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Books that will change your life forever

I was thinking about a few things today. One of those things was books that will change your life forever and how the book clarity changed mine in the most dramatic way.

I even did a video on it for my 60 day transformation program that you can do yourself. You can find out more about it by clicking here 

See I have always been into personal development from when I was a teenager and that brought together with the law of attraction is a powerful beast in changing your life in the most positive ways. 

The book clarity was my favourite mainly because it fitted in with my idea of not worrying about things and just sitting back and the answers will just walk through the door and they generally do. 

You see the mistake most people make is that they make decisions straight away which are normally not the best to make unless you are absolutely sure that it is the right decision. But if you take time out and go and sit in the quiet away from your surroundings then the answer normally comes to you when you least expect it. 

Other books that will change the way you think are

  1. the secret is a great book. A lot of people think that it is nonsense about the law of attraction and the way it can bring anything into your life but I can tell you it does work. I talk about this and many more things in my transformation program you can join here The basis of it is that what you give out in your life is what you receive back. In many forms this is true because positives attract and positives and negatives attract negatives. Examples are where you have wished for something and it has come true – negative examples are were you are really unhappy about receiving a bill for something and then more bills come in. It is really a fascinating concept and you should look more into it. 
  2. My second favourite is Brian Tracy and any of his books will do – he is just an amazing salesman and positive person that he shows you that if you want to do something well. Then go and find someone else that is doing it and copy them. Very basic introduction really but to be honest it is true, many people try and forge new ideas on to fail when you can walk the path of the successful and follow them all the way to success too. 
  3. My third favourite is any of Tony Robbins books because this guy just rocks. He has been able to change the lives of so many people in such a positive way that he is just see as an emperor in the personal productivity field. 
  4. My fourth favourite book is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This is an awesome book and if you get it then you can work out what the secret to life is and adapt your ways of thinking in so many ways. I am not going to tell you to much about this book because you need to go and buy a copy and see for yourself. 
books that can change your life forever

Not many people bother to read books nowadays and for personal development it is really important to open your eyes to different viewpoints and how the world works and how you can adapt to change yourself. 

Most people say they just do not have enough time in their busy lives to sit down and read a book in peace and quiet. Now that might be due to advent of social media but to be honest if you question how much time you spend on these and how much value they give it is probably limited to be fair. 

So next time you are thinking off doing something with your time go and do some research on the 100 must read life changing books and see if there any that float your boat enough to spend the time out reading them. 

I always take time out now because we need downtime and even if it is just 20 minutes a day at bedtime – reading and updating your skills is paramount in today’s world of survival. 

Additional searches you can also carry out relative to books that will change your life forever are below

I hope you do manage to pick up a book and also check out my transformation program on how you can change your life by watching 60 – 5 short videos a day. 

Take care and best wishes Scott

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