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How To Change Your Lifestyle Completely In Quick Steps

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean changing your life it just means realigning it to your own happiness.

So let me show you how to change your lifestyle completely in quick steps. 

This is all based on my lifestyle changes that I put in place that you can find in my transformation program here.

You just might need a little help with some of these things and I am with you everyday for 60 days to help you transform your life completely and as quickly as possible

My top tips on changing your lifestyle completely

  1. Never be scared to make changes in your life. In order to change your life  you must be willing to push on through. Some things will be easy and some will be hard
  2. Start with your appearance and create a new you. Sometimes we spend years with the same hair cut, the same clothes and maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself. Don’t worry what others think you always look a little weird with an image change but often or not it expresses a  new you
  3. If you are a little overweight then try losing it. It is not as difficult as you may think and I discuss this in more detail on how I lost 5 stone in 3 mths here
  4. Losing weight and getting more energy does you wonders. You feel like a teenager again and I cannot recommend it enough if you want a great start to changing your life
  5. Find something you love to do. Something with a passion that gets you energised to do it at the weekends or evenings. A passion will spur you on with confidence to make other changes in your life
  6. Move house, if you are unhappy where you live, dream of a new destination a new start, new neighbours and the exciting times it might bring to you
  7. Find new friends and be nice to people, it is amazing how many people you can meet just by stopping and saying hi at the bus stop. Knowing more people will bring greater opportunities in your life
  8. Educate yourself, start reading some books on being positive and making changes. Brian Tracy is one of my favourites and has a good article here 
  9. Decorate your house if you don’t want to move. After all coming home to a lovely place should be the one thing you look forward to 
  10. Socialise and go out for dates if your single. Either that or join a dating site online. I met my gorgeous wife online and have never looked back. Yes the journey to find her was a bit ropey but heah I am the happiest man alive now. 
  11. Rekindle your existing relationships and find yourselves again. After all relationships and love is what we are all looking for and loving your partner should be the most important item on your agenda. Find out more her 
  12. Make a conscious decision to smile more and be happy – look at things from a positive perspective rather than the doom and gloom we sometimes always think in our lives
  13. Stop rushing around and take time out to sit down and think about what you really want in life, what would make you happy, what would make you smile. Then work hard to obtain it
  14. Stay consistent in your efforts and when you choose the path to change your lifestyle completely follow it through. No point trying to get there and be put off by others or lack of progress. One thing is certain in life is that if you have a plan and a positive outlook to get what you want the universe will reward you for it
  15. Change your job and find something new. Yes change can be hard to take but if you are not happy jump into a new life and give it your best. Sometimes it is good to do this every couple of years anyway just to keep you on your toes
  16. Look inside yourself and find out who you are – stop talking to idiots who complain all the time and pull you in. Hang around with other friends who want to change too and help them achieve a lifestyle change as well
  17. Watch positive things on the tele rather than things that will just depress or anger you. Television isn’t really real and your life is more important so spend time on changing your lifestyle as you will need lots of time to create and implement plans
  18. Try lots of different things, you don’t have to just jump into one thing and expect your whole lifestyle to change in one day. But it can change drastically by choosing to jump out of bed in the morning and own your life
  19. Record everything you do and the impact the change had on your lifestyle and whether it was worth it or not. Did it or did it not make you happy. Sometimes we think the grass is greener on the other side and it isn’t
  20. Relax and chill, enjoy your day, your life, you were meant to be happy but it is your choice to do something about it. You will feel amazing if your looking good, feeling good, lost a little weight and it really isn’t that hard if you put your mind to it

If you are struggling for the motivation to get started or stay consistent, join my transformation program and I will motivate you everyday through 60 videos to get you started and on your path to greatness in life. 

Good luck with your lifestyle change

Best Wishes Scott

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