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Video 19 Always Believe In Yourself

So this is the nineteenth video of my series on transforming your life in the next 60 days. If you like the video and want to find out more then you can do so at the following link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Hi and welcome back again. As you can see, by the way, I’ve still got my broken arm. It’s due to come off in a, in a couple of weeks, which I’m really looking forward to ’cause I’m going on holiday next week with the kids, which has ruined it a little bit. But you can still have fun, right? So yesterday anyway, we talked about education. Yet And, it was a really important point because, you know, sometimes the way that we’re educated, the things that we’re told consistently over years and years, does have an impression on what we think. And you know, sometimes those things were just completely, completely wrong.

you know, one of a good example again is, you know, I was talking about ketosis in earlier videos and weight loss, you know, and there’s been very much, obviously a lot of money made in the weight loss industry. And they’ve proved recently that high fat diet, you know, a better for you because your body naturally burns fat. you know, you’re supposed to be in a period of ketosis in order for your body to function properly. But years and years ago, it was like, eat, eat, va, eat meat, you know, eat pasta, eat this, eat that.

But now it’s being proven. you know that for periods of time, you’re meant to be in ketosis. So educational things change, especially scientific ones as things move on in life, you know, as they get more and more results about things. So never limit your beliefs based on your education. you know, always find out yourself what the story is, what the picture is, and then make your own decision from an intelligent perspective and from a clarity perspective in your own mind. But today we were gonna talk about, you know, why you need to believe in yourself.

Because, you know, we live in a world where, you know, there’s YouTube, there’s Facebook, you know, people are on screen all the time, you know, so you open yourself up to criticism. Everybody is looking to criticize other people, and that’s generally because they’re probably not happy in their own lives. So it’s more fun to criticize people. you know, it’s like when you told kids jokes when you were kids, you know, about Irish people or about whatever. At the end of the day, you know, people like that. you know, some of it is, is funny and some of it is a sense of humor, but some of it is also very hurtful.

you know, when today people generally aren’t like they used to be. And I’ll give you an example. you know, when I was 17, I was an estate agent, you know, used to go out with all the boys who had a lot of money, you know, company cars and stuff. And before you went out, you know, you’d look at each other and you’d go, Hey man, you look great. you know, where’d you get that share from? Dude, you look absolutely awesome. But people don’t do that nowadays, or not in my circle of friends anyway, you know, occasionally people might say it, but you know, people just don’t offer that value to each other anymore.

you know, we should walk along. you know, if you see a reception at work, receptionist at work, you know, wow, you look amazing today. You look absolutely great. It doesn’t mean that you’re trying to pull ’em like you’re trying to, you know, do anything weird with them. It’s just paying people compliments, you know? And when people don’t pay people compliments, you get all dressed up and you, the only person that you’re thinking knows who you look, God is you. So you have to believe in yourself all

Speaker 1 (2m 59s): The time. And that’s like with everything. And I’ll give you another example,

Speaker 0 (3m 2s): Was I left university because I was working at a computer place, And, it was DJing as well.

Speaker 1 (3m 9s): And I decided that the environmental science degree

Speaker 0 (3m 11s): I was doing really wasn’t gonna

Speaker 1 (3m 13s): Get me anywhere in life, or it wasn’t gonna

Speaker 0 (3m 14s): Give me what I wanted it to. Anyway. So I left,

Speaker 1 (3m 17s): But

Speaker 0 (3m 17s): Then where I was living was really expensive. So I moved back to my parents’ house again.

Speaker 1 (3m 21s): Now my

Speaker 0 (3m 22s): Stepdad is a really educated PhD level, methodologist, you know, he was in it and he worked for a big IT company.

Speaker 1 (3m 29s): And I could see that there was an advert when I moved back for

Speaker 0 (3m 31s): Some IT jobs. So

Speaker 1 (3m 32s): I asked him to introduce me, but he

Speaker 0 (3m 34s): Said no, because you know, I wasn’t educated to the level that he thought that I should be to get the job, which was fair enough.

Speaker 1 (3m 41s): Because again,

Speaker 0 (3m 42s): You know, he was a bit more old school. you know, the, the company was very professional, they expected a degree. but

Speaker 1 (3m 48s): I decided

Speaker 0 (3m 49s): To go for this interview. So I went to a hotel. I had to queue up with like 40, 50 different people. In fact, there’s

Speaker 1 (3m 56s): Probably more than that.

Speaker 0 (3m 57s): And then we had an interview with a recruitment consultant who then passed us on to somebody else from this IT company. They then interviewed you for a while, and then you got referred for a full day’s interview for technical and also personal

Speaker 1 (4m 10s): Interview. So I

Speaker 0 (4m 11s): Went for that, got the job, got massive wage. And that was the start of my career within it, you know. But if

Speaker 1 (4m 17s): I didn’t believe that I could have done it, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. Nobody

Speaker 0 (4m 22s): Encouraged me to do that. People thought that

Speaker 1 (4m 24s): I wasn’t good

Speaker 0 (4m 25s): Enough to get that job because I wasn’t educated well enough to get it. you know?

Speaker 1 (4m 29s): And there’s other things in life, you know,

Speaker 0 (4m 32s): Life.

Speaker 1 (4m 32s): If you want to go and do something, you have to believe in yourself. Because other people will say, oh, you can’t do That. you are not good enough at that. Oh, flipping, I’ll learn much better than you. They will always come up with ways

Speaker 0 (4m 43s): Of making you self-doubt

Speaker 1 (4m 45s): Yourself, when actually you can do anything you want in life. If you try hard enough and you practice hard enough, but you have to believe in yourself. All those crazy thoughts that come into your head, oh, I can’t do this, or I’m not good enough. Or,

Speaker 0 (4m 57s): You know, maybe this

Speaker 1 (4m 57s): Isn’t that good. They’re just limiting beliefs

Speaker 0 (5m 0s): That stop you from going forward.

