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How can you change your life in just 6 months

I was sitting here thinking just how can you change your life in just 6 months and what I can do to help you get there. You see I completely changed my life around and I feel so good everyday that I wouldn’t ever go back to the way I was even if you gave me a million pounds. 

You see most people just won’t change their life until it is too late and that is pretty common across all people. We wake up everyday, we are really busy, we want things, but we don’t want them enough to really do anything about it. This is something I discuss in more detail in my 60 day change your life transformation program. 

Because that is exactly what happened to me and I lost everything, then I had to work out how to change my life as quickly as possible too. Otherwise those demons come out to get you and that it is a place that none of us really want to go. 

But lets jump in and work out some ways that you can change your life in just 6mths without having to lose everything first and foremost. 

Think about whether you are happy or not

If you are really not happy in your life and you have done everything you can think possible to change it, then it is likely that you need to move on. Sometimes we have hard decisions in life but if you are not yourself and you are living a compromised lifestyle then that is doing you no good at all. 

All that will happen is that your happiness will diminish over time and you will lose who you are and what your purpose is in life. Which is why I created the first video in my change your life transformation program as being you are the most important person to think about first in your life

If you look after your own happiness then you will be smiling and then everyone around you will be smiling too. But when you are down and unhappy for whatever reason this rubs off on others and before you know it no one wants to be around you and they become grumpy in your presence too. 

how can you change your life in just 6 months

So always put yourself first and foremost and that doesn’t mean being selfish because your family, friendships and children should be priority but you cannot give them your all if you are not feeling yourself. 

Change is inevitable and you are better being in control of it

When you are thinking about how to change your life around, change plays a massive part in it. Change can either be something that is done to you or something that you partake in and have input into the results. 

So let me give you an example – you are unhappy in your marriage or relationship but you compromise and stay because it just seems easier than breaking up and going through all the hassle – so you settle for just an okay life. 

Then your partner runs off with someone younger as they recognise things aren’t right. This is enforced change and I can tell you that you do not want this route to happen because it leaves you bitter, twisted and can take a long time to get over. 

But and I am not saying leave your partner by the way either but you see that things aren’t going right – you do everything you can to talk and communicate with them but you can’t agree and know that it will never get better. 

You decide that you should go your separate ways – neither of you have met anyone else but are hurt by the decision. But you can negotiate the house, the kids and everything else because it is a mutual agreement that you are not meant for each other.

This is called controlled change and once you take control you get more positive results. Unfortunately most people go for the first option because they believe meeting someone else first will make all the difference. It doesn’t by the way it just leads to a world of hell. 

So take control of your life through change and be in control of who you have in your life and how your life is going to go. 

Next is learning how to make positive changes in your life

One of the major things in life is to have clarity of your thoughts. I discussed this in the video clarity in my change your life transformation program. One of the reasons we are unhappy is because we think about things when we are already stressed out. 

When you are stressed you play things back and forth in your head and then make irrational decisions because they are based on emotions and not any real thought process behind me. 

Let me give you an example because this is one of the ways that you will be able to work out how to change your life in 3 months

Example – you wake up in the morning and you are rushing around. Your partner is rushing around trying to get the kids ready and the house is just chaos. Your partner is rude to you and you are not happy. 

You jump in the car and rush to work and get stuck in traffic. Then your thoughts jump in and you replay the mornings events. Damn my house is chaos everyone hates each other, my partner is a nightmare and I hate my life.

Now this is easily done but it doesn’t help your situation because there will be loads of other times that your household is a happy one and full of love. 

One of the ways that allows you to achieve a 6 month life transformation is either by turning positives into negatives or  accepting that this was just a bad day and everything will be cool when you get home. 

Ask your yourself why and how you want to change your life around

Most people know why they want to change their life they just cannot make a decision on making the change. That is mainly down to confidence in your decisions and belief in your actions. I talked about this in more detail in this video

The fact is you have to believe in your yourself and the decisions that you make. After all it is your life and even with the great advice you take from people, no one knows you better than you. Once you learn to understand what makes you tick and what makes you happy, life and the way to transform it gets to much easier. But get the basics right first understand how to make positive changes in your life and embrace change by doing the below things

  • Work out what you want to change. Don’t go for everything in one go, although it is good to make a list of everything – you can only change one thing at a time.
  • Work out what you think would be the best path to take to achieve the change or several paths if needed
  • Make a conscious decision that you will put a plan together on when you are going to implement your plan above
  • Stand by the choices you make and do not go back. Going back is easy when you are convinced by others, but if you had clarity on moving forward – keep moving
  • Monitor the change for improvements and see if value has been added by the changes you have made
  • Make more changes that you recognise you want to make and implement the above as fast as you can. 

Look guys the truth is if you want to transform your life as quickly as possible then all you need to really do is take action on whatever you think is the right path to take without hesitation. Go with your gut, wake up one morning and think damn enough is enough I am going to change and I am going to make this work.

I am with you every step of the way in my transformation video if you need the support to help you get there I just cannot make those decisions for you. So if you haven’t taken advantage of it already you can find out more here 

Be good take care and see you soon Scott

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