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Can you change your life by changing your attitude

I am sitting here thinking about life and the question can you change your life by changing your attitude popped into my head.. So I thought I would answer it directly in that absolutely, if you change your perspective on the way you see things your life can change dramatically and quickly. 

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You see ultimately everyone wants to live in happiness and have a fulfilled lifestyle right. But sometimes that seems a million miles away when you are feeling sad, unhappy, unfulfilled and trapped in a lifestyle that you think you can deserve better. 

I had to lose everything in my life a few times before I actually realised that it wasn’t really about changing my attitude towards things it was giving my love happiness and attention to the wrong people. So sometimes it isn’t you that is the problem. It is your surroundings and once you recognize this, it is so much easier to do something about changing your life forever. 

So you can change your life by changing your attitude by following the below tips

  • Time to think – Spend sometime on your own and find clarity in your own mind about whether or not it is your attitude you need to change. Sometimes all we need is to find something we fall in love with doing and our attitude can dramatically change
  • Stop negative thinking – Stop telling yourself you need to change your attitude and work out what bits you aren’t happy about and put a plan together on how you can change that
  • Blame – Don’t blame yourself we can all adapt and change to things and if you recognize you need to change you have already done half the battle
  • Weird thoughts – Everyone has crazy thoughts sometimes about lots of things and not just their attitude – watch this video to find out more 
  • Get it on paper – Write down all the things that bother you about your attitude and workout which one’s you want to change first
  • Ask yourself this question – Is the situation really that bad because anything you tell yourself consistently you will believe
  • The power of the mind really is an amazing thing and you can convince yourself of anything and sometimes all it takes is just a change to your thought patterns in order to change your life
  • How to change your attitude and personality is a really difficult one because quite often or not you don’t need to change. If people are telling you that you do, it is likely that you are unhappy. If you are unhappy then it is not surprising that you are not yourself. Sometimes just finding a new circle of friends that appreciate you as being you can do the trick just as well. 
  • How to change your attitude and behaviour is another different area and can again be about hanging around in the right situations with the right people to encourage you. We often beat ourselves up about things when actually the problem is caused by our environment and not us. Most people are happy and enthusiastic when they are doing things they enjoy and being with people they like being with. So if your circle doesn’t feel like this it might be time to find a new circle. 
  • If you find the need to change your attitude about life in general then it could be for a number of reasons and you might just need a little motivation from someone or your surroundings to encourage you to do better.

Frequently asked questions about – change your attitude change your life

  1. How can I change my attitude towards life? – First of all if you want to change your attitude towards life you have to really want to do it. If you can recognize your behaviour and know that it needs to change then you have already made the first hurdle in your journey. Attitude is normally down to education and picked up from things in the subconscious mind from when we are children. Children are not born unkind or with thoughts of unkindness, they are educated that way through how they brought up. So don’t be unkind to yourself in this respect but learning to treat others with respect, have great manners and don’t let others upset you is a key skillset that you can learn in life that will help to change your attitude also. Everyone has their own point of view and no one is necessarily wrong so find people that you can associate with that bring you up to their level.
  2. Is it possible to change your attitude? – Yes you can change your attitude. Most if not all of this is down to listening to yourself and how you react to particular conversations and how you adapt to them. Most problem know when they have got an attitude because it will generally go against the grain. Having an attitude often means that you pull back as well as you know you have done something wrong, but your instant reaction is to blame others for your response. What you need to understand is that in most circumstances it is perfectly acceptable to apologize later. So never react quickly to things and think about your answers and the impact they will have before you say them. Then you will learn to change your attitude dependent on the situation you are in.
  3. How can I change my attitude from negative to positive? – Negative to positive reactions are quite easy once you master the basics. The way I see it is very every negative thought I have I believe that they will come true, so I then quickly adapt myself to turning it into a positive instead in the fear of it coming true. For instance it is easy to get peed off when you are standing in a long queue and most people will complain, I think how can I make good of this situation. So I start talking to people in the queue, asking them how they are and having a laugh and a joke with them, this bides the time but also builds my communication skills. But remember if you think that it will come true it will soon stop you thinking negatively. Try it, next time you think negatively about being stuck in a traffic jam, you will get stuck in one and the longer your anger lasts, the longer it takes for you to get out of it. Always stay cool there really is a positive to every negative.
  4. How can I change my bad attitude in a relationship? – The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you really value your relationship in the first place. You should never change for anyone and certain people can bring out either the best or the worse in you. If you find they are brining out the worse in you, then maybe they are not the right person to be with in the first place. If they are the right person then you need to have more patience in how you deal with them and talk to them about how you are feeling. You can’t help the response you are giving but how does that make them feel. If they tell you it makes them feel like poop you will consequently feel bad about what you are doing and will correct it. So open communication is paramount to the success of changing a bad attitude in a relationship.
  5. How can I change my mindset? – Changing your mindset is done when you really realize that you want more in life. Get some self development books such as Tony Robbins and put objectives and goals into your life. As soon as you start achieving those goals your mindset will change to a winning one. We are all competitive in life as this is how we are educated during school, as adults though we tend to lose this and ourselves. So having a positive mindset means taking control of your destiny, dream big because you can be anything you want to be if you want it badly enough. Also practice gratitude for what you have this is a great way of seeing what you have and what needs to improve and then consequently going out there and getting it.

Sometimes in life we just have to wake up and make the most of every situation because one day you could look back and go blimey what have I achieved. 

Most people need to be rewarded and recognised for the things they do and if you are not getting this then you don’t have any motivation to change your attitude or your life. The quickest and simplest thing to do is force yourself to do things. 

So if you have been putting of going to the gym – then just go to the gym and once your in a routine of doing it you will enjoy it and won’t look back. But if you don’t do things with a consistent attitude then you will always go straight back to the beginning. 

Life really is what we make it and it can be such a great experience if you realise you are worth just as much as everyone else and deserve happiness in your life too. You just have to keep looking until you find a life you fall in love with then it will make sense. 

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Best wishes Scott

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