Speaker 1 (5m 2s): And the

Speaker 0 (5m 2s): Only way That you can do

Speaker 1 (5m 3s): It anyway

Speaker 0 (5m 4s): And make yourself feel better, is by trying

Speaker 1 (5m 6s): It and consistently doing it and improving

Speaker 0 (5m 8s): It.

Speaker 1 (5m 8s): But believing in yourself is really important. you know, anything That, you do, if you want to go skydiving or whatever, and you’re

Speaker 0 (5m 15s): Scared, you know, believe That,

Speaker 1 (5m 16s): You can do it. Believe you’re gonna have fun. Believe that

Speaker 0 (5m 19s): When you get to the

Speaker 1 (5m 20s): Bottom, you know you’re

Speaker 0 (5m 21s): Gonna be safe and sound and

Speaker 1 (5m 22s): You’re gonna enjoy it. Belief is really, really important. You give yourself a pat on the back, you know what I mean? and if you are really embarrassed about something and practice in the background where no one can see you, but you really do need to believe in

Speaker 0 (5m 35s): Yourself, stop those

Speaker 1 (5m 36s): Limiting thoughts

Speaker 0 (5m 37s): And those excuses that we talked about

Speaker 1 (5m 39s): Before that stop you getting from

Speaker 0 (5m 42s): Where you want to be. you know, some people might be

Speaker 1 (5m 44s): Better than you, but if you find a group of people

Speaker 0 (5m 47s): That support you, and it’s always known, find

Speaker 1 (5m 50s): A tribe

Speaker 0 (5m 51s): And

Speaker 1 (5m 51s): You’ll get a

Speaker 0 (5m 51s): Following.

Speaker 1 (5m 52s): You know,

Speaker 0 (5m 52s): Certain people will be at the same level as you. Certain people will be below you and certain people will be above you. you know, you’re never always gonna be on top. But if you believe you can do something, if you can envisage it and you can see it and you can do it. And I think another example was, you know, for the Olympics, a lot of the trainers have said, you know, one of the interview questions is, you know, when they ask the person, where do you see yourself coming? What position do you see yourself coming? And the ones that can truly see themselves coming first are the ones that they want on their team.

Because that person goes to bed at night, they close their eyes, they think about winning that race. They think about coming, number one, they believe they can do it. They train hard every day to do it. And life isn’t easy, but it gets better. you know, the more you train, the easier it gets. And it’s amazing how quickly you come to a point where you are luck and you feel great in yourself. It’s like me with the ketosis and losing so much weight, you know, now I can’t eat enough drawer the day to even put on any weight. And even despite the fact I’ve got a broken arm, I’ve still not put on at any weight in the past four weeks.

And I’ve been lazy. I haven’t been training because I didn’t wanna upset it, you know? So at the end of the day, I believed I could do it. I believed it would make me healthy. I believed that it was something I needed to do in my life. And believing in yourself is really important. ’cause nobody else will. You might find somebody that will believe in you if you buy a coach. you know, if you buy someone that helps you along the way. But generally, most people won’t. Unless you know, when you’re a parent, you look after your kids, you want your kids to be the best footballer on the planet or whatever.

You go to every single football match. But when you become an adult, you know, that kind of thing moves away. ’cause people don’t support you as much. And you should encourage that within your environment as well. you know, if you see that people aren’t believing in you, then you believe in them. You talk to your friends and when they say they’re willing to do something, say, yeah man, that’s a great idea. Have you thought about this? Have you thought about that? Can I help you in any way? How can I help you to get there? And then, you know, you can make them feel good. But what happens is when you say something, it’s like, these videos I’m doing in this website, you know, the constant criticism from people.

Well, how are they gonna help people? you know, what you are talking is just dribble. That’s just your, your examples in life. you know, that’s not applicable to us and stuff, but there are people out there like you that this will help you know that this will help you move forward. ’cause again, it’s all down to education and what you’ve been thought. So please, if somebody is excited about something, if somebody wants to do something, encourage them. Encourage them to do well. Be there for them.

Back them up. Tell ’em what they’ve done wrong in a good way. Tell ’em how to improve. Be there for them. Let them believe in themselves. And you believe in yourself too. It’s really, really important. But in order to do That, you have to give to receive as well. Yeah. So you can’t just

Speaker 2 (8m 55s): Expect people to believe in you. If you are going around going, oh no, you can’t do that, that’s a stupid idea. That will never work. Some of the most stupid, stupidest ideas on the planet make the most money. you know, there are people just selling one brand of sock or concentrate on selling that one brand of sock on the internet that I’m making 47 million pounds a year. Can you believe it? Yeah. Would you have believed it? If somebody had to come to you and said, oh look, I’m gonna sell this pretty sock with a cat imprint on it, and I’m gonna make 47 million quid this year.

You’re going, no, you’ve been stupid, man. How are you gonna do that? Or it does work, okay? When you believe in yourself and you concentrate on what you want to do, and you have a plan to get with it, and you don’t listen to everyone going, nah, nah, that’s a load of rubbish. You can do it. You can do it. Okay? So be nice to people. Believe in yourself, believe in them. Encourage them as well. Yeah. So that’s the end of the day. Have a look at tomorrow. Okay? The next one is, who gives a Monkeys What People Think?

Okay? And what we’ll do is we will see you in that video tomorrow. And in the meantime, take care and look after yourself. All right, see you soon. Bye-bye….

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