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I Want To Completely Change My Life Now

I want to completely change my life now is the thing that went round and round in my head when my wife told me she didn’t love me anymore. It was the perfect opportunity to take everything I hated and turn my life on its head.

But sometimes it takes losing everything in life to realise where your path truly lies and what you must do to find happiness. Happiness is a choice when your choice is to concentrate on you and give love and kindness to everyone.

Live without expectations or remorse and be free, because no matter what happens when you change your life for you, everything else unfolds around you. It isn’t an easy path but that is why I put together my transformation program to help you take that path with my support. You can find out more about it here

My top tips on completely changing your life

  1. You have to think about yourself first and foremost. This is not being selfish it is just making sure that you look after your own happiness first and foremost in life
  2. If you hate anything about your life one of the first things to do is come to terms with your situation and work out what might be causing it. Then you have to work out whether that is actually the cause. Often or not we might dislike something but if we have convinced ourselves of this over and over again then it might just be we have programmed ourselves badly in this situation. 
  3. If you haven’t got anything to look forward to in life then this needs to change. Every basic principle within our lives works around being rewarded for what we do and recognition that it is being well received. This does not need to be monetary but can be something as simple as doing a kind gesture for someone and a thank you being given in return. Find something you love doing that takes your mind away from any hardships
  4. You can do anything or be anything you want to. We live in a technology world where we can learn anything, be anyone we want to be and we can set any path in life to have any future we want. If we want it badly enough that it is
  5. If you are single go and do online dating. I met the wife of my dreams by doing this and yes I wasted a bit of time trying to find her but my life has so much value now I have found her. Do not compromise on this either, if you meet someone and they do not light your fire with an explosion move on until you find someone that does and they think the same
  6. If you are struggling with your relationships and you think this needs to change. First try rekindling things, everything we do is based on habit and if you have forged bad habits in your relationship then these need improving. There is a good article here from Tony Robbins on how to do that
  7. If you hate your job and you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning then either change it or look to make the most of it. Watch the video for more information 
  8. For every change you make your life will improve, measure everything you do for the outcome you get from making the change. If you want to change your life completely read this article
  9. Life is for living and you are meant to enjoy it so changing your life completely should be the first thing you address. See this as an adventure though and not something bad. So many of us think we are so unhappy that we actually make ourselves unhappy. It doesn’t take much to put a smile in your face if you follow the tips below
    1. Don’t use social media as a way of communicating with friends and family. Pick up the phone and have a good old gander and a laugh
    2. Don’t bury your head in the sand, if you think you need to change your life it is likely you do. So running away from it will only make your pain last longer. Grab life by the balls and there is no better time than now to make changes
    3. You don’t have to change everything, sometimes just a small change might give you the result you are looking for, but have a plan of what you want to change and then work hard at implementing it
    4. Have fun – if your life is dull go out there and speak to people, say Hi as you walk down the street, talk to the cashiers behind the till. I guarantee that by doing this you will meet some amazing people who can change your life as well. Watch this video for information
    5. Tackle your problems and don’t put them off. This will lead to more stress and anxiety which is what you will want to avoid when making changes in your life. Read this article by Tony Robbins – Is it a problem or a gift
    6. Hold your head up high and just be you. No one can instill confidence in you apart from you. Dress up everyday and make yourself look amazing. When you feel good inside you will radiate this on the outside too
    7. Be courageous and just start your path today, no putting off, no excuses just get changing something. Then when you change one thing you will be more confident about changing more things.

Frequently asked questions about completely changing your life

  1. How can I completely change my life? – The one and only thing you can do to completely change your life is to make a start. If you are unhappy then writing things down that don’t make you happy is the place to start. Then put them down in level of importance on the things that annoy you the most. Then write next to them a possible solution. If it means changing your partner, getting a new job, moving house then make a commitment to change and work out how to do it. We are the only one’s that can change our lives no one else will do it for us.
  2. How can I change my life to be happy? – Happiness is an emotion and one that anyone can feel at anytime. You might laugh at a good comedy, your friends jokes or whatever but it is just an emotion that we trigger in our minds. Just because you are unhappy with a situation should not effect your overall happiness. We can all force a smile even in times when we are down but if you jump out of bed in the morning looking forward to your day, you will find nothing will get in the way of your happiness.
  3. How can I completely change my life in one year? – It is easy to change your life as quickly as you want to. In my transformation program I discuss this as my life changed completely in 1 day and the past 18mths have been the best time of my life. The only thing you can do is work out what parts of life you want to change and promise yourself you will get to action and start changing them. Don’t be scared if you fail, or it seems like a massive hill to climb, just get yourself changing.
  4. How can I change my mindset? – Changing your mindset is down to you and your own motivation. If you want something badly enough then you will find the motivation to achieve it. If you only make a half arsed attempt at something then you will never change your way of thinking. Be positive and adopt a do it now attitude and never give up. Everything may seem like an uphill struggle but just stay determined and you will reap the rewards.
  5. What makes your soul happy? – It depends on who you are? But life’s happy souls generally have the following qualities in their lives, love, happiness, hugs, rewards, smiles, unconditional caring nature, music, friendships and a great family. If you have all these things then you will definitely be a happy soul.

If all the above makes any sense then make sure you join my transformation program. It is my gift back to the World because I realised that by helping others, it comes back to me and I would love you take this journey with me. 

Good luck in your transformation in completely changing your life

Best wishes Scott


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