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How can I change my life with no money

Today I was thinking about my own situation and the question how can I change my life with no money came back into mind. You see money is important but it will not make you happy. I discuss the importance of money itself in this video post 

So let’s have a look at how you can change your life and learn how to be happier if you have no money, because life is definitely about mindset and combine that with the tips I give in my change your life transformation program you will be on your way to understanding how you can live a successful life and attract all the money that you want as well. 

Tips on changing your life without having any money to spend

  • You can attract money by using the law of attraction to guide you on the way. Now it may seem mystical that you can attract anything you want in life but the reason it doesn’t work for everyone is because of the below
    • In life you need to have a plan, you need to write down everything that you want on paper. Once you have written down what you want, you have to spend time thinking about your options to obtain those things. When you spend 30 minutes a day in the morning and the evening you are confirming in your mind that you want those things and ideas will start popping into your head on how to obtain them. Most people just have random thoughts occasionally and do not concentrate on commanding what they want. 
    • You need to start forcing yourself to be happy with your situation, even if you have no money you need to dream and envisage what it will be like for you to become rich and what you would spend all that money on and how it could and can change your life
    • be nice to people because you never know who you might meet or bump into in your daily routine. For me I met a guy in the pub one day who changed my life forever and it was only by striking up a conversation with him and becoming friends that I got my first stepping stone into my career progression. This has happened numerous times since then when you bother to spread kindness and love to others. 
    • Spreading kindness and love will attract similar things into your life as well. If you give to the Universe the law of reciprocity will pay you back. I discuss this more in my transformation program and the video about spreading happiness here
    • If you have a job currently you should always do your best to be the best you can at it. Most jobs can be rewarding no matter what they are if you change your attitude about the way you view them. I also put a video together on how you can make your job better you can find here
    • Network with people and don’t be afraid to ask them if they have any spare jobs. Most employers nowadays are looking for honest and hardworking people to help run their business. If you show tenacity and commitment sometimes it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills they will employ you anyway because of your attitude

Now for me I can give advice on this subject because I have always done well in life by following some of the principles no how to be happier that I am going to highlight below.

But I have had money and to be fair all the materialistic things in the World will not make you happy. So if you are looking for money to make you happy I’m afraid that you have to find happiness first and foremost and then the money will follow. 

Follow these simple tips below for finding happiness and letting the money find you

  • In your current job get on the right side of your boss. Do all the jobs that are causing them problems. As a reward for taking the stress away from them you will get what you deserve. All the other employees will sit there moaning while you reap the rewards
  • Find happiness everywhere, follow my program and jump out of bed in the morning with a smile and see your life as a challenge and not something you are not happy with
  • Change your attitude from needing money to wanting money and how it can improve your lifestyle and why it would add value to your life. Most people who win the lottery fail to keep it because they have no clue about what value it can give them in life
  • As above write everything down about why money is so important to you and then put a plan together on how you can achieve it. You can make money even by creating videos on youtube nowadays on any topic and find a following that loves what you have to say. So there are no excuses here for not finding ways to make some additional money
  • Look at your life and see whether you have any special gifts to offer the World – if you do then it is about time you showed the World your worth and get yourself out there
  • Actually do something about your situation, don’t just complain you have no money. If you do this you will attract all the things that you do not want and will end up never getting the money you are after
  • Everything takes time and a little effort but if you look at your situation now, it can’t be any harder than it is to put on a brave face and go looking for opportunities to change your life in anyway you can
  • Don’t beat yourself about it, it is just the situation you are in currently and if you follow the above it is surprising how quickly your life can change if you just put a plan together and work towards implementing it
  • Most people will never have money because they believe they are not worth it. But Bill Gates and every other billionaire on the planet has exactly the same time in a day and started in exactly the same place as you. The only difference is they had a plan with a lifestyle and a go getters attitude to achieve their dreams
  • Dream big and spend everyday thinking what your life will look like when you get the job of your dreams, the money of your dreams and just stop all the excuses 

Life can be hard right guys but it is only as hard as we make it. When we take the time to forge our future and put a plan together it is just amazing what we can achieve. 

Don’t listen to others as they will only hold you back and stop wishing to win the lottery as this is unlikely to happen. What will happen however is if you put a smile on your face and follow the tips on how to be happier as above you will have a plan you can measure on how you are going to change your life and attract the money you deserve. 

It won’t happen overnight so you need to stay consistent for at least 6 mths but it will happen just believe. 

So get out there make a plan and I wish you every luck in obtaining the life of your dreams. 

Best wishes Scott

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  1. Am happy to read what you have to offer but I have had a challenge to be consistent in thinking and focusing of one thing because no job, no partner though I keep my Faith and I choose to smile even when I feel like screaming ( cry)
    How do I build a business, attract a partner or job when you have no prospect or any one in mind.
    I think & feel I need a partner how long does it take to attract one using my thoughts or how could you advice.
    Thank you

    • Hi Joy and many thanks for leaving a comment. The hard thing here is to stay consistent and when you can visualize what you want then you have to try and take action towards it. So if you want to look for a partner, think about what they will look like, act like, what value they can add to your life. Then get out there and socialize with people, talk, communicate and build relationships with people. Or if you can go on a dating site and meet people. Don’t worry about the one’s you meet that aren’t compatible just keep going and have fun until you find the one for you. Life is about dreaming what we want and then finding ways to do it. Help others, be kind and meet new people and life will improve. If you are struggling and want some daily help then feel free to join my program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk, hopefully it should give you some inspiration. Take care and keep smiling like you are doing.

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