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Why Your Own Thoughts Will Destroy Your Life

Can you even begin to imagine how many thoughts run through your mind in a single day?

Do you know how many of them are good. Or how many of them are bad? Are any of them limiting your behaviour?

If you are like me or anyone else you will have numerous thoughts that go through your mind every day to ones that can help you strive to ones that will destroy who you are and what you stand for.

See our minds are really really poweful things and the crux of it is that whatever you think gets stuffed into your subconscious mind. Going around and around making your mind think that what you are thinking is true.

Tell your mind the same thing over and over and you will start to believe it. I did a great video on what if everything you thought would come true you can find here. It really is an interesting concept.

Have you ever notice how many times you question yourself about something. How many times that inner voice tells you to either do or do not do something. Sometimes the most bizarre things can pop into your mind. Not even related to anything in particular but just there so you go darn where did that come from.

It really is something that we all have to deal with and something we can all learn to control if we follow some simple rules about listening to our inner voices and taking control of them.

So here are my top tips on taking control of your inner voices and taking control of your life.

  • The things that go on in your mind are just thoughts and only thoughts.
  • You can control your thoughts by learning to ignore the crazy stuff that comes into your mind. Just laugh and go darn where did that come from.
  • We have to think about our future and where we want to go. If we dwell on the past the past will always be there to haunt us.
  • I wrote an article about waking up in the morning with a smile on your face you should check out here.
  • Putting ourselves in a good mood promotes great thoughts. Did you know that scientists have proven that a smile at regular intervals throughout the day can combat stress and anxiety. If you aren’t doing this watch this video here.
  • If you beleive that you can do something you can. If you beleive you can’t do something you won’t be able too. Whatever we literally tell ourselves over and over makes it so much harder to overcome anything.
  • Take small steps with your mind by coaching it to be happy. Happiness is a choice and when we control our own thoughts, we also control how we take other people’s feelings towards us into account also.
  • Most people have no idea what they are saying will upset you or make you angry. It is you that takes things personally and makes an issue of it. When you can learn to just look and go heah really I know you didn’t really mean that, that you can then train your mind not to worry about things all the time.
  • We destroy our enjoyment by saying to ourselves, this is rubbish, this could be better, wow really did they just say that. Learning to overlook things in life and just see the positives is a really hard thing to master but once you do. Life takes on a whole new meaning.
  • be kind to others. Being kind means that you know you are not doing anything wrong. So when someone openly has a pop at you, then you know it is their problem not yours and you can hold youself higher by not rising to the challenge all the time.
  • Learn to love yourself and your mind. Tell your mind you love being happy, you want to live an exciting life, you want to have everything you deserve. Once you start telling your mind this it really does start to believe it. Some people call this the law of attraction. I call it common sense. When you take control of your thoughts you do attract the things that you want in life. Watch this video for further inspiration.

Life can be hard if we don’t take control of it and we just let it pass us by. If we believe that life holds nothing for us then it won’t. If we choose however to take control of our lives and chase our dreams then life really does open up in new ways.

So if you want to take control of all aspects of your life then feel free to join me on my 60 day transformation program you can find here. You won’t regret it.

Wishing you all the very best in journey through life. Best wishes Scott

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