happens or whatever are still part of this book that we’re writing and what the outcome is gonna be. And over the years, if you know my story, I’ve, I’ve been married three times and I’m married to a beautiful lady. Now I’ve got three children and one stepdaughter.

And it’s been hard, And, it’s been difficult to amalgamate those people to understand and learn about different people and how to communicate with them and how to live a life that is prosperous rather than something that is derogatory and, and you’re not upset about. And again, that’s about writing the pages of your book and your outcome. And, it was funny because I was driving along last night, And, it was like there was a massive lorry in front of me, And, it was a massive Lorry behind me.

And the Lorry behind me kept closing in And. it was just a country road. And you know, as your thoughts do they take over, well, what happened if that Lorry crashed into me? That’s part of your story, that’s part of your film. And sometimes I think if you think about things too hard, that film, that book, you can actually make things happen. And that’s the power of thought, imagination and things that trickle every day into thinking that disaster’s gonna happen.

That’s our fight or flight mechanism that says we’re gonna protect ourselves consistently. And I think the only way I deal with that is just looking at things intellectually, intelligently, taking a pause, having clarity, thinking about life, thinking that things will be okay. you know, tomorrow is a new day and we’ve always got the opportunity to do more. We’ve always got the opportunity to change our jobs, change our friends, change our house, change our situation.

It’s just accepting the uncomfortableness about that and rewriting that book and that film, but having the end in sight. So what does the end of the film look like? And I, I always said to my new wife, you know, I always wanted to, sit on a, on a bench with her at the end of our time, go through the letters I wrote to her when we were first started courting and stuff, and, and go through our life. And we even put a map up the other day of all the places we’ve been and photographs of all the kids and everything that we’ve done together.

Because I think sometimes in life we forget how far we’ve come within that story and we forget how far we can go within the rest of the story and just make things positive, make life easy, you know? And something that’s come up recently is everybody says, you know, what is wrong with people nowadays? But that’s because everybody’s story is not good. The financial situation, COVID, people are struggling, you know, things are becoming too expensive. It’s just people aren’t happy and they don’t know how to write their own story or write that film.

So a lot of people don’t ask you how you are. You can have a conversation with them, and all they do is answer questions. They don’t openly talk to you anymore because they’re either on the phone, they’re watching tele or their preoccupied or their thoughts have got to them. And, you know, that sociable aspect of, of what we are meant to be about as people by learning from each other, by understanding each other, by being in different situations, is, is different nowadays. And I think part of it is, you know, looking at your life, your life is an open book,

And it is a long film and you can make that book or that film, whatever you want it to be. You have that power to do That. you are the only person that can get up in the morning and make a change to your life and make it one That. you are gonna enjoy. You’re gonna love the people around you, the people around you, you can ignore if they don’t respect you. you know, because life is just about you. It’s not about everybody else because you have no control over that. The only thing That you have control over is your faults, your feelings, your book and your film.

So, you know, sometimes Just take time out. you know, go for a walk in the countryside or just have some peace and quiet and just think yourself about your life. Are you happy? Are there things that you’d like to change? What would your book look like? How would your film end? And when you have those ideas in mind, you don’t have to set goals. And you don’t have to necessarily live your life by those rules, but just have an idea of what you want your film to look like. And every night before you go to bed, just play that film back to you.

You know, what the ideal life would look like to you. So I Know I’ve rambled on. Again, you can kind of find out more in my course on the blog if you want to hear more, if you want to get involved. And have a lovely rest of the week and I hope to catch up with you again too. All my best wishes, Scott.

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