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Video 28 – Why Money Matters

This is video 28 of the transformation program that you can join at this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

A lot of people have limiting beliefs about money but I guarantee that you are working the same hours as everyone else and therefore you need to be paid your worth. So this video discusses making sure that you work hard and ask for the pay rises you deserve, look for opportunities in life to improve and move forward. Now money won’t bring you happiness but it does take away the daily stresses related to paying those bills.


Hi and welcome back. And so you would’ve just watched video number 27, which was about not forgiving and forgetting and yet I am still in this gear. I’m gonna go and get a shower in a bit. But for now, more important to do the videos. Yeah. So basically forgiven and forgetting. Yeah. Don’t hold onto things guys. Forgive people for what they do. Sometimes they do stupid things. Yeah. And sometimes, you know, they’ll feel guilty about it for the rest of their lives. Just, just don’t worry about it.

If it isn’t sky high, crazy stuff that they’ve done, just forgive them. you know? People make mistakes. They do make mistakes. Yeah. And sometimes you just gotta move forward, make it better, you know, forget about it, shut it out your mind. And the quicker That you do it, the more quickly That you can move on. Which is great because that’s what life is about. Happiness and moving on and making things better than you were before. Not going back and revisiting things and making yourself feel bad about stuff like that. Yeah. So the next one was about money.

Yeah. So tell your story. I tell your story. Examples. Yeah. All that good stuff. So when I was younger and I left the Army, I went to college, didn’t get on too well there. But then I’ve becoming an estate agent. Yeah. And I’ve told you a bit about this story before about getting a job and working with some friends, And, it was all about positive attitude. you know, we were earning lots of money and stuff and doing really well for ourselves, you know, and I’ve climbed a corporate ladder pretty well, you know, always done well and, and that’s been on the basis, you know, that I’ve worked well with people.

So I work hard myself, but I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. But you know, the, the important thing to recognize is that, you know, money is important in a lot of ways. It’s not the be all and end all of things because money won’t make you happy. And we know that because there isn lots of very rich people and there’s still not happy yet because happiness comes from inside. But money pays for you not to worry about the lifestyle that follows as well. Yeah. So what happens is, generally we get stuck in a, in a rutt, we get stuck in a job, you know, we’re earning the same money, we’re not moving forward.

And you know, sometimes it’s great to take a big career jump, get that more money, get it coming in and doing better. Because at the end of the day, the likes of Bill Gates, you know, all the rich people in the world, they only wait the same amount of time as you. But some people are being paid millions of pounds a day. Are they clever than you? Uhuh? Probably not. Are they working harder than you Uhuh? Probably not. Are they taking more risks? Yeah, maybe. Are they pushing themselves hard? Yeah. Maybe.

Are they learning new things? Yeah, maybe. But it’s not all about being in the right place at the right time. It’s not about having a magic idea. It’s just about looking for opportunities guys. And if those guys are in and you know that much money a day compared to what you are in and why can’t you earn it? There’s a multitude of ways you can go out and make money nowadays. you know, there’s people on YouTube making an absolute fortune

Speaker 1 (2m 59s): By doing videos like this, you know, getting their voice out there, you know, helping people in certain niches, you know, from anything from knitting to, you know, building chicken coops, all sorts of stuff. Because a lot of people are interested. So if you’ve got something That you are really interested in or a hobby, you know, you can take that and make it live on the internet now. You can create a blog, you can create a website and give people advice. You can create forums and help people. you know, there’s so many ways of thinking outside the box and you can educate yourself in any way as well, which we’ll talk about later.

But money is important. And you have to get even that belief that you know, you’ll never earn more money. You’re not stuck working wherever you want to work. You are only stuck by the limiting beliefs that you’ve got. You know? So it is pretty good idea, you know, to get that job That you want, then move on, get a better job, more money, and keep going and going and going until you get to a place where you’re comfortable with stuff. And I, and I’ll tell you why money is important ’cause you keep losing it all the time probably. Or you keep spending it, but you want a lifestyle that is nice, it’s easy, it’s relaxing.

Yeah. So push yourselves really, really hard guys in your career, in your paths or whatever because when you’re earning that money, you’ll feel more valued as well. Yeah. And just push yourselves, go out there and see what it is That you want to do. Get a job that pays you with the money That you think you are worth. And then you will wanna work hard as well. If you think you are being paid your worth, you won’t wanna let people down. You’ll want to work hard, you’ll want to feel good about yourself. Yeah.

So I’ve put a few links below the video or whatever, you know, to some people that I know that are offering courses that can help you look at stuff if you are into the internet. But the important thing is, is just go and open your eyes. you know, don’t be, don’t become unhappy because of money. you know, you’ve got an opportunity to go there. Name more. You can be a millionaire if you want to. If you use the law traction, you put a plan together on how you’re gonna get there. you know, go and create your own business. Think of an idea that you’re interested in.

you know, we talked before about people making millions of pounds just from one brand of sock. There’s loads of opportunities nowadays guys. So rather than sit down watching the telly or you know, flicking on East Enders, go and have a look about how you can create your own business or create your own new environment, but do something. Challenge yourself and go into money. Yeah. So that’s enough of that video. Next fo video is, opportunities will come when your eyes are open to receive them.

Alright, so I’ll see you in the next video. Take it easy for now. See you.

